Interview With A Submission Vampire Vol.1 No.9

I’m typing this at 50MPH. Serious.

No, not blogging and driving. If you are a new Peeker™ you are probably not familiar with Selfish Sunday™. In short, Sunday is the one day where Leigh will submit to me outside the bedroom in regard to us. I insist we tell the world to go fuck off for the day and just be.

So we do. And she drives. Always. Apparently she is comfortable with me binding her helpless and doing all manner of perverted this to/in/on/with her, but she says “Red” when it comes to sitting in the passenger’s side seat next to me. Don’t get me started on who has the most moving violations (not entendre).

So we’re being selfish, I am being chauffeured while multitasking as a conversationalist and blog post writer, it’s a beautiful day after a salacious, lust filled Saturday evening (you’ll be reading about this in the near future) and the cooler is stocked with snacks.

We have a full tank of gas, a half pack of granola bars, my shirt is dark and we’re wearing sunglasses. Hit it.

A kinky Jake and Elwood. The Bruise Brothers.

That all said LOOKOUTFUCKSQUIRREL!!!! Just kidding.

This week’s question is courtesy of a DM conversation on Twitter. I keep telling you there are advantages to Following me there. She requested anonymity in that her Twitter feed is not the best place to be discussing this. But in that I know who it is its OK. But my rule against no anonymous questions still stands.

Anyway, her question was in regard to Marvin, otherwise known as Leigh’s blown glass anal plug. Yes, you will have to click the link to find out more about Marvin. Anyway, she wanted to know:

“In regard to Marvin: Did Leigh have any issues using a glass anal toy, specifically with how hard it is? *grin*”

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A very interesting and valid question on a topic that, even in today’s sexually pervasive climate, is still somewhat risqué, even taboo. We as a society have come (heh) so far as far as what is within “the norm”, but yet this still seems to be the final frontier. And with actual play and intercourse still considered a fringe act, toys devoted specifically to just that…

…well, we still have a long way to go. Just some hard thoughts. Speaking of hard, back to the question.

I can see how having some flexibility in an anal toy could be of benefit. This is not an area that is very forgiving. There are two unique sphincter muscles that control “traffic flow”. One (the outer) is far more forgiving a doorman than the bouncer on the inner set of doors to Club Anal. It’s these second, more inner ones that require a kinky version of palm greasing to get into the most taboo club in town, if you know what I mean.

Now, latex or plastic rigidity is simply not the same as the same properties in glass. Plastics and the like are very hard, with very little give in flexibility and surface feel.

Glass is not forgiving. At all. Its my way or no way, period.

That said, I like glass. Plastic, even with the best efforts and fabrication, will still have a slight surface tension. Glass is technically a liquid. As a result its surface is infinitely smoother.

Then there is the whole issue of hygiene. From your time spent over a kitchen sink, what is easier to clean – plastic or glass? Thought so. Plus lubrication on a glass surface will last longer than on a plastic one. Something else to consider, especially with anal toys.

If you appreciate the whole artisan movement, or even consider yourself green, again glass wins over plastics.

The one major advantage to glass toys is temperature. They will take on that of the environment they are thrust into (heh). So if you want to make them icy cold or feverishly hot its very easy to do so. Plastics…not so much.

With any anal toy you want to use a lot of common sense…and lube. Lots. Then some more. Now use even more patience. Lots. Then use some more. Remember the two bouncers to Club Anal. You have to loosen up both of them.

Think of it this way: Outside of shadow/fringe play, I honestly cannot comprehend a more intimate, personal kink act than this. The fact that another is trusting you enough to play there speaks volumes to how they feel about you. It’s a fucking gift (literally) when offered. Why would you want to be in a hurry to tear it open…literally? Slow down, enjoy the moment and seize the opportunity to share something intensely personal.

Some downsides to Marvin and his cohorts: they are prone to slipping out when squeezed. So in the throes of passion a *pop* is something to keep in mind. There are many manufactures of anal plugs, including stainless steel ones which would share a number of the aspects of glass. Their shape and design may or may not contribute to or deter such incidents. Read reviews before investing any money so it does not come back to bite you in the ass (heh).

So to summarize no, we do not have any issues using a glass anal toy. In fact I would recommend them over plastic.

And with that Leigh and I are here. Time to go be selfish with my doll.

– Scot

4 responses to “Interview With A Submission Vampire Vol.1 No.9

  1. The “POP” is much less likely if you get one with a wasp-waist, which allows the sphincters to close back down around the smaller circumference instead of just being wide open. I personally find it very frustrating to have the damn thing pop out in the middle of things.

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