On Candlelit Memories Dreams Are Made

Almost sounds like a song lyric, huh?

Last night was nothing short of incredible. You will all be reading about it soon, albeit via my apparently frustrating yet enticingly teasing multi-Act story approach. Bedtime stories are always told in snippets, you know, never start to finish.

For the first time in almost two weeks Leigh and I shared a planned BDSM scene.

It showed.

I was voracious in my appetite to spank her presented ass to cherry red. She was more than ready to receive such a blistering. Add in the way she presented herself to me, her manners, our resolution to her climax and my final domination of what was left of her…

…it was amazing. From start to finish one of our most complete scenes to date. She was such a good girl.

To give you a sneak peek, as we lay there gasping afterwards I noticed the time. By our estimations she was, with two breaks, spanked to a vicious apex over the course of a long hour.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I think 60+ minutes of almost non-stop, medium to high intensity spanking is quite the feat. To put this in perspective, the actual spanking in Breaking Leigh lasted about 30 minutes. She has come so far in her ability to absorb and embrace good pain. I am so fucking proud of her, and told her as much.

It all started when she came to me as I was about two-thirds of the way finished typing SDS Act II. The way she was dressed immediately warranted a “Save Draft” status to that effort.

Fast forward about two hours as she lay there, blissfully drunk on an overdose of subspace mixed with drowsy. After kissing and holding her to sleep I fetched my Macbook, brought it back to bed and finished SDS Act II with her at my side.

Imagine my surprise to see, upon checking our page views, that for the second time in three days TDND™ had set a new single day views record! Obliterated the not even 48 hour old record. Leigh and I thank you all. It is truly humbling, and it makes me want to continue to share our adventures with even more zeal.

I finished writing (and admittedly was quite pleased at how it turned out), clicked “Publish”, and went to blow out the candles. Perhaps they had aided my writing, I thought? Who knows?

What I do know was right then and there I saw an angel.

My Leigh.

When I gazed upon her sleeping form, “she” wasn’t there. Oh, Leigh was there physically, but her soul and spirit was who knows where. It was breathtaking to watch her so peaceful, so serene. The flushed face of the sadistic and erotic violence of not even an hour earlier was gone. In its stead was a vision.

She had a comfy going on to die for. Snuggled up under the infamous nipple abusing comforter, her head buried deep in the folds of a goose down pillow. The flame of the candle not three feet from her face danced wildly in the steady breeze of the cool of a rural summer night. Its gestations on the walls painted her face with soft hues, but only partially due to the pillow’s embrace.

Still nude, I knelt down next to her, ironically in almost the exact spot she had knelt before me earlier. And I just watched her dream for about five minutes. I am so fucking blessed to have her.


With a short phuff I ended the candle’s dance. Crawling into bed  awoke her. She raised her head in the pitch dark of the bedroom just as I leaned in to kiss her goodnight.

And out lips met. Perfectly. Blindly. In the ink of the night’s visual reality. How fucking cool.

My right hand, the same one that scorched her ass cheeks like never before, found their exposed curve under the comforter. She purred loudly at the soft caresses on the still warm and extremely sore skin.

I wanted so badly to have just left the candles burn so that every time I stirred in the night I would be greeted by my candlelit angel.

Sigh again…

You likely just read the better part of the last Act of a story that hasn’t even seen Act I yet. So what. I’m in a fucking good mood.

I spanked an angel last evening via candlelight.

– Scot


15 responses to “On Candlelit Memories Dreams Are Made

  1. Everyone should be so lucky to find someone with whom they can have that kind of connection – on so many levels. You keep writing like this on your blog and you’ll have a lineup waiting to purchase your first published work! 🙂

  2. Oh what a mastery of words you have. Lol. I couldn’t resist the pun. I really do enjoy your descriptions though. I can almost picture it in my head. Thanks!

  3. I love this, love, love, love this 🙂 Wicked sweet, almost brought me a tear. Spanking an angel by candlelight. I think this is my favorite Scot, even though I know your love for Leigh it is palpable here. Thank you for sharing.

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