Who Am I

Who am I to take

what you offered in

exchange for the holes to

your whole being there in the

moment screaming in silent

lust hot fear wet as silk

left out over a summer’s night

rain from eyes so deep I drown

falling from their heights and don’t give a

fuck you so deep it hurts us both

why not I asked no one but my

darkest fears come out you fuck

and play with your heart breaking

mine turned to stone but still

nothing to lose but everything to

cry for again and again I

ask the cruelest mirror

if who I am is

who am I to please…

…who am I?

– Scot (reflecting on what the fuck is happening to myself as a result of Torn)

4 responses to “Who Am I

  1. Sounds like you’re worried. Is it because you feel it’s wrong to be aggressive like that? Just curious.

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