What Subspace Feels Like

Leigh and I, relaxing with coffee, talking about the day that was…and the night that will be.

On a lark she asks me to play something from The Phantom Of The Opera.

“No, not that one, the new one” she says after a few failed attempts on my part  to find the version she is hearing in her head.

Some quick Googling and soon Emmy Rossum is singing along side Gerard Butler. Damn, this guy did 300 and now is the Phantom? Talk about a lady killer.

Another lark, some perusing of other songs by Rossum, another song of hers, chosen completely by chance.

And Leigh freezes, mesmerized.

“That’s it! Listen to the lyrics. That’s what it feels like!” she exclaims.

So we listen together to, out of the millions of songs on YouTube, this particular one for no other reason than an amazing twist of the Fates led us to it.

“That’s what it feels like it,” she says again, “that’s subspace.”

She’s right.

– Scot


32 responses to “What Subspace Feels Like

  1. Point: The film version of “Phantom of the Opera” precedes “300”. Also point, Emmy Rossum looked better in Phantom than she does in Showtime’s “Shameless”. I’m still a sucker for the original Broadway cast with Sarah Brightman. Her voice is more haunting.

    That song of Emmy’s you found is awesome, though. From both my trips into Runner’s High and my dips into subspace, Leigh is right. Thank you.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  2. what a coincidence. I can’t believe this! The point of no return has been stuck in my head all day long, haunting me as it was the song that was on my mind when I went to RC’s house for the first time after I sent him my list of hard&soft limits, and we agreed to start play on that night.

  3. Wow. That is gorgeous. I don’t have many more words than that. If this song moved me with emotion, I can only begin to fathom subspace. Beautiful!

  4. One will slow when we surrender
    Letting go into the stillness. Head rush, careful don’t drop me
    Memorize every moment (I thinking will, then can’t remember basic English)

    LOVED IT! And Yes, it is like it and we are lucky to get to float weightless there!

  5. As I listened to this song, tears fell from my eyes. Although experiencing this state of mind I call “heaven” is new to me, this song captures the total beauty of the moment. I could never express what I was feeling to my husband and now I have the words. Thank you.

  6. I’m glad Aja said it first…this song reached in and hit that sub core that reminds me this is NOT all in my head and it really is who I am no matter how I try to mask it. I still have tears running down my face. Not because I’ve experienced it yet (sigh)…but because…I instinctively KNOW that’s the space that lies within….waiting, longing for Him to take me….

    Beautiful..thanks for finding it. Going to fave it on Youtube now….once I can stop crying…such a dork…..

  7. First time I heard the song Scot. Thank you both for introducing me to it.

    I’m a huge sucker for opera especially POTO.
    I was listening to “Music of the Night” and it reminded me of your previous posts of “subspace”. Wonderful lyrics.

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