CRACK Practice SMACK Makes CRACK Perfect

Remember this?

Its become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Leigh has been subject to a severe spanking the past three consecutive evenings, each session easily at least 30-45 minutes in duration. The first evening some innocent play ended up (pun intended) with her ass cherry red from my hands. Her head down, ass up sucking of my cock while both my hands blistering her arched, taut ass was a highlight.

The next evening, as she was otherwise occupied (let’s just say she had a mouthful) I slowly started working the one cheek of her sore backside I could reach. She surprised both of us with how violently it ended up (again). Balancing the pain by working the other cheek after a break was most fun in that she knew what was coming (I’m on a euphemism roll here). She took that one as well.

Which brings us to last night, which was a planned “practice session” with the newest additions to the toys – two antique wooden butter paddles of varying widths. There will be more about these coming up (did it again) in the next installment of BDSM On A Budget.

I entered the bedroom to the sight of her face down, ass up and exposed. Fuck! I decided that a warm up of some tip to balls fucking was a good idea, but of course s-l-o-w-l-y. She looked, sounded and felt exquisite just offering herself to my selfish whims.

Then the paddles.

These are a first for us, so a good deal of time was spent on where, how, velocity, etc. By the end of the evening I was in such a groove that the beat (I give up) coming from her bright red buttocks resembled a drum roll, a staccato, alternating CRACKSMACKCRACKSMACKCRACKSMACK rhythm filling the night air.

She was floating soooooooooooo high. Had the silliest grin on her face. This was my favorite part of the evening – holding her and stroking her hair and skin as she drifted aimlessly through subspace, awaiting her return. I knew this would lead to some serious fucking in that she gets extremely aroused by all of the attention directed to her throbbing ass.

It did.

Tonight I am giving her ass a break….maybe. Plans are to christen the new Gigi Brazilian waxer we invested in. She has been “letting the lawn go” for a week now to the requisite 1/4″ needed for the wax to do its job.  You know why its called a Brazilian wax? Because it tears out about a brazillion hairs all at once. Front and back. Rrrrrrrrip!

Saturday evening will be something special. Restraint and leather tails will be involved.

I am SO proud of her. What a good girl she has been through all that has transpired so far. Her pain addiction is increasing, her threshold rising (as are parts of me). We are making progress in her transformation to a pain slut.

Much more to….

heh, well you know.

– Scot


8 responses to “CRACK Practice SMACK Makes CRACK Perfect

  1. Lol’d at the wax joke. Funny. You and your puns.

    How long have you guys been doing spankings? I’m curious as to her reaction when she started and how long it’s taken her to see an increase in need for pain.

    • I’m a punny guy…

      Leigh has been enjoying the occasional ass swatting during sex since I have known her, but it was about 4 years ago that our first full spanking moment happened, which was also spur of the moment. It was beautiful, electric, sensual, erotic, kinky and arousing.

      It was a mood thing and continued to be such for years. We did not share it very often. In the past year, specifically since the blog has started, we have explored this asspect (spanking joke) of Leigh’s sexuality. The Breaking Leigh evening was the high water mark.

      Her threshold for “good pain” has always been high. The frequency has increased, as well as the intensity. But even now a Breaking Leigh type evening is not de facto. She would likely safe word unless she is really in the scene. Time will tell if the two points converge. I feel they will.

      Its like tempering steel. Too fast and hot and it will be weak as fuck, shattering like fine crystal. Too slow and cool and it will be dull and soft. But a slow, steady tempering yields a steel strong enough to craft a sword that can cut a body in two with one strike.

      Thats my approach – to temper her ass to be able to enjoy a severe blistering.

      Time will tell. And so will we here 🙂

  2. I always have love for someone discovering themselves in new and exciting ways. The leather tails will be glorious. Much love to both.


    • Thank you. We have known for a while how much Leigh enjoys & is aroused by good pain as well as being forced, but only recently have we made a commitment to pushing these aspects of her sexuality.

      We’ve played with the flogger a little. I am still learning the correct ways to use it. Our pillows are in constant subspace…LOL.

  3. We haven’t really pushed those pain boundaries until very recently. It’s been…interesting. I’m finding I’m more of a pain slut than I knew. Some things are not a surprise–I’ve always loved nipple clamps–but the flogging pain threshold increase was totally unexpected, at least by me. Apparently Himself had figured it out long before I had. Lucky me. 😉

    Wishing you much happy whackery…

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