What This Blog Is & Isn’t

If you have chanced across my tiny corner of the internet hoping to find a salacious blog filled with images of bound & gagged women being tormented to within edges of their mental and physical limits through perverted sexual acts, well….

… you may as well go somewhere else. Seriously.

There will be no images of Leigh posted. Period. I don’t even take pictures of her. What’s the fucking point? If you are focused solely on the visual aspect of BDSM this is not the blog for you. Go away. I really don’t want you around.

That is not to say that there may not be the occasional image attached to a post. But it won’t be of Leigh, or me, or us. Or the dog. Or cat.

This blog is my sharing of not only what goes on in the bungalow next door to yours, but also what what goes in the lives of the mortgage owners of that 2 story, 3 bedroom, 2 bath dungeon of primal lust you call your neighbors’ house.

It is not about what you can see. Close your eyes, open your minds and your legs will follow. You’ll thank me for it.

Now, if you enjoy BDSM erotica by all means c’mon in and relax. I will do my best to stir your imagination with real life depictions of our journey as well as fictional tales of D/s lust that will hopefully fuel your own fiery passions to explore the darkest recesses of your psyche, parts you didn’t even know you had.

Finally, if you are witty, clever, quick with your fingers and filthy as fuck upstairs, I think we will get along just fine via Comments and Twitter. Come play with me. I don’t bite….just dryly nibble.

– Scot

6 responses to “What This Blog Is & Isn’t

  1. I think you and I will get along just fine. I only have one question, though … what kind of dog? I have Pitbulls.

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