One thing I would love to introduce to our D/s dynamic is music. For the most part we always scene in silence, the only sounds being ours. Not that the symphony of guttural moans, shrill screams, flesh being abused and frantic begging aren’t music to my ears, but it would be lovely to have some carefully chosen audio in the background to heighten the emotions even more. I think of it as spices added to a recipe that has been slowly simmering in its own juices, just enough to add to what is naturally delicious without getting in the way or, ironically, dominating it.

To this end Leigh and I, apparently, have different ideas as to what we would like to hear, or perhaps already do in our selves when we are together. My thoughts, feelings and emotions differ from hers, which is to be expected given the unique relationship that is D/s, especially when in the midst of adding a pinch (heh) of BDSM. So we, from time to time, explore genres, themes, artists, etc. hoping to find common ground for us to stand on together.

I’m sure you’re wondering why I, as the Dominant, don’t just play what the fuck I want to. As I have said before to this narrow minded, back ass mindset:

Fuck. You.

We are equal partners in this. Each brings a unique and proportional skill set to the dynamic. Black is not black without white to make it so. To view it as one simply imposing their will over another is foolhardy and immature. Keep in mind that unless one submits another cannot Dominate. Its 50/50. It’s a power exchange, not a power theft. There can be no surrender unless there is One to conquer.

But I digress…

To date we have only found one piece of music that both of us, upon hearing it, had that “Oh fuck yes” reaction. Leigh would be delicious being held to the flames to this, while I can totally see myself stoking that fire to this as well. You may not agree or like it, which is totally fine with me.

A reminder that we have NOT scened to this. Yet. So please don’t let this cloud your beautiful imaginations when you read my humble efforts.

Perhaps someday there will be a story with an actual soundtrack. We’ll see.

– Scot


25 responses to “Scenesounds

  1. Evanescence cut this song about ten years ago. Check out their version. You might like the male/female dynamic in their vocals. It’s a bit more rockin’ as well.

  2. When I was young, having sex to music was totally the thing. Now I can’t even imagine doing it, and nothing really comes to mind that would be suitable. Maybe Led Zeppelin, Whole Lotta Love. Hee.

  3. I’m a bit biased with Engel, because I love, love, love Rammstein. I was always obsessed with their music video for Rosenrot, and now I finally understand why. 😛 (Video here: )

    But more on topic – I am quite obsessed with Hans Zimmer. I’ve dreamed about having sex to his music, and now I’m dreaming about scenes with his music. He’s my favorite composer, so I’ve got an endless list of pieces with so many different moods. For the more spiritual side, my favorite has to be Chevaliers de Sangreal ( ). I have so many other favorites, though. His music really speaks to me on a whole different level. It’s dark, but always with some kind of love and passion underneath the darkness.

    I’ll stop rambling now. 😉

    • Love Hans Zimmer! LOVE his work. So amazing.

      Leigh is not one to head bang or thrash, and I have to admit that is not the way we scene, and typically I am not one for lyrical distraction.

      Hopefully we will find common ground. When we do everyone will be privy to the list.

  4. Lovely. And I truly appreciate your black/white partnership perspective. I was just thinking about it this morning, in fact– remembering what you’d said about why you don’t do punishments. I like the maturity of this mindset…

    • Thank you very much. I just can’t grasp the way all these blogs seem so Topheavy when each is equal. Its a power exchange, not a power theft or a power gift. Ying and yang. Give and take. Black and white. All in balance. All equal.

      I can understand and appreciate punishment and humiliation, but that is just not us.

  5. I am hung up on music for scenes….there is a part of me that wants the driving rythms of a Disturbed or Godsmack….then there is another that is interested in the calming influence of serene music, scene scapes and the like. I know my pet loves the aforementioned artists which is a plus…but I haven’t settled on nor do I think I will anytime soon as to what if any music is incorporated.

      • When I was in the Dungeon at the event they were playing metal…it was driving, hard, but the reality is I couldn’t tell you one song that was played. I wish you luck in your search and when you finally decide upon something please share, I’m curious to find out what you select. 🙂
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  6. Thank you, for both the commentary on partnership and sharing the music. My sir and I sporadically have music – often Gregorian chant or Tibetan monks or something which has a strong beat and no comprehensible lyrics. It can be quite erotic when he puts earbuds in my ears when I’m restrained. Intense!
    Good luck – enjoy the experimentation 🙂

  7. Juno Reactor, Bible of Dreams. The song “God is God” = instant subspace for me. My Master won’t let me play the CD when I am in the kitchen. Or the car. 🙂
    Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, and Dead Can Dance (tribal, Gregorian, Middle Eastern, fabulous music and fabulous variety with a single group) are also quite nice, with atmospheric, driving rhythms.

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