Soundtrack To The Looking Glass

On Monday’s coffee infused ramblings I made allusion to the fact that, over the weekend, magic happened within the candlelit confines of our bedroom.

One of the most amazing experiences of my sexual life transpired.

Tomorrow I will write the opening Act to it entitled The Looking Glass. Read into that what you will.

Anyway, as part of this slightly atypical scene I asked Leigh if she would like some music, an offer that was eagerly accepted. In that we still do not have a playlist  we both agree with, I’ll often cue up Pandora’s Ambient feed. Aside from the possibility of the occasional sounds of bird chirping and surf breaking on the shore (which apparently is a Pavlovian sound to Leigh’s lentil sized bladder) the music very often fits both our tastes.

At the height of the aftermath of the scene, right as we finished (do the math) a particularly haunting song played mournfully in the background. It fit perfectly to what had just transpired over the course of the evening.

So as I attended to a completely exhausted and spent Leigh (meaning I fetched the sex towels) I glanced at the screen to see what song had just serenaded us with soulful, beautifully seductive sounds that dovetailed so lovely with our lust filled activities.

And I about fell over from shock.

“You are not going to fucking believe the name of this song and the album it’s from!” I exclaimed to Leigh.

Can you believe that? Seriously?

So I share this with all of you this evening in that, for the first time in the blog’s short history, there will be a soundtrack to a story. As you read each Act of The Looking Glass I’ll ask that you play this so you too can share what we did.

Until tomorrow.

– Scot

6 responses to “Soundtrack To The Looking Glass

  1. WOW – sometimes you just know there are … odd forces at work. Seriously – with a title like that ?! It was a beautiful song, soulful is a great descriptor. Can’t wait to hear the story 🙂

  2. I love awesome coincidences like that! Beautiful song. There were several moments where the chords sounded like parts of Lord of the Rings soundtracks, or like it was about to go into a LotR melody.

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