I should know by now that

sleeping with an angel whose

wings furl inside cotton and

lace of the curtains gently

kissing you good morning as

I do love the sight that greets

my eyes blink rubbing sand from the

murky five o’ clock corners of

our bedroom the temple to

silence shattered with crickets and

cries in the night long ago 

it was minutes hours years that we

share with me your

skin awash in morning blue as

your eyes of the same

blink rubbing sand from the

murky five’ o five corners of

the fact it is not always chains or

leather that snaps stinging biting

your nape my luck our

bodies fumble stiff crack laugh with

me as you and I become we

fuck slowly at first morning’s light of

another chance to be with

the pretty girl I wake to

– Scot (recalling a few mornings ago where Leigh and I had wonderfully hot morning sex for the sole reason she looked so damn pretty)

16 responses to “Pretty

  1. I love the morning too, so soft and tender. Waking up with someone has something childlike in it for me, vulnerable…not yet wearing the everyday face.
    I’m rambling along trying to say what a beautiful poem. I relate to the beauty in that special moment.

    Morning Bisous,

  2. Scot, Your poem is beautiful and a wonderful tribute to Leigh. Feeling a little down tonite wish to share my poem to my master with you guys.

    New Submissives Poem to her Master: Save Me Tonight

    Finally found you, been waiting all my life.
    You treat me with kindness, lift my heart and spirit.
    Make me feel more beautiful then I have ever felt before.
    I commit to you and you accept my service.
    My new life begins, my new birthday!
    Cant take the smile off my face I am glowing.
    I begin to find myself with your help, you are my guide my teacher my everything.
    My potential is limitless and you feed on it and lift me up, always.
    As my body changes it responds sexually to every word you speak.
    I not only feel sexy and alive, but I am! My inner Goddess is being awakened.
    You have such power over my heart and soul and body.
    You take my breath away, you know you do.
    Your voice and words pull me toward you like gravity.
    Master is the Sun and I am his Moon.
    I can’t pull away, you own me, I am yours.
    Take care for so much power over me can be harmful, you are never careless.
    As usual you protect me and I feel you all around me always sheltering and protecting me.
    Your aura surrounds me like a burning flame on a candle.
    My Master you are so far away its hard to wait for you.
    You say patience is key, but it can be so lonely.
    Training me and then making me wait, can hurt sometimes.
    Only half a person without you, even though I am growing in other ways.
    Please come for me soon, you think I can be strong, not so sure.
    You always believe in me and you tell me everyday.
    Doubt can haunt my dreams and turn me away from you.
    Please come and save me soon, for my heart is breaking.
    Its like taking a breath and never being able to exhale.
    Call for me, send for me, don’t make me wait anymore.
    I know I can please you and serve you to meet all that you require of me.
    If I do not you will show me how, for you are the Master.
    I am at the mercy of your experience and love learning from you.
    For you know I live to serve you and this helps me blossom into the women
    that you know I can become.
    My potential knows no limits!
    You have helped me chase away my ghosts of the past,
    they cannot hurt me anymore now that you are my guardian.
    I am waiting to exhale, please come get me soon, want to breath and have
    you finally imprint on my soul, for we are connected always and forever,
    no matter what happens in our lives.
    Waiting patiently for you to wake me from my endless dream, touch me, feel me,
    embrace me, own me, my Master and friend.
    Forever Your Girl.

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