Morning Hues

Morning Hues

In silence the early voyeur

gazed through open windows as

you danced with last minute

dreams before the violence of o’clock

in the morning when you stretch velvet

canvas under his leering brush

and palate of pale blues sketched

taut breasts and stirred embers

from their erotic slumber into hard

fire deep inside your soft

walls of pink satin and daydreams not

yet old enough to be fantasies of

the next time the artist spies

upon your curves and we once

more fuck 5am anew

– Scot (thinking about how stunning Leigh is in the first light of the new day)

8 responses to “Morning Hues

  1. Exactly pitched: the exquisite delights of early morning sight, touch, and please to Her, penetration… O, that pale sunlight reflecting on her arousal…

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