Interview With A Submission Vampire Vol.1 No.14

Another Selfish Sunday™ for Leigh & I.

You may think you notice that blog posts & updates decrease in frequency over the weekend. If you did notice such you are correct. I’m selfish with my time and my lady on the days between Friday and Monday. There may likely be a story update or a musing, and I do try to do so with regularity. But given the Saturday AM Peek Back post plus Sunday’s IWASV™ there is typically room for just one more, if that.

It’s possible that I may write 10,000+ words over a typical seven day stretch for the blog. At least in the high thousands for sure. I refuse to word vomit for the sake of page views or an update, as well as try very hard to not do any of the following:

  • Treat the blog like it’s Twitter or tumblr. A photo with a thirteen word caption or the like a few times a day is not my style.
  • Flood a posts with images, especially animated GIFs. Again, not what I consider blog material for my tastes.
  • Vent. My life is my life. With it come problems, just like all of you. They are not your concern, nor do I want to force them upon you.
  • Reblog. What has been said by others is just that. Adding a few lines of commentary to someone else’s 1000+ word effort is not something that interests me.
  • Copy/paste. A number of blogs rape Wikipedia and other online sources, than add a few hundred words to make easily found web content “theirs.” Not my cup of blog. Sorry.

If any of that rankles or pisses anyone off that was not my intent at all. Please note that these are just my views on what I want to present on TDND™ and are in no way meant as a dig, slam, etc to those who may employ any or all of the above. It’s your blog, you get to post what you want, how you want, when you want. That’s totally cool with me. I just choose not to do so.

Which leads us to today’s question. It’s not from anyone in particular, but has been asked numerous times over a variety of media. So to once and for all answer it (as well as give me something to reference when it invariably gets asked again in the future) I will address this commonly requested piece of information:

“Do you and Leigh have any children? And if so, how does that affect your D/s and BDSM?”

First, it’s a legitimate and valid question. Many blogging peers, especially the married ones who also partake in WIITWD, are parents and acknowledge as much. A great many Peekers™ are as well. So I can see the interest in not just knowing but also the potential for advice and information.

The answer to this question is this:

It is a hard limit for us. So I say Red. Scene over. Now.

A great deal of a very private aspect of our lives is shared with energy, enthusiasm, honesty, openness and with full acknowledgment of what we are doing. I do this on a regular basis, and I love it. The blog and what it has spawned has been nothing short of amazing. Not only are Leigh and I having a torrid affair with each other’s spouse (shhhhhhh, don’t tell my wife) but many others have benefitted from what we have shared, my musings, etc. Spouses have shown their significant other my musings and stories on the blog as way to broach similar topics in their own lives and marriages. That’s fucking humbling. The outpouring of emotion, reaction, concern and compassion from all of you has been overwhelming. Thank you one and all.

I’m sure a number of you will, by the fact I am drawing a line in the blog, draw your own conclusions as to whether or not we are parents. That’s your prerogative. We very well could just be a man and a woman rediscovering each other after years of same old same old marriage. Or we may have a house full of small faces and little feet that do not belong to the canine or feline species.

Could be we’re empty nesters enjoying the rediscovered peace and perversions allowed when Junior goes off to college.

Or its possible that, after years of trying and thousands of dollars spent in the process, we still haven’t been able to conceive and its a very sore issue that we don’t know the joys of a 2AM feeding that many of you do. And finally, it’s not out of the question that after years of trying we finally did succeed…only to lose the baby. So yes, we might be a little touchy about it.

So just as I choose to not blog in certain ways, I am sure you will choose one of the aforementioned as your belief. That’s fine, pick one. Or more. Maybe its all of them. Or not. I have no power what you choose to believe, but I do have some over what you will know. And I politely ask your respect and consideration of our wishes to make this topic a hard limit.

If you feel any less of us for this I totally understand and completely respect that. You are more than welcome to Unfollow us. But I hope you all stick around. We like you perverts a lot.

– Scot

20 responses to “Interview With A Submission Vampire Vol.1 No.14

  1. While I can see it being an often-asked question (of simple curiosity) I can understand your decision to create boundaries between you and your Peekers. It’s your lives and your blog, thus your right and your choice. I expect I speak for many in saying I’m just glad you blog what you do want to share with us.

  2. I too was curious about that aspect of your life, mainly for “potential for advice and information”. Nevertheless, I respect your decision about what you will share on your blog.

  3. I both admire and respect your open and honest communication with all of your followers…but it seems that people have been conditioned recently to want to know things that are quite frankly none of their business. People have and always will be entitled to keep anything they want close to the vest.

    Whether you have children, dogs, frogs or ferrets I don’t think it changes your main objective. Nor does it change your obviously loving relationship with Leigh.

  4. I not only respect your “hard limit,” I think it is a good reminder for bloggers out there that we need to think about how much f ourselves we want to put out there on the web. Once it is there it is there forever, and it is easy to get lax about privacy.

      • Amen and amen! I like that your blog is so focused and really sticks to your intention to share your D/s dynamic with Leigh. It is/can be tempting to want to overshare on blogs…so the fact that you keep things hidden to protect your privacy so that you really CAN share so much of your bedroom narrative is smart.

  5. There are many out there that know the pain an the touchy subject to which you are referring to…perhaps even this one. And while it is sometimes easier to keep it quiet, there is also a lot of value in talking to others ( perhaps not here of course).

    Not that I would know anything about that or even be a part of a group that promotes talking about that kind of loss or anything because I haven’t had that loss or six of them.

    Anyway- nothing wrong with keeping parts of your life quiet on the internet- but also nothing wrong with discussing it with people who have lived through it and understand.

    You can choose not to publish my comment- I’m ok with it… I wanted to reach out and say I understand, and I’ve been there and it sucks. It sucks hard and people don’t know how to deal with you and the loss and say all sorts of crappy shit thinking they are making you feel better. But the bottom line is that it SUCKS and it is some of the hardest stuff to deal with as a couple and as a woman. So give Leigh a hug from me- and you get one too- i’m even signing my real name…

    Mary Beth

    • Wow, thank you so much! To confirm I am not acknowledging or disavowing any of the scenarios I posed. We could be one, none, many or all. But that is ours to share with whom we chose.

      Your reply is one of the most touching I have received in the blog’s short history. Thank you for opening your heart to us. It is extremely appreciated.


  6. Sure, I’m dying of curiosity, mostly because I adore both you and Leigh and the part of your life that you’ve been willing to share…that being said, its none of my damn business…and knowing or NOT knowing, as the case may be, doesn’t change the fact that your blog teaches me, makes me think, and frequently requires a cold shower afterwards…

    I say, share what you want and damn all the rest! 🙂

  7. As one who fiercely guards her privacy I respect and admire your decision. But 10,000+ words a week??? DAMN man! You’re making Miss Green TURN green!!! I wish I could be that prolific!

  8. One of the things about this lifestyle is that we are supposed to respect limits – you know, that pesky consensual part. If you don’t consent, then we can’t go there. Yes, curiosity is part of human nature. It is also important to keep to yourselves things which you find personal. There are too many things which people really want to give YOU advice on or feel sorry or judgmental about – which is unfortunate. Thanks for clarifying – kindly – that it is a limit for you.
    *good energy coming your way*

  9. I get it. I keep the sex of my child hidden, his/her age obscured, my location a secret, my profession etc. I don’t even know if I’ve mentioned my hair color. We all have hard limits of one kind or another. It’s the trade off for the vulnerability and openness of our writings, in my opinion.

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