The Dom Next Door

“I am the shadow, and the smoke in your eyes, I am the ghost, that hides in the night”
– Diamond Eyes by Shinedown

Yeah, thats me…and if you make it to the end of these musings I have a surprise for you. How generous of me in that we’ve just met…

…or have we?

What, you don’t recognize me? I’m the Dom next door. Thats right, next door. As in that apartment across the hall, or the bungalow on the opposite side of the cul de sac, or the one who helps your elderly widowed  mother with her yard work since you are too busy with your family. It’s no bother, really. She’s a delightful woman. Always gives me something she baked  which I find precious. She can bake almost as well as I do.

Yes, I bake. Better than most of your grandmothers on their best days. The kids I coach love when I bring my…

What’s that? Oh, I coach youth sports too.  The moms love the way I give each child the attention they so rightfully deserve. The fathers always shoot the shit with me, or buy me a beer or two. Makes them feel like they’re involved. It makes my community involvement all the more pleasant to get back a little of what I pay in.

And I am also a Dominant in the world of BDSM…and make no bones about it, there ain’t no fucking 50 shades of any color when I play with you. It’s fucking black and white, or more specifically, black and blue. I am in charge. Your total submission to my (I should say My, but we’re being informal here) every whim, desire & perversion is my real passion. I drink that shit up like a vampire downs AB positive. And I get fucking high as a kite off the flight (that’s the term we use to describe the journey) I take with my submissive as a result of an intense scene with them.

You’ve probably been in my house, even used my bathroom. You’ve laughed with me outside as I grilled burgers and hotdogs while the kids tear screaming through the backyard with squirt guns, my girlfriend or wife setting the picnic table. What you didn’t realize is that when you took a piss earlier, you were a few feet from the setting where that same woman does a different sort of screaming and squirting on a regular basis as I tear through her submissive psyche with well placed lashes from the leather flogger hidden in that Mission-style chest of drawers you admired.

If you take nothing else from our chat, please remember this one thing:

“The most erogenous organ in the human body is not located between the thighs but between the ears.”

I can deliver welts, cause bruising, etc. Physical pain, although chemically stimulating through massive endorphin and dopamine releases, is fleeting. Welts heal, bruises fade. Many submissives even photo document the war zone their anatomy becomes as reminders. What irony – a “reminder.” But the welt on a memory lingers. That bruise will always be there, a brand from Me. Its a beautiful thing to stare into a submissive’s eyes, all wide and wet with Doubt, and see their very soul questioning its owner with a ferocity that humbles the most violent thunderstorm.

I was almost tempted to apologize for using beautiful to describe these solo masterpieces of erotic theater, but to be honest, I really don’t give a fuck how that makes you feel….

….or do I?

I am the Dom next door, and you have no fucking clue I’m here. Actually, it’s more along the lines of “we’re here” but I digress…

Perhaps you are in a coffee shop reading this? Or at home as the neighbor mows his yard as well as the widow’s yard that adjoins his? Are you heading out to a cookout soon, or maybe to drop the kids off at practice? How quaint, or as the BDSM world would call it, vanilla.

Still with me? I did promise a surprise if you made it to the end. So my gift to you:

The next time you see someone sitting at a corner table with a laptop, or mowing a lawn, or coaching your kids….

…you’ll hear Me whispering to you like a ghost in the night “Maybe….”

Now I’m in your fucking head. And I’m going to stay right here, following you everywhere you go and every fucking time you see someone who looks vanilla, I’ll be right there to whisper “Maybe…”

Welcome to The Dom Next Door….so glad you came.

– Scot


6 responses to “The Dom Next Door

  1. I’m a new reader, and I always start at day 1 and move forward. I just want to say… Dayyyuuuummmmm… I have goosebumps.
    oooooh *happy girl shiver*
    SO looking forward to reading your blog!! 🙂

      • Hmm. The only downside to now having read through your entire blog is… I have to wait for new posts *whimper sigh groan*
        Ah well, you know what they say about making you wait for something.
        Soooooo much sweeter when you get it 🙂

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