The girl Next Door

It is my extremely humbled pleasure and admittedly aroused (fuck, if you could see me right now….damn) honor to introduce all of you to my love, my lady, my pet, my slut…Leigh.

This morning, while exchanging glances, smiles and a breakfast of a large micro roasted coffee and an apple almond scone hand delivered by yours truly (does your Dom do this?) to her desk, she said “I have an idea…” and immediately followed that with “NO! Not that kind of idea!” to the Grinchlike smile eating my face. She then asked if a idea of a contributing post and blog co-host would be OK?

OK? Um…OK? The searing kiss she got immediately after I stopped dancing around like an 8 year old on the last day of school gave her the answer.

The fact I’m delaying her post with my introduction is completely on purpose. As you’ll read, this is a recurring theme in our relationship behind closed doors. So, without further adieu I submit (heh) for your approval The girl Next Door….Leigh.

– Scot

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What I Am and Am Not

I am not a slave, a doormat or weak.

Outside the bedroom I donโ€™t wear a collar or cuffs or clamps on my nipples.

In fact, outside the bedroom, I am not submissive at all. I’ve been called a control freak and I freely admit that I am. I fucking hate being told what to do. Scot says I have a tendency to Top from the bottom, which is why I think He uses the ball gag to keep me quiet. ๐Ÿ˜‰ If I can’t protest, He can do whatever the hell He wants to me. And He does. Very, very well.

Outside the bedroom, I am the soccer mom you see taking her kids to a game; the woman at the grocery store with her cart full of produce; that half-awake, messy-haired person in line at the market buying half and half on Saturday morning; even the crazy person zipping around the yard on the riding lawnmower listening to disco music. In other words, I am the women you see around you every day.

I don’t live in the BDSM lifestyle, and honestly I wouldn’t want to. I think it takes a very specific type of personality to give up that kind of control 24/7. That is not me.

Except when the bedroom door closes…

Then, everything melts away except the very thrilling sensation of being at Scot’s mercy. So fucking hot. There is a black T-shirt and thick soled black boots He wears that turn my bones to rubber. I just want to fall at His feet and sink my hand between my legs, drive my fingers into my wet, warm pussy and come. But I don’t. Because He didn’t say I could.

In the bedroom, I have to have permission before I can do anything. To beg. To come. To suck His cock. If I’m good, He lets me do them all. If I’m really good, He will fuck me. Hard. I love being pounded into like that. Scot knows this. Which means He will usually go slow, just to torment me even more. It makes me insane. It makes me beg to come. He’s a sadist fuck that way.

In the bedroom, I like pain. It fills me with the most delicious warmth. I like the flogger He uses on me, but I really like it when He uses His hand. When He bends me over His knee and warms my ass. That first slap, stinging and quick, sends a jolt all the way to my toes. It fucking hurts, but the echoes of it spread through my blood like wildfire. When He lands the next, in the same spot, the pain bites even harder. My toes curl. I moan. And I love it. I arch into it. He tells me what a good girl I am, then rains down a barrage of slaps, each harder than the last, sometimes lasting for a full minute, until I scream from the fiery pleasure radiating from my backside.

He can take me right to edge without ever touching between my legs that way. I’m usually a sopping mess by the time He’s done torturing me. One swipe of His finger and I can explode on command.

Sometimes all He does is torment my nipples until I beg Him to stop and not to stop. He makes me so crazy. He bites them, hard, taking me one notch beyond what I think I can take. It is excruciating and intoxicating. I love it. I love that He loves doing it to me. I love when He pushes me to my knees and drives His cock into my mouth, then reaches down and twists those same abused and throbbing nipples until I shriek around the hard flesh wedged in my throat.

I love to be restrained, tormented and teased, taken to the edge where sanity blurs and all that matters is not coming until Scot says I can.

But when the door opens, I am again, simply The girl Next Door.

– leigh


28 responses to “The girl Next Door

    • She has a way with words. I have been dropping subtle hints like “WILL YOU PLEASE WRITE SOMETHING???” or words to that effect since we started TDNDโ„ข. I think everyone will be hearing more from her from now on.

      As far as appealing, yes. There is a freedom that only comes from total submission. It allows one to break boundaries and fly and never leave the ground. But just make sure that whoever is the wind beneath your bound wings is someone you Trust.

    • Gillian, I absolutely agree with you. Scot and I actually had this conversation not too long ago, and I said that in my opinion, choosing to be submissive is one of the most powerful aspects of feminism. It’s my body damn it, and if I choose to be spanked or restrained or anything else, I will. Because I have that choice. I choose to give up that control. I lose no sleep worrying that I am disgracing my gender. If anything, in my opinion, it epitomizes feminism at its very core.


  1. Reading this made my heart sing! You both have an amazing way with words, and I 100% agree that it takes great strength to submit (in a healthy way). In fact, that’s our theme on the blog next week. And damn is Leigh hot…er, her effect on me is…oh, you know what I’m trying to say! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Such wonderful writing. I’m all sorts of hot and bothered and I completely agree. It takes great strength to submit (in a healthy way). In fact, that’s the theme on our blog next week.

    I can’t wait to read more from you both!


    • She writes 100x better than I. And its not an issue of letting her. She is welcome to contribute to TDNDโ„ข as often as she wants and what she wants. I am really trying to get her to contribute more. Hopefully we will all see her thoughts and prose more.

      I can’t help with the second question…LOL. Sorry!

  3. Nice to have another point of view of a ‘submissive’ Good to know she won’t be a footstool etc For some reason the idea of someone being a table for someone else really annoys me!
    Anyway – enough of my hang ups! Great writing – from the both of you!

  4. You can tell Leigh that her writing can make me aroused even while sitting across from my parents and next to my grandmother.
    Also, Scot, you’re so lucky to have her ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Let me say that you both are very good writers. I also really respect that while you don’t mind writing about this you prefer not to take pictures and share that with anyone else.

    Like Leigh, I tend to be a control freak about certain things and don’t like to be told what to do. Reading about Leigh from both perspectives I can imagine I will probably be a lot like that in the bedroom when I find the right person. Thank you both for sharing!

  6. Cheers to the both of you! You are such amazing writers. Reading your post made me horny as hell. Leigh, I cannot thank you enough. You’ve helped me understand my true nature.I just have to say this. It’s quite long, I apologize. Its just that I’m so overwhelmed cause I realized this just after reading your post. I always knew that my sexual preferences weren’t like the others. Though i t wasn’t clear to me yet. No matter how huge the guy is, or how long the duration before he comes, or even how good he was in bed. I was never satisfied. I often wondered why. Now it’s clear to me. Leigh wrote exactly how I felt. You made me realize what satisfies and excites me. I accept and know that know. Thank you, really.

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