It’s name is Hyde.

For you new Peekers™ wondering “What the fuck was in Scot’s coffee this morning?”, to which I would reply “Nothing. I drink my coffee by the slice…”

See? I’m either talking to myself or creating conversations with my own thoughts on a screen. Gives new meaning to talking out loud.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the name of That Which Lives Inside Me™.

If you are still confused, you may want to read my poems That Which Lives Inside Me and Who Am I, as well as the Torn saga.

It came to me after reading Mrs. Fever’s comment on That Which Lives Inside Me:

“Considering the rawness of your reality after ‘Torn’, I hesitate to respond at all after such an honest purging as this. And I’ll not blame you at all if you choose not to approve this comment.

BUT, from personal experience, I feel I must tell you…

The Beast bears scrutiny. His motivations must be known. He is only dangerous if he is not understood.

That last thought helped me see all of this more clearly. The slice of coffee I was drinking as I read everyone’s what appeared to be slightly hesitant, yet curiously aroused comments played a supporting role. Perhaps an Oscar nod? We’ll see.

It just became so obvious:

– That Which Lives Inside Me hides inside me. It’s not part of my everyday persona. It only comes out when…

– That Which Lives Inside Me is chemically altered, IE severely aroused. When lust induced biology pulses black in my veins.

– That Which Lives Inside Me is not human…I think. It’s most definitely male, but I am more inclined to think of It as an entity, a beast, something hideous, vulgar, perverse, sadistic, cunt thirsty and orgasm voracious.

– That Which Lives Inside Me, as a result, has the skin of an animal, which is called a hide.

– That Which Lives Inside Me needs to be fed. It thrives on emotions. Distress and Pain are favorites. It also is insatiable for Leigh’s orgasms, squeals, moans, whimpers, begging cries but most of all her overall domination. Like a shark that can smell a drop of blood a mile away from the distressed, soon be to be dinner gilled and finned source.

– That Which Lives Inside Me’s name is a nod to the classic Robert Louis Stevenson’s story of chemically altered split personalities. The darkest part of our souls incarnate, alive and hunting with the body of its opposite twin. Leigh said spelling it that way was sexier. I am sure It heard and liked that. So be it. It dovetails nicely with a written blog manifestation.


That Which Lives Inside Me has a name.


I am sure you will be hearing more about Him/It. I really don’t have a choice.

– Scot


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