Interview With A Submission Vampire Vol.1 No.8

Leigh and I are out today. I’m actually typing this Saturday evening, cold Pale Ale to my left, hot redhead in negligee to my right. It’s good to be the Dom.

Sundays are my day to spend with, on, about and in Leigh. But I care about my Peekers™, so much that I freely admit to writing this almost 12 hours before any of you will read it so that I can have my blog and eat Leigh too.

We are finally caught up on the questions! I apologize profusely for the back log and the time it took to answer each one. But, as promised, each one was answered. Which brings us to this week’s Question courtesy of Jodie Griffin, the first person to be Unchained on The Dom Next Door™. She asked:

“May I ask a research question? Barney…how long can those bands stay on nipples? Does it give a recommended max time? Thx!”

Barney, for those of you who don’t know, is our name for the nipple suction bulb we added to our toy box. Why Barney? Because he’s purple and he sucks.

(For a more detailed description of Barney, his friends and his adventures, read SDS)

Anyway, Barney has four O rings that act as cock rings for nipples. They work well, but admittedly with more use their ability to stay on seem to be slipping (bad nipple ring joke). It could be, based on the reviews, product descriptions and advertisements for these devices, that the rings are just not the most durably made objects and that stretching occurs rapidly. It could also be an issue that various secretions (don’t go there, just….don’t) added an oily residue to them, encouraging slippage.

Does that make them nippery? Slipples? No idea…

Anyway, based on what I have read, it is advised that these do not get used for durations longer than 20 minutes. I can understand that. For comparison to a similar device, that’s about the same time manufactures and retailers of cock rings recommend for how long those should be worn. Both restrict blood out, primarily the out flow. That’s why they work like they do.

I wouldn’t set an alarm clock or feel any particular need to keep glancing to see if its time to take them off. If you are really enjoying what you are doing, don’t be in a hurry to remove them. Leigh has worn them for an hour with no ill side effects aside from the delicious one of it REALLY fucking hurts when they come off, which is part of the fun. All that blood rushing to those sore, abused points….mmmm.

One could always, if the time on is an issue, work the removal of them into scheduled play. This way you get the fun of the after effects plus have them off within these “recommended” time frames. It’s all good.

So to answer your question Jodie, if after 20 minutes you are still enjoying them and your nipples have not gone numb or fallen asleep, play on…literally. But I would not play for hours on end (final nipple ring joke) with them.

– Scot


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