Curious? Ask Away

Here is your chance to play along (heh) at home with us. No, not like that…perverts.

Evert Sunday will be “Interview With A Submission Vampire” on TDND™. You, the reader, may submit email questions to either Leigh or myself over the course of the week that was. We’ll collect your inquires and answer them via the blog. Feel free to include URLs to your own blogs, sites, etc. so that we can link your curiosity to where others may learn a little more about you as well.

The questions can be about anything. Perhaps a previous blog entry caught your eye, or maybe its just something that makes you go “I wonder…”.

Now, just because you ask a question does not mean you will get the answer you are hoping for. But we will answer all inquires.

Two caveats – no anonymous questions. Have the stones to own up to your inquiry. If you are not willing to have your question attributed, don’t ask it. And don’t view this as a cheap way to plug your for pay site unless you want to share the wealth, understand?

Maybe your blog will receive a small award if your question is deemed the best one we receive.

I think this could become one of the most interesting aspects of TDND™, but it takes two to tango.

Ask Scot or Leigh Something!

– Scot

7 responses to “Curious? Ask Away

  1. How would you react ifLeigh truly did not want to be submissive in the bedroom anymore? Pretend that it was real and true to her and she said it had to end because she didn’t like how it felt anymore. What would your reaction be?

      • I’ll read that. I was talking about the relationships of a BDSM nature and someone asked what if She didn’t want to do it anymore. What would he do. I have an answer I imagine you may have but I’ll read and wait to see what you say. Have a great day Scot. Jayne

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