Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

reflections of nothing

show everything in return for

two souls

more dark than the light that

escapes the glass facade

of their everything

when facing one another in

the darkest night

after the storm raged and

rain fell like tears from my heaven

that cast me into Hell

like my fucking hero Lazarus as

he bore witness to the thunder that

came like manna after the war of roses

was waged and only the thorns

remembered who lost

trust but gained love

born of forgiveness

and sex primal with saliva hot

red ass cheeks paling in

comparison to how I held your head

vised in fingers white

for life dear

as one mirror

looked into the other

and saw the light

of your love and submission

and died inside only to be

reborn like a phoenix

in your mouth

– Scot (for Leigh)

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