For Gillian

This was the picture I submitted (no, not that way) to our dear friend for the Guess The Blogger that, as we know, won’t be played. So for her I share it with all of you. I like how it came out:

Guess Who?

Yes, my hand and yes, some of the actual chromed stainless steel chain I use with Leigh. I have that in a wide variety of pre-cut lengths for various….reasons.

– Scot 


14 responses to “For Gillian

  1. I couldn’t open the post you and several others reblogged. Is she gone for good? So sad. I was hoping she would be able to give wings to her publishing dreams. Maybe in the future.

  2. I saw the pics before Gillian closed her blog. I suspected this might have been yours. 🙂 It IS is a good pic.

  3. Great photo….and great idea. Would be nice if someone would pick up the Guess the Blogger game for her while she’s gone and we could re-submit (heh) our pics. Hmmmmmm…….

  4. Wondered if that was you! Very hot picture. At least for those of us s-types who shiver when they see a strong masculine hand gripping a chain…. ::shiver:: See? LOL


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