Scot The BILF…What?

When you read that I say I’m blushing, it’s not bullshit.

So when I read (about a month after the fact) that LSAM of Love Sex And Marriage nominated me for this:

BILF Award

I not only blushed at the obvious but also that I had been thought of so for three weeks and didn’t know!

Seriously? Me?

First, thank you so much LSAM! Their blog is one of the few, like ours, that shares the journey between a married D/s couple, and they do so with wit, eroticism, humor and honesty. If you are not familiar with them I highly recommend checking them out.

But a BILF?

I wrestled with this. Whatever comes across via words on a screen, I have never, ever thought of myself in any sort of -ILF manner, including as I type. I am Leigh’s husband, her guy, best friend and when the bedroom door closes her Sir.

And yes, I’m blushing right now as I grasp at words to convey how I feel.

But it would be extremely rude to not accept such a personal award based on my own views about how I see myself. It is by far the most unique one TDND™ has received so far. So, with a red face and a grin I humbly accept The Sexy Blogger Award.

According to the rules of this award, I am supposed to:

1. Post five sexy suggestions (Oh, thank goodness not more Scot Trivia!)
2. Post a link to my sexiest blog post
3. Nominate five other sexy bloggers
4. Let the nominees know they’re sexy

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Five Sexy Suggestions

– You do not need expensive toys to add spice and kink to your sex life. All you need is an open mind, some imagination and a little creativity. The entire premise of our BDSM On A Budget series is a testament to this. Kink was around long before electricity was harnessed. A collection of scarves can be a veritable treasure trove of erotic possibilities. Ice cubes can be objects that induce fear and arousal. As I have always said “Close your eyes, open your mind and your thighs will follow.”

– That said, do not let fear or timidness rule the bedroom. If you are curious about shibari, invest in some good books and DVDs and a shit ton of the best rope you can buy. Electro stimulation sound interesting? Hello TENS Unit, and not the bargain basement one. Sometimes a collar is not a collar, especially if its fur-lined with three stainless steel rings on professionally sewn leather. So what if you have to tell your best friend “If anything ever happens to me, get that fucking black trunk from my bedroom and toss it in the river ASAP!” Do not go quietly into the eternal night wondering what it would have been like to have had hot wax dripped all over you (or on your other) from the finest low temperature candles. Do it!

– Much of WIITWD is, if you think about it, grown ups playing very, very adult versions of games we all played as kids. Doctor anyone? Tie up games? Truth or Dare? See who can whatever for the longest time? Just because there are more lines on your face doesn’t mean you have to act a certain way. Embrace your inner child. Remember how curious you were about everything, especially “that?” How exciting the simplest things were? The amusement park your body was, with your imagination the “YOU MUST BE AS DEMENTED AS…TO RIDE” sign? Play with each other like you did when you had not a care in the world, but do so with the benefit of the years of experience you have and the rights you enjoy as consenting adults. It will do your heart, soul and reproductive organs good.

– People in better physical shape can fuck each other better, longer, faster, harder and more often that those who get winded taking the escalator. Think about that.

– Seduce your other. Have an affair with your spouse. Cheat on your mate with your mate. The embers from those early flames are still there. They may be buried under decades of ash from bills, a mortgage, maybe kids, but they still glow. Ironically, if you listen to the first four Sexy Suggestions this fifth one will likely just happen, as it did for us.

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Our Sexiest Blog Post

Wow, tough one to answer! It’s like asking a parent which child is your favorite?

While it may surprise you, I think the poetry I write for Leigh is the sexiest. Please visit The Archives for links to all the erotic poetry on the site. But if we (I asked Leigh as well) to pick just one story, we both have a soft (hard?) spot for Away Games. That’s the story that started all of this, the one we lived while the blog was getting eight views a day. It was a magically moment in our lives.

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Nominate Five Other BILFs

If you have anxiously read through all of the above waiting to read who I think is a BILF…

…you are going to be disappointed.

Unbeknownst to LSAM when she chose me, this topic is a strict hard limit of Leigh’s. When TDND™ started  the two of us, as we do when we scene, established protocols. These included social networking hard limits as far as to what manner or degree comments can go. In the early days of TDND™ Leigh would let me know if I was “yellow” or “red” with a comment either here or on Twitter.

What can I say? I fucking love the fact that she has made it perfectly clear that I am her guy and hers only. She’s selfish and protective and its cool. So yeah, I totally respect her wishes. I hope this did not offend anyone, but to be honest if it does I really do not care. She’s my doll, I’m her Sir, and that is that. And I sincerely hope that no one thinks any less of Leigh as a result. If you do, you are more than welcome to Unfollow us.

But let’s not end this on a sour note. I am sincerely humbled and, as you know, embarrassed to be thought of this way. Thank you again LSAM!

– Scot


9 responses to “Scot The BILF…What?

  1. Congrats on your award! And a big Hell Yeah to Leigh for staking her claim.

    I think it’s lovely how much you both share, but I can also admire that you respect her limits no matter what.

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