Just Cry

Words like rain falling

down the rabbit hole I

chase the tears and make them

cry for no reason other than

the pain was so sweet the

night was still young the

heat of the moment that

was my hand blistering your

ass so soft lush full red hot

august wasn’t born yet

we felt its thick embrace of

sweat anointing my desire to

take you where you could

fly away please go be free of

it all will still be here yet

you stayed within

your walls of self so fucking 

high as a kite on my chains

breaking link by link when the

hands that spanked you raw as

fuck your eyes my doll why

are you crying now

its time to go be free of

this world of dancing candlelight

shadows glow eyes moisten as we

share a dirty secret with none yet all

know that I adore

you started to cry when the

hand so fierce held your head

so soft the tears so

beautiful my doll so

just cry

– Scot (trying to do justice to the beauty of a week’s night ago when Leigh cried the most beautiful tears of subspace release while I cradled her head)


17 responses to “Just Cry

  1. I continue to be awe-struck by not only the love you both share…but your ability to express it so beautifully in both poetry and prose. Simply amazing….

      • kudos to you for looking to express yourself that way….it certainly is romantic to have words just “flow” as you are recalling. I’d like to try my hand at it again someday but it always sounds so sophomoric when i write it..I can’t get past the wanting to make it rhyme standard…

  2. theres a fascinating dichotomy in the beauty and it has an elusive quality to me. Lately though, I have felt a bit airy in my perceptions – regardless, it was lovely Scot

  3. Wow! This poem creates such beautiful imagery for me. I like “high as a kite on my chains” I can almost smell the near-August night. Beautiful post.


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