Interview With A Submission Vampire Vol.1 No.7

Sundays are selfish. And I love it.

I’ve made no secret that what has transpired as a result of Leigh and I embracing a D/s relationship behind the bedroom door has been nothing short of a second courtship. I am having a torrid affair with my wife. We talk more. Laugh more. Spend quality time together.

And almost none of it has to do with sex, or kink in any fashion. Plain old-fashioned communication and a genuine interest in each other. Its been amazing.

Oh yeah, the sex. Never better. Adult actresses don’t orgasm as much as Leigh has and does. Adult actors don’t get to hear “May I please come?” and “Oh thankyouthankyou” dozens of times an evening for evenings on end like I do.

And yet, I like Sunday afternoon the best. Because this is the one time I do, in essence, Dominate her outside the bedroom…and she willingly submits.

I insist we just….be.

Get out of the house. Go do something, anything. I honestly don’t care what, where, how, etc. Just that it is us, we are together and for a few hours just two middle-aged kids acting like teenagers. Fuck bills, worries, the realities of day to day life.

I’m selfish to a fault with her then and when that door closes, but prefer the former. To that end I take a step back from social media. That is one of the main reasons I started the IWASV™ every Sunday. Not only does it give us a chance to interact with all the perverted minions I call the Peekers™ but it also frees me to spend more time with her.

I will not let erotic words on a screen run my life. I’d rather make memories with Leigh.

And on the topic of memories, that segues to this week’s question from Kristiknrol, who emailed us this awesome question:

“What was the first scene you did that still makes you hard and Leigh wet from just thinking about it? Were there toys or rope? How hardcore did it get?”

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First off, WOW! What a great question. Leigh and I pondered this over dinner earlier this week (we talk about BDSM and D/s like vanillas talk about electric bills and gas prices.) I’ll go first, but not before defining “scene” as a planned and orchestrated evening devoted to D/s with BDSM aspects.

Leigh and I had experimented with BDSM and D/s for years. It was not something we really decided to explore fully until a few months ago, corresponding with the start of the blog. But for me its an easy decision.

When we first met I had obligations that took me out of town for weekends at a time. There was nothing I could do about it. So Leigh would be home alone in a new town, new house, new life, new everything. She was truly alone.

One Sunday, upon returning home to a very happy Leigh I was treated to, without question, the most selfishly hedonistic evening of my life. She had prepared a wonderful home cooked meal of an all day pot roast that fell apart if you stared at it long enough. The potatoes, carrots and onions were equally tender, all served with au jus. I recall scratch buttermilk biscuits from her grandmother’s recipe, and a berry buckle for dessert. Candles were lit, the table set just for two. Some favorite songs played in the background.

Its true ladies. The path to a man’s heart is not through his penis. It’s an organ further north that gets filled with succulent pot roast and hand-made baked goods.

After dinner we did the dishes, all the while flirting and catching up. Then, by the hand, I was led upstairs to the bedroom. More candles around our bed set a very romantic mood.

I was then ordered to strip naked, lie down on the bed and be the recipient of a total body oil massage by a lingerie clad Leigh.

Yeah….me too. I had the same reaction all of you just did. It was amazing.

It was when the massage ended that, with a mischievous grin, I was blindfolded. Oh fuck yes. If this evening could not get any more perfect.

Once isolated from the world my wrists were taken and, one by one, secured with silk scarves to the bed frame. We had barely any experience with bondage together so this was immensely exciting. I became a toy to play with at her leisure. Kissed. Licked. Teased. Touched. Stroked. She tried to kill me with pleasure. It was insane.

Suffice to say I was massively erect. She selfishly took advantage of this with soft fingers, a hot mouth and then with a dripping wet, what I would learn later to be a shaved bald cunt.

She rode me slow as fuck. I thought I was lodged in her throat I was so deep in her pussy. Back and forth, up and down, faster slower, teasing her clit with her legs spread and pelvis grinding on me until she climaxed all over my cock. It was incredible being forced to respond, yet not able to see or do anything.

It was then time for her real plan.

Dismounting me she oiled my cock thick with lubrication and then, inch by tortuous inch, impaled her ass on it.

Now I knew why she tied me down. She wanted to be able to control this, make sure it was not forced any further than she was ready for.

Because it was the very first time we had done that.

Needless to say I was more aroused than I could even remember. I had fantasized about this act, but had never really done it. There had been awkward attempts prior, but never full penetration.

She took my giving anal sex virginity. I gave her an ass full of cock and, after she came, one full of hot semen.

Yes, I screamed like a school girl. I may have sobbed. She collapsed on top of me, panting uncontrollably, my cock still twitching with the last few drops being milked out of it by her sphincter squeezing it empty.


To this day the most hedonistic evening of my life. Pampered beyond comprehension in three unique regards. And I still smile and sigh when I think about it.

Leigh just smiled at me right now and said “You too?”

– Scot


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