Interview With A Submission Vampire Vol.1 No.5

Time once again for another installment (not a euphemism) of IWASV. This week – a double peek!

Before we get to this week’s question, I am humbled to accept ANOTHER blog award! The lovely Kayla Lords at A Sexual Being nominated us for having, in her opinion, One Lovely Blog!

One Lovely Blog Award

This is our third time accepting this award! We are touched….seriously. To have a peer think enough of your blogging efforts to nominate you for an award that simply says “I think you’re lovely” is truly humbling. Thank you so much Kayla! And for those of you who haven’t visited A Sexual Being please check it out. She’s just getting started, but we like what we’ve seen so far.

In that we very recently accepted this award from two other peers, I am not going to go through a roll call of who you should check out. But I, as a segue to this week’s Interview, will share yet more Scot trivia

– I am an “over the top” guy 100%. If you are one of those “from underneath”, we may have issues…
– Budweiser, Miller and Coors are not real beer
– I’ve been complimented by a Thai woman on my prowess with chop sticks
– If you need to have a whole hog or lamb spit roasted to perfection I’ve done that
– Proudly admit I’ve really never outgrown Hot Wheels™. I don’t have any, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t mind a few.
– I eat a grapefruit a day. Read into that what you will.
– Of all the pets I have owned, every single one has come from either a shelter, rescue or just chance
– When I grill or BBQ I only use dried hard wood, or lump charcoal in a pinch. NEVER plain charcoal.
– I’ve been mentioned and featured by name in a major, international magazine
– The longest I have stayed awake was 60 hours straight, then a 2 hour nap, then 10 more hours. It was surreal.

Now for this week’s question, courtesy of kittiepleasedo. I apologize Kittie for taking so long to answer your question, but we are finally getting caught up on the deluge we received weeks ago. Kittie had a question for the lovely Leigh (who is getting a LOT of questions!) She asked:

What are some of your favorite parts about being a sub? Not why you are, but favorite parts.”

Spacer Bar

First, I would like to reiterate that I am a sub only, and ONLY, in the bedroom. I know I have touched on that before, but I think its important for people to know that’s how it works in our particular case. I have no desire to become submissive in any other area of our lives and admit that I get bristly when I see someone call me Scot’s sub. It’s something I’m working on…heh.

So with that said, letting go is one of my most favorite aspects. It sounds cliché as hell, but in almost all other areas in my life I’m the one in charge. I make the decisions. So it is really, REALLY nice to have an area that Scot completely takes charge of. When the bedroom door closes, I can exhale and let go of the reins, and know that He is there to pick them up.

And in letting Him take charge like that, I get to fully appreciate and experience everything going on. Which is amazing and freeing and it lets me enjoy what He’s doing 1000%. And the fact that He is enjoying Himself makes it that much better for me. The effects of what we do trickle outside the bedroom, but not in a D/s way.

I also love the attention I get afterwards. The touches and kisses and coffee the next morning. The texts in the middle of the day telling me He is still flying from the previous night. The conversations we have as a result of what we did, which have opened up some amazing dialog, not necessarily revolving around D/s or sex.

I guess what I love the most, is the fact that changing this dynamic in our relationship has opened up other doors in other areas of our lives that have nothing to do with D/s, but have indirectly been affected by it. We talk, spend a ton more time together, and flirt with each other again. It’s pretty cool. 🙂

– Leigh (subbing for Scot…heh. I wrote that – Scot)

16 responses to “Interview With A Submission Vampire Vol.1 No.5

  1. I love hearing Leigh’s thought mainly because I feel like I would have similar thoughts. Very interesting.

  2. Amen, sistah! My husband and I are having a similar experience – much more open conversation, more talking, deeper respect on both sides, flirting like we did when we first met – and we’ve only just begun. It’s pretty fucking awesome! And your openness has been a huge help to us, so we thank you.

    • We could have written this word for word. Its like we are meeting again for the first time. I’m not joking that I’m having an affair with my wife and that its a result of everything that has transpired from what transpires behind a closed bedroom door.

      BDSM and D/s did not cause this, but everything it bore fruit from as a result of has. 🙂

  3. Awww, thanks Leigh (and Scot!)…if I ever have the pleasure of finding a Dom, becoming a sub, however that ends up working out, it’s for the same reason as yours, Leigh – so I can let go of the reins in one aspect of my life (just one!)…

  4. Thank you so very much Leigh! As someone who is still trying to figure themselves out this has given me something new to think about.
    And Scot, it’s no biggie. I am a busy person right now. I was being patient…. well, patient-ish.

    • And I should add that I totally and completely agree about the letting go. I felt the same way with my exhusband. I so desperately wanted him to take charge in the bedroom so I could have just one area of our lives where I wasn’t responsible for everything. It never happened and it was the first card that fell, so to speak. My current life is so stressful that letting go and following in the bedroom is respite from my burdens. And, I imagine, a way for my lover to feel more in control of his.

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