“They’re very sore…” Leigh cautiously mentioned.

Well, of course they were. Why wouldn’t they have been? It was just a night ago that she greeted me in the kitchen with mischievous eyes and nipples to match. Is there anything as silently enticing as the sight of the end of a woman’s breast not just perked up and erect but also straining against a flimsy excuse of a garment like, oh, a satin spaghetti strapped nightie top?

“Perhaps we can arrange to bind those?” I offered her in return for the eye and handful.

It was then my fingers noticed she, being the go getter that she is, had taken it upon herself to already bind her nipples.

One of the newer additions to The Toy Box™ (otherwise known as Leigh’s top dresser drawer) is a nipple suction bulb. Its a lot like an infant’s nasal aspirator, only spherical in shape with a clear plastic nipple sized vent.

It’s purple and it sucks, so we call it Barney.

Barney came (heh) with four small, clear rubber O rings, each about a nipple’s width in diameter. You place the O ring on Barney’s nose, squeeze all the air out of him (yes, hugging Barney) then place his hollow nose on a nipple. When you release Barney’s hug the suction draws air back in, as well as anything in his nose, like Leigh’s nipples. Barney can draw quite a deep breath, so the nipples are really drawn out with a great deal of suction.

Once in this state, you simply slide the O ring off Barney’s nose and onto the very elongated nipple. Then, depending on how good of a mood you are in, removing Barney is either very painful (just pulling) or not too painful (rehugging him, thereby releasing the vacuum).

Of course the O ring is now wrapped tight around the base of the nipple. Its the same principle as a cock ring in that there is no backward flow of blood. What is there is trapped, engorging the nipple hard, tight, firm, erect and 10x more sensitive.

Now the games begin….

It does not take much effort to abuse bound nipples. Simple touching is intense. Tweeking is excruciating. Sucking? Ohhhh, thats sweet. Add in some teeth to nibble, grate, gnaw or draw air thru and Leigh is practically Miss Manners.

My favorite thing to do when she is bound this way is to use our newest sex toy, one that we discovered by accident. And we display it in plain sight every day.

Our new comforter.

Leigh picked up a wondrous earth toned, King sized comforter with matching throw pillows for a pittance at a local T.J Maxx. Hues of pewter, cream and bronze stagger across it. Its very attractive and fits our decor well.

One of its most prominent features is a series of what can best be described as small raised pleats, more like sewn ribbing. The comforter’s width is ripe with at least 40 of these, probably more, each almost an inch apart. One evening not long ago, while we were enjoying a wonderful doggy style fuck, I noticed that Leigh was making noises more typically associated with pain instead of fucking. Not that I cared. She sounded amazing as my hips slapped her ass cheeks with an increased vigor as a result, which in turn made her cry, squeal and whimper even louder, more intensely. Which made me fucker harder and deeper, which…

…you get the idea.

When we both collapsed afterward I asked “What…were all the noises about???”

She confessed that no, it was not the fucking that was the main culprit, but rather the fucking comforter! It seems that, positioned on all fours, her nipples just came in contact with the pleated ribs of the comforter. Our fuck session provided the energy to make them bumpbumpbumpbump across the comforter’s surface like a kinky speed trap.

bumpbumpbumpbump in, bumpbumpbumpbump out. Repeat every few seconds for almost half an hour. For the ladies reading this, imagine dragging your hard, tight, firm, erect, 10x more sensitive and as a result very sore nipples across a well worn vintage wash board for 30 minutes. With tiny rubber rings binding each one.

Oh, and the kicker? Her monthly friend, while not here yet, had sent her an internal email saying Aunt Flo would be arriving in a few days on the red eye.

I know all of you female readers just cringed at that last line. Because you know what happens to the brights when its that time, don’t you? They get sensitive as fuck, don’t they? Bras become barbed wire.

All of the above is what led Leigh to cautiously mention “They’re very sore…” the following evening, otherwise known as tonight for this story.

Being the nice Dom that I am, I was more than ready to treat them as “yellow cards” in safe word terms. That perhaps this was not the evening to introduce piercing play (note – we don’t do that anyway).

So she laid there in the candlelight looking sultry as fuck. Her eyes were distant, wet, shimmering in the reflective light of the small flames around us. Her skin was aglow from inner lust as well as outer ambiance. And I played the slow hand.


My fingers just danced across her smooth skin, all taut and exposed. Her purrs were exquisite, slow and deep. Tonight would be Death By Pleasure. Not violence or pain or the like. If the pen is truly mightier than the sword, then I would write her a ten thousand word lust poem one fingertip word at a time until she shook and begged for release from the cruel reality of edging her with nary a touch.

But, when the time came to come her Aunt, while not here yet, had her so sensitive that she was simply unable to handle any of my usual ministrations to reduce her to a fucking pile of squirting Thank You’s. The gates of Heaven were Hell, and not in a good way.

I know you’re thinking “But you’re her Dom! Just do it! Fuck her!”

Well, fuck you.

Seriously, think about it. I could have easily done just that and selfishly abused her hormonally imbalanced cunt. She would have been miserable, gone silent, dried up faster than a Arizona lake in July and more than likely have said “Yellow”. And rightfully so.

Yeah, that’s a power exchange to remember. What a Sir I would be in the limelight of that scene! That’s one to be proud of.

So what to do?

That’s when I had an idea. SDS, known in BDSM terms as “Same Damn Spot”. Its a technique/tool to use to get a sub’s attention and fast. Simply put, you focus on one specific area over and over and over, to the point of driving your submissive mad with pain, desire, frenzy, lust and ultimately control.

But which spot to damn?

The sight of two small, pointed spots, damn proud atop her magnificent breasts, made me smile evilly….



13 responses to “SDS

  1. Bras become barbed wire. Lol. That seems to be about the only time my nipples are sensitive. So adding anything to that mix would be torture.

  2. I have a Barney, too! The other day, in a conversation with my hubby, I offered up the following names for Aunt Flo: The Red Intruder and The Crimson Cock-Block. I thought they were clever. He just wanted to change the subject. 😉

    • Barney is kinky. We tried him on another very small, sensitive protrusion and, while he worked there, it was not conducive to binding that lil’ button of hers….too slippery.

      We’ve seen videos where what appear to be small lassoes, for lack of a better term, are use to tie off clits. Leigh is curious. I’m all for it!

  3. Mischievous nipples–heh

    Barney–double heh

    I have a Barney. I can’t use it though, my nipples are too big. This is not a bad thing, in our book, but still.

    If you like that pert-n-perky look without the added danger of cutting off blood flow for too long, you might want to check out this site:

    They have lovely non-piercing nipple rings and shields, which go around a Barney-sucked nipple and keep it erect. I find them a lot more enjoyable than I do the o-rings, even though I’ve found o-rings that do fit my nipples. The rings Just. Barely. Fit., and I can only get them on if Himself helps out with the process (;)). The shields are mostly too small but I have found one style that fits. They are yummy. So much fun to go out in public with ’em on, makes just wearing a lacy bra deliciously erotic.

    And thanks for another hot story. 😉

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