Something Cold, Something New, Something Burrowed, Something Blue

(My apologies to brides everywhere for my tongue in cheek title)

About a week and a half ago The Dom Next Door™ challenged our filthy minions to increase the number of Followers we have to an even Benjamin by offering, as a reward of sorts, that Leigh would do something she had never done before. Well, we reached our goal that day. As of this writing we are creeping up on 150 total Followers just a few days shy of our one month anniversary! Leigh & I are humbled beyond words at the response that everyone has shown to our efforts to bring to light the kink that is right next door. We thank you all and look forward to what the future has in store for us and, as a result, all of you.

I know, I know, talk is cheap. We made an offer. You accepted it.

Where’s the fucking smut?

Oh, trust me, she kept her end of the deal. And when I say “her end” I mean it.

Allow me to introduce the newest addition(s) to The Dom Next Door Sex Toy Penthouse (otherwise known as Leigh’s top dresser drawer):

The Prisms Erotic Glass – Agni Anal Plug


This is “Marvin”, as in the funny alien from the Looney Toons cartoons. We named him that because of his large, pointed golden helmet, narrow body with wide base, his ability to cause Earth shattering KABOOMS! and, oh yeah, he comes from Uranus. He is 3″ tall and 1.75″ wide. By no means a big fella, but in that this is our first venture into glass anal sex toys we were not looking for a challenge like the vibrating monster Leigh already owns and made herself straight jacket ready with by using it vaginally for 3 hours while mowing the lawn preparing for “Breaking Leigh.”

Marvin has a friend, the Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket Plus personal vibrator:
Papa Smurf

It’s a 3 speed vibrator, about 7″ long by 1″ across the head. Not an insertion vibe, purely for external play. Yes, we got the blueberry one as shown. It comes with a removable white cap that has tiny ridges. So of course we had to name him “Papa Smurf.”

Do not let his demure scale fool you. Papa Smurf packs a fucking wallop. Not the quietest vibe on the market but damn! is he something! When you take his cap off there are 3 steel bearings inset into the vibe itself. We played with him both cap on and cap off. Both setting were just fucking smurfy as hell.

So, what Leigh did, with my help, was use Papa Smurf to loosen her up enough to insert Marvin. I had a lot of fun assisting on both ends (heh) with the task at hand (heh again). With some patience and a good deal of lube, Marvin finally entered orbit.

This was the first time Leigh had ever used a plug like this. We did not play with the inherent properties of a glass toy that would allow me to control how warm or cold he could be. Someday…

Once inside her delicious ass, Marvin was a sight to be seen. Leigh was able to squeeze down on him as Papa Smurf, hat on, assaulted her exposed clit. We took this opportunity to practice how to use a vibe on Leigh this way. After a while and many comments, I was able to apply my new knowledge and, much to Leigh’s chagrin, edge her. I moved the vibe in small, delicate circles around and around and around her badly swollen clit, barely hovering the extremely powerful vibrations right over her most delicate parts in laps that took about 5 seconds each. After an incredible and oh so slow build-up Leigh said the magic words:

“Please may I come??”

With my approval she went rigid, groaned and spasmed all over me. It must have lasted for almost a minute, that solitary, luscious orgasm that left her a convulsing and panting mess.

By now I was ready. She was done, but was just getting started.

If you have never fucked a woman with an object filling her anal cavity I highly recommend it. After 10 or so minutes of slowly working my cock in and out (she HATES when I fuck her slow and deliberately) balls deep she was in some beautiful agony. I positioned her legs up, wide and under my shoulders. With the first thrust I could feel Marvin’s head poking my cock thru her. It. Was. Insane. how incredible that felt for both of us. I knew it would not be long before I covered her in hot, sticky semen. And, with her final begging to come again, I joined her there.

Now what to do for when we get to 200 Followers? Hmmmm….

– Scot

10 responses to “Something Cold, Something New, Something Burrowed, Something Blue

  1. Mmm Mmm! This was good! Yes, what will you do when you reach 200 followers? I’m definitely intrigued. 😀

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