About Scot

My name is Scot Thomas. I’m every guy you see every day. And I am, behind closed doors, a Dominant in the BDSM lifestyle.

Since you were nice enough to stop by, allow me to introduce myself:

– I am a white male who is neither wet behind the ears or ready for assisted living
– Home is in the eastern United States. I can pronounce “R” and think BBQ is a religion (hints)
– I am having an torrid D/s BDSM affair….with my wife Leigh
– Envision an American football physique. That’s me…
– I’m as good in the kitchen as I am in the bedroom
– Life is too short to drink bad coffee
– I’m a working guy. My hands & clothes get dirty daily

To learn a little bit more about The Dom Next Door in my own words.

Welcome to my world. I’d love to hear from you…

– Scot

6 responses to “About Scot

  1. You sound like my kind of guy … nice to meet you. Anyone who likes good coffee is good with me. My apple pie is killer though … just sayin


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