may I drown again?


Don’t make me beg

to suffocate on your shores

when I’d gladly bleed for the privilege

to wade in over my head

step by step

down these stairs so dark

oh so dark

into your dream asylum



may I drink again?


Don’t tease me with it

I’ll say it

I’ll growl fuck and it will

glisten hot and wet

like August butter

its perfume intoxicating

as the finest vintage Bordeaux

that I greedily lap

like some stray dog

in the heat of the moment



may I take you?


Don’t make me do it

I’ll force you to come

against your will

if I must

and I must

because your secret

is safe with me


Silent screams

as we build a fire

in the forge of Trust

down those dark stairs

where dreams go to die

where its not as cold as these chains

when we walked in together

with you at my side

on a leash of steel

and cuffs of night leather

and eyes that make me beg

to drown in their submission

to me

– Scot (for Leigh, my passion and muse)

3 responses to “Please

  1. This was wonderfully penned. I especially loved the lines: Silent screams/as we build a fire/in the forge of Trust

    and how you captured the essence of the connection between two people.

    Lovely .. Wow!

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