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BDSM Themed Erotica (Non-Fiction)
Thanks For Coming, Please Come Again – Leigh just can’t stop. I won’t let her. Ask nicely..
Away Games – What happens when a D/s couple get asked to house sit?
Puppet Master – An erotic morning where two hands are actually one.
Breaking Leigh – The account of the evening where Leigh’s ass was literally beat to tears…of joy.
Miss Manners – Leigh HATES this. I love it. But she does it so she can do other things multiple times.
Swinging – Not what you think it is…
CRACK Practice SMACK Makes CRACK Perfect – An evening with some new old toys.
Torn – A dark, cathartic story about pushed limits and the fall-out. Again not what you think.
Inspiration – Still can’t believe this. Our real life exploits inspired a BDSM author’s erotic fiction!
Waxing Philosophic – The evening Leigh & I christened our Brazilian hard waxer. Humorous rip by rip account.
SDS – Means “Same Damn Spot,” or in this case Leigh’s extremely sore nipples.
Of Raspberries And Nipples – Everything I know about picking raspberries I learned abusing Leigh’s nipples
On Candlelit Memories Dreams Are Made – Why was I in such a good mood?
What Topspace Looks Like (A Love Letter To Leigh) – An actual love email I wrote Leigh. In it is a view from Topspace.
Chain Of Rules – Cuffs, collars and chains, oh my!
Seek And Go Hyde – Leigh’s incredible hand job skills backfire as a means of self-preservation, and with sadistic consequences.
I Inspired A Coffee Nooner – A comment to romance author Miya Kressin inspires java smut! You’ll never drink a latte the same every again.
The Butterfly Chains – If you enjoy spread eagle chain bondage (and who doesn’t) you’ll want to read this.
The Looking Glass – An incredibly personal story about something incredibly personal Leigh shared with me.

Random BDSM Musings
The Dom Next Door – My introduction, the post that started all of this.
The girl Next Door – Meet Leigh, my wife and doll behind closed doors.
Safety Dance – If you don’t use or allow safe words you’re not just an ass but missing opportunity.
It’s Not German Opera 24/7 – Honesty, we don’t do this 24/7.
Ying & Yang – My views on the dynamics and reality of power exchange
Where’s Weirdo? – Kinky musings as I watch the world revolve my coffee cup.
DäməˈnāSHən & səbˈmiSHən – Doms submit & subs Top every day. Really.
Something Cold, Something Blue, Something Burrowed, Something New – New toys and the fun they have.
A Humble .02 On Subspace – Yes Virginia, there is a subspace.
Building Pyramids Upside Down – Some thoughts on the starting point of the D/s dynamic.
KINKDAR – Ever just sense someone is kinky? You’re not alone.
An Open Letter To The Frustrated Submissive Wife – An actual email & reply on this hot button topic.
The Medium Is The Message – Does it really matter if the Dom or sub provides the light?
Finger Sandwiches – The one thing Leigh does outside the bedroom that makes me fly. As before, not what you think.
Welcome To Topdrop Live! – Yes, Tops drop. Read along as I streamed what its like as it happened.
Hyde – That Which Lives Inside Me now has a name. And why.
Leigh On Spanking – The lady behind the keyhole takes the spanking meme. I even learned some things!
Scot The BILF…What? – In which I accept a most unique award, plus share five suggestions for couples.
Can Submission Be Dominated? – In which I ask a most interesting question of submissives. The Comments on this are amazing.
A Rising Tide Floats All Boats – My obligatory thoughts on a much maligned, neutral hued book BDSM book series. Not what you think.
The Dog Next Door – What happens when you leave your laptop alone and blogged in? Our dog JD tells all in a humorous from the floor view.
What Subspace Feels Like – The Fates decided we should hear this song. It shook us, as well as others from all the Comments.
The Unsafe Word – If you or someone you know is going to rendezvous with a Dominant stranger, please read this.
An Open Letter To The Frustrated Submissive Wife’s Husband – My humble thoughts for a wife’s Mr. she wishes would become Sir as well. The response to this was amazing.
Scenesounds – While we haven’t added music to scenes, this is why and also some we might when we do.
The Words Of Power – Some clarifications and thoughts following some Peeker™ reactions to some specific words.
Soundtrack To The Looking Glass – The music we listened to while The Looking Glass unfolded also had a hidden irony.
WII Is WII – Has nothing to do with video games and everything to do with defining WIITWD. Curious? Read on.

BDSM On A Budget
The Thrift Store – Goodwill is a kinky ass place if you know what to look for.
Let’s Go Antiquing! – Your great-grandmother could have been sent into subspace with these repurposed finds.
Cuffs, Collars & Gags, Oh My! – Binding arms and legs doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.
The Chains™ – Professional quality bondage without rope skills or spending a fortune? Sure!

Interview With A Submission Vampire, Volume 1
Each week a question from a Peeker™ is answered by either myself, Leigh or both of us.
No.1No. 2No. 3, No. 4, No. 5, No.6, No.7, No.8, No.9, No.10, No.11, N0.12, No.13, No.14, No.15

Interviews By Other Bloggers
I Lost My Interview Cherry And With Coffee! – The vivacious Bella of DD & D/s asked me to share some things about myself and kink…over coffee! My first blog interview!

Erotic Poetry
Please – The first erotic poem I wrote for Leigh
Mirror Mirror – A very intense & long night. What happens when two mirrors look at each other?
Wet – My homage to Leigh’s squirting orgasms
Leigh’s Random Musing – Leigh’s cute little poem
Morning Hues – How Leigh & morning agree
Who Am I – My poetic reaction to Torn
Territorial Marking – What it feels like to have a woman repeatedly beg to come all over you.
Leigh Has Another Cute Musing – Leigh’s reaction to Territorial Marking
Her Puppet –  My ode to Leigh’s amazing hand job skills
That Which Lives Inside Me – An vulgarly erotic poem from two points of view, both mine but not mine. Confused? Me too.
When Words Die – Looking back at the evening that inspired Seek And Go Hyde
Just Cry – A very personal and special erotic poem for my doll, trying to capture a very personal and special moment.
Drip Drop – An erotic poem inspired by the candlelit vision that was Leigh’s chained, spread eagle pose.
My Alabaster Doll – Erotic poetry regarding the flogging of Leigh’s beautifully displayed breasts.
Our Secret – Reflections on the evening spent staring in The Looking Glass
Pretty – It’s not always chains and floggers. Sometimes you just want to fuck the pretty girl you wake with.

Unchained (guest bloggers)
Jodie Griffin
Gina West

A Day Late & A Dollar Short But Its Too Cool Not To Share – Photo for a Guess The Blogger contest that never made it
For Gillian – Another Guess The Blogger photo. This time the contest never was.


– Scot

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