About Leigh

Leigh is my passion, my muse, my love…and my wife. That she trusts me enough to not just surrender herself to me physically, emotionally & sexually, but also online with all of you, speaks volumes to the amazing woman she is. I’m humbled and honored to be her guy as well as her Sir. Why she chose to chase me is beyond me, but I’m thankful every morning to be able to wake up next to my soul mate.

To help you paint a picture that, sadly, will pale in comparison to the masterpiece I get to gaze upon, Leigh..

– has alabaster skin that makes milk jealous
– is a vegetarian…except for bacon
– owns eyes so blue that they can melt polar ice
– thinks coffee is a food group
– has auburn hair thats fun to hold & grip
– is a voracious reader
– is endowed like a Chaired Professor of Mammology
– is comfortable in being curvaceous in the manner of 50’s pin-ups
– writes professionally and 100x better than I can
– has a sense of humor that can match me barb for barb

To learn a little more about her in her own words, check out The girl Next Door.

– Scot

5 responses to “About Leigh

  1. Scott sweetie!! What a lovely description of Leigh. Every loving. I’ve had a great tour around your blog and it’s sexy as hell and very well written too. I’m more dom than sub, but I have my moments of surrender. Hard to find a man who knows what the hell he’s doing to be honest. Hubert is a decent lay, but an old hippy and not into BDSM, and as for Jerry the Dwarf…..well…… he’s enthusiastic, but it’s hard to keep a straight face when he’s trussed up in a gimp suit since “Hi Ho”. Marvelous site honey, very glad out paths have crossed. Clamidia xx

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