Her Puppet

Fingers feather as ghost in

the night thick with blood straining

skin tight with pulsing pain of

pleasure from their whispered

touch me please fuck dying a

hundred deaths with each

stroke it shiny hot slide

smooth glistening cock pale

in blue moonlight on sea of

desiring to be teased stroke




kissing my skin aglow nape

chest rising its prisoner beating

faster you lengthen me fuck dying in

a cage of slick fingers oozing as

you tease me with violent fantasies of

hips raised higher taut fuck so

close so close so

close my eyes as I see

my world erupt in a silent

scream frozen in time fuck

retching clawing air hot frantic

straining into the abyss again

and again you greedily milk

my soul for your pleasure in

killing me stroke



fucking screaming

first breath gasping convulsions fuck

my mind racing crying for

help me i’m dying of pleasure

again and

again you make me come

like a demon bitch

playing my twisted contortions

like a puppet come dance

on my strings


– Scot  (inspired by the memory of Leigh’s amazing hand job last night)

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