Interview With A Submission Vampire Vol. 1 No. 1

This is the inaugural post of what will be a weekly feature on TDND™ – Interview With A Submission Vampire. In short, this is your chance to ask Leigh or myself anything you want. We’ll answer it to the best of our abilities. There is more information about this opportunity here.

Sadly, I must take my legion of minions to task. Not one question submitted via the proper channels this past week. Not even vanilla ones…

But, earlier in the week, mikey2ct did ask the following question in the form of a comment reply to Away Games (which, by the way, will be reaching its climax (heh) this week) so I will repost my reply with a little more information. He asked:

“Does Leigh do Kegel exercises?”

The answer is “Oh fuck yes, oh yes, oh, oh, oh my fuck yes!!!”

If Webster’s ever decided to add the phrase “velvet vise” to the formal English vernacular they need look no further than the hoo ha owned and operated by Leigh for the image that would accompany the description. Her vagina is worthy of lusty Viking songs of heraldic praise. She keeps it so fucking tight that, when extremely aroused, she can complete envelope and squeeze with firm, luscious, soft, wet, slick, sticky sweet pressure a single finger, let alone my cock.

Tight is an understatement. And Kegels are a main way she keeps it that way. Now I must admit she was born with a pussy worthy of building temples to as well as sacrificing vast amounts of coffee to its muse, and I’d like to think the regular exercise I provide it helps. But she does not rest on her orals, or aurals even. She works it….hard.

She does them while sitting at her desk at work, or while driving in the car. During sex she really does them as an active part of our fucking, especially on the out stoke. Toss in the ubiquitous “Well, why didn’t you say you had to go when we passed that rest stop 11 miles ago?” and her vagina basically does a kinky form of interval training on a regular basis. The irony that those many short bursts of energy will result in a few hot, long, sticky bursts of …….from me is delightful.

There are even entire websites devoted to Kegel style toys and devices.

So, if you are reading this and do not currently do or use Kegel exercises I can, as a highly satisfied repeat customer, vouch for their effectiveness. Oh. Fuck. Yes.

Hopefully this answered your question Mike.

Now excuse me, I need to go work out. No pain, no gain…

– Scot

5 responses to “Interview With A Submission Vampire Vol. 1 No. 1

  1. Hi, for her Kegel exercises, does she just squeeze her muscles, or does she also use any toys that are just for exercising?

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