The Looking Glass

(Note – If you wish, you can listen to the same song that Leigh & I did while the following occurred. Just open the link in a new window)

“I have an idea.”

And with that simple statement by Leigh so began one of the most amazing sexual experiences of my life.

Odds are that the majority of you will find the following downright vanilla, to which I will think no less of your thinking “Really Scot? This was a Top 10 moment?”

It was.

But allow me to let you decide for yourself as I dim the houselights, raise the curtain and close the bedroom door.

The scene began in a darkened bedroom, illuminated only by a few select candles, two sets of burning eyes and one heartbeat. Our heroine, Leigh, was in the midst of a challenge proposed to her by her husband and Sir, Scot. Her objective? To masturbate to orgasm in front of him once a night for seven consecutive evenings.

At first she was a bit apprehensive. For all her sexual prowess and adventures Leigh, like so many other women, does not see herself the same way I do. She is always quick to notice flaws. A bulge here, a not as dramatic curve as she wishes there. And regardless of how excited at the sight of her nude form I become, no matter how often I profess to her in no uncertain terms that no woman has ever been more beautiful, in spite of all that we have shared romantically and sexually, she still all too often sees the half empty Leigh instead of the one full with my erection.

So I came up with a challenge to her. Not only would it be fun as hell but, hopefully, it would allow her to witness first hand (bad masturbation joke) how magnificent she really is by sharing with me and for me the one aspect of her sexuality that is her most private – her own satisfaction. Literally.

We fuck and role play and use cuffs and collars with chains. I can spank her exposed ass to a cherry red, abuse her nipples to the point of hysteria, even flog her into subspace. Anal sex, ejaculating in her mouth, half a hundred squirting orgasms in a single evening? Done all that.

But when a woman masturbates just for you, that’s fucking special. It’s the sexual equivalent of meeting her parents. Its as personal as it gets.

Not only is she baring her flesh but herself. There’s a difference. Big fucking difference. She is sharing with you something that, most likely, was her first way of exploring her sexuality. She probably discovered that women get wet when aroused while masturbating. And its a safe bet that this was how she discovered the ability to orgasm. Its extremely private and intensely personal.

Sure, many women grow the confidence and security in themselves, their sexuality and their abilities to not just share this secret from teen years gone, but use and employ it in their partnered sexual lives. No better way to make sure that everyone has fun than to bring your own.

But at its most basic it is still hers. Which is why I thought it would be a special way to share something erotic with Leigh. She would be forced to be at her most naked. No chains, no cuffs, no spanking, and so on. Just her and her sexuality.

The first evening she propped herself up on her side of the bed as I lay across the bottom of it. With Papa Smurf™ (aka a mini-vibe) as her preferred method of arousal she spread her legs wide and, over the course of about ten minutes, teased herself to the brink of asking me my favorite question:

“May I please come, Sir?”

The almost two minute long orgasm that racked her body rigid with lust was exquisite. The primal fucking session that followed produced a second one for her as well as my own.

And a side note for all you fellows – you can learn a LOT about your lady by watching her get herself off. Which hand? Where? How? Clockwise? Back and forth? Insertions? Speed or lack thereof? Direct contact or not? Did her torso tighten? What sounds did she make, and when? Her breathing patterns? You’ll save yourself a lot of time, grief and both of your’s frustration if you ask her to do this for you.

And for the ladies? Ditto on your guy. Just sayin’.

But back to our challenge. The second evening Leigh had me sit in the Pingback Chair™ in the sunroom while her naked form draped over our large recliner. A single candle she brought from the bedroom flickered on a nearby plant stand, just allowing me to make out the faintest outlines of her face as it contorted under Papa Smurf’s buzzing of her clit. Now I got to savor more of the non-physical. The sounds she made when becoming aroused, how her mouth contorted, the way her breathing changed. And once again she begged to come. Once again she spasmed for well over a minute. And yes, once again we fucked like wild animals afterward. That chair is big enough for two to lie across we found out. And her rug burns from finishing violently on the floor weren’t too severe.

How wild did it get? I left my socks on (no rookie to toe top rug burn here) and spun one around 180 degrees! As in the bottom was on the top of my foot!

The third evening she got creative and, while astride me, used Papa Smurf to make herself come with me inside her. I think the head of my cock was somewhere around her larynx from how deep I was. I know she was having trouble breathing during it all.

Which brought us to her saying “I have an idea” on the fourth night. And with that she stood up, got out of bed, moved a candle to the dresser in the adjoining open frame closet and stood in front of the 3/4 length mirror hanging inside it.

“Come stand behind me” she whispered as her pajamas hit the floor, leaving her in all her nude splendor.

Still fully dressed I complied. The view over her shoulder was exquisite. My arms coiled around her, hugging her tight. Our eyes met  in the mirror.

The click of the vibrator in her hand coming to life told me what her idea was.

The Looking Glass Act II


A New Monday, Same Ol’ Java

It’s fan quiet here.

Leigh and I awake early. Not by choice but still we are up with the sun. And before you all smirk yes, very often that means three of us if you count a certain appendage of mine.

It’s a chance to groan, stretch, snap and crack, snuggle, doze, grope, mumble, giggle, sometimes fuck, occasionally be manually or orally uncramped. Very often a hour passes as we delay the inevitable reality of the day.

But, either post snuggle or after cleaning up the mess with hand towels, the sound of coffee beans being ground, egg shells cracking, butter sizzling and smart ass commentary being made fills the house. JD will stagger in from the couch (not too spoiled) looking as if he could use a cup of java himself. Scones (the cat) has already been in the bed with us and now wants breakfast as well.

Cabinet doors squeak, voices strain as sttttrreeettcchhhhh the day’s first stumbled steps occur, lunches made, plans for dinner discussed, random topics bantered about.

Often I will sing. Badly. Off key. Flatter than last week’s root beer. And with a zeal that makes Leigh wince yet smile, all the while thinking to herself “WHY did I choose this one? WHY???”

In other words, the same morning that I will bet happens in countless millions of households every Monday. When the coffee and its life-giving fix of caffeine become demigods worthy of sacrifices. Or at least that’s what I say to Leigh. “But the coffee gods would be pleased if we fucked!” I mean, what self-respecting religion doesn’t require the giving of something precious as an appeasement to its deities?

After that some alone time. And it’s so quiet right now. As I said, “fan quiet.”

Enjoying a second cup of religion in the calm of The Pingback Chair™ located in our sunroom. A reading nook now offers it safe harbor. Tucked away in the corner of the room, a wall mounted light directly over my shoulder to read by, a nearby antique plant stand serving as the altar for the magic elixir we both worship, or in the evenings a stem or pint of liquid I like. The only sounds discernible are the grasshoppers singing to the new day as the heat rises with the whirl of the blades of a ceiling fan on percussion. It may be like this for hours.

When we first moved here the silence was so deafening at night I couldn’t sleep from the tympani of my own eardrums pounding along with my heart. But now I adore the silence, a rare treat in today’s world. And its even better with coffee.

And with it some musings:

– The growth (stop it) of the blog continues to amaze me. August has seen us crack 10,000+ page views in a single month for the first time. I believe it took us May, June & part of July to reach our first 10,000 views. Now we have received that many in three weeks. I cannot even begin to thank you all for the love, support, comments and overall debauched pervertedness you bring.

– Along those lines I also cannot express how much we both appreciated the reactions and comments to the latest Interview. To be honest I fully expected the potential for backlash as well as people choosing to no longer peek through the keyhole, which would be fine in that’s their right and own choice. Your positive and even heart-warming comments (especially you Mrs. Soft Bottom) made what could have been an awkward exchange a pleasant one. Again we thank you for understanding and respecting our choice.

– Leigh bought me a copy of Screw The Roses Give Me The Thorns as a gift. From just flipping through its pages I can assure you all that it will be a gift that keeps on giving. And taking. And flogging.

– Is anyone else been enjoying the height of summer’s harvest at their local farmer’s market as well?

– If you have access to locally grown produce and still buy your vegetables and fruit at some Super Duper Mart…bad Peeker™! Bad!

– I Unfollowed a number of Twitter accounts this past week. If you are one of them it’s because having three Tweets in a month isn’t  going to make the cut, nor is constantly shilling, RTing or posting quotes not yours. And don’t get me started on people who lives exist to collect Followers.

– This week my second attempt at erotic fiction will begin. I’m going to submit (no, not like that) to Avon for their New Year’s Eve anthology. The storyline is set, characters are talking to me (this is why you writers are all batty, huh?) and even doing some research (not what you think). Leigh likes the storyline a lot, and thinks it may not be able to to be told in novella (<20K words) length. We’ll see.

– Leigh has undertaken a unique challenge from me. She is just over halfway through it and if the first four evenings were any indication it will be make for great reading. So much so that…

– …Leigh & I shared magic a few nights ago. Almost beyond description for me. I was honored to be a part of it. So you will be reading the first Act of The Looking Glass this week, as well as additional acts for Chain Of Rules, Seek And Go Hyde and The Butterfly Chains. We received more blogging awards so, yes, more Scot Trivia. I should be finished rereading The New Topping Book and have a review, Leigh will get a poem, the flogger should make an appearance, probably a random kinky musing and, last but certainly not least, a new Unchained is in the works for the end of the week.

And the sounds I mentioned earlier? The only ones I heard while writing this, aside from the emptying of my coffee mug. So cue the sounds of footsteps on hardwood to remedy that.

– Scot

A Peek Back 8-25

Someone found the blog by keyword searching “breaking leigh d/s.”


I cannot even begin to describe how humbling that was to see. If you follow me on Twitter you know on a regular basis I share some of the phrases people use in search engines that eventually led to their peeking through the keyhole. And I’m fairly certain that, baring some incredibly kinky coincidence, that those two words in conjunction are unique to my story about spanking Leigh to tears.

Typically the search phrases or keywords are obvious. Many times they cause me to scratch my head in a “what the fuck?” Occasionally they shock and sadden me in the cold reality of how fucking sick some people are.

But more often than not they are amusing. Downright humorous, bordering on hysterical. Which I enjoy. I’ve joked about creating a unique page as a The Dom Next Door™ Search Engine Submission Hall Of Fame. It’s probably going to happen, it will likely become one of the most popular pages on the site and its content will, ironically, result in even more funky phrases finding our kinky lil’ corner of the internet.

But they better bring their A game. “Belly button squirm” is a tough act to follow.

If you’re a first time Peeker™ Leigh and I welcome you to peek through the keyhole. We strongly encourage you to view all of the established Pages, which can be viewed by selecting any of the tabs at the top of this page.

The Archives are an inclusive, running version of every post of note on this blog. If you have not read any or all of the stories, random musings, poetry, etc linked from The Archives by all means please grab a seat, perhaps a drink (if its coffee pour us both a mug, please) sit back and enjoy.

With all that searching, its time to find this week’s Peek Back:

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We Interrupt Writing Seek And Go Hyde Act IV – The cliffs – Leigh. Magic Oil™. I mean, c’mon!

Seek And Go Hyde Act IV – Don’t read this unless you like sadomasochistic forced orgasms, and who among us doesn’t?

Hyde Gets Wild – The story right above this got republished in an erotic newspaper. No living with Hyde now!

BDSM On A Budget – The Chains™ – The long hinted at and anticipated post. Here’s how you too can have professional quality chain bondage in your bedroom.

Embers – A very special erotic poem about a very special lady and a very special evening. It’s not always cuffs and floggers.

The Butterfly Chains Act III – How hot is this Act? I had to take a cool shower after writing it. Shit you not.

If Crayola Made BDSM Crayons – Pretty much what it sounds like. Yeah, I’m sick this way and I like it.

Let the belly buttons squirm!

– Scot

The Butterfly Chains Act III

(To read The Butterfly Chains Act I or Act II)

The erotic irony…

Leigh was the one whose nude, chain bound, spread eagle form was helplessly pinned to the bed, whereas I was the clothed one hovering defiantly over her and that completely vulnerable, wide open cunt. Guess who was the real prisoner?

Guilty as charged.

I was completely prepared for what I had planned for the evening. The same cannot be said for how the sight of her bound, candlelit body cast a spell over my intentions.

I had to have her. And now.

My flesh was awash in the light of her radiant submission, with certain parts of it more aglow than others. She was oozing appeal more than other more obvious fluids, the aroma making her all the more intoxicating with each drip from not just her cunt but also the candles on either side of the bed. Time ceased to have much meaning.

I lowered my face to hers, our noses touching playfully in a vain attempt to lighten the mood. She smiled at the gesture, but the fire burning in her eyes shamed the same candles that made them so beautiful to drown in. She wanted it as bad as I did.

Keeping my face mere inches from hers, I braced my planked position atop her enough to allow my left hand to gently traverse the length of her side on its way to the gold buckle of the black leather belt I had on. A few motions and the belt was no longer a concern. My eyes never left hers as the sound of a very distressed zipper being opened permeated the night, the rush of cool air a welcome reprieve to the humidity contained within.

Exhaling slowly and shifting my body weight just as fast allowed for the opportunity to snake my thumb inside the open waist band of the faded denims I wore. I smiled as the irony of my own fingers teasing the sensitive flesh of my lower abdomen in my subtle attempts to shift the jeans over my hips one-handed.

Perhaps someday I’ll be a smooth enough operator to be able to do that one-handed while her lips remain within kissing distance of my own. But not yet. With a huge smile I leaned back onto my knees and, now that both hands were free, slid my faded jeans and black boxer briefs down to my thighs.

My cock literally lept out of its denim prison. Thick, hot, with traces of pre-semeinal fluid already anointing its head. It pulsed with fervor to get inside Leigh’s velvet folds. I took a few seconds to slowly stroke its length with my right hand while doing the same to Leigh’s labia with my left. She purred and moaned in appreciation, her slickness coating my fingers with their own version of Magic Oil™.

The night air was as thick as my erection. Between the humidity, candles, body radiance and the heat of the moment the bedroom was almost liquid with intensity and emotion. Leaning forward I placed my arms astride her torso, bringing the head of my cock directly in line with her open cunt.

It was a perfect first stroke. Perfect. The pillows beneath her hips, aside from keeping her back free from the chain connecting her wrists, also raised her hips to the same height as mine. There would be no need to work the length of her, as fun as that sounded and may have been. With the most subtle motion forward I felt her labia open and accept their fate willingly, inch by inch.

It was if a hot, hungry mouth was there instead of her cunt. Every vein, each ridge, the splay of my cock’s head, the sensitive frenum, inch by fucking inch her cunt absorbed me, engulfing my erection in wet heat and silken friction so beautiful it made my eyes ache.

For you ladies you know the sensation of having yourself spread extremely wide, how the pressure on the sides feels different, how what usually rubs just enters. The way your cervix is brought into proximity with a lover’s cockhead. How effortlessly it slides in and out due to the stream of fluid seeping out of you. All of this producing the most delicate sensations to, on and around the most sensitive aspects of your sexual anatomy. Not to mention the mental masturbation of being so widely splayed for fucking.

Now add in the fact you are helplessly bound wide enough to embarrass a gynecologist. The leather of the bondage cuffs on each ankle gently digging a furrow into the tender flesh of your ankle and lower leg. You try to move your legs, but to no avail. Your arms are pinned beneath you, the only recourse you have being the ability to open your hands and move your fingers.

A man feels the same things you do but in reverse. The identical sensations to yours are his but opposite. It’s just as insane to us to fill as it must be to be filled.

My eyes never broke her gaze the whole time I entered her. The way her pupils dilated wider and wider as she was stretched the same was incredible. How her nostrils flared, hungry for air to accommodate her rapidly increasing pulse. And her mouth? Fuck! A silent scream was never as ear shatteringly absent of noise as the way Leigh’s mouth pursed open wide in pornographic astonishment as she was filled completely while completely open.

By the time our hips met I swear I had grown longer and thicker in the thirty or so seconds that first stroke took. And there is no sensation to rival the way a woman’s taut ass cheeks kiss your hip bones when you are completely inside her.

I lay atop her, my arms like steel girders aside her arched torso supporting the whole of my being, aside from one rock hard aspect of it. The only things touching Leigh were the tensed muscles of my inner forearms, the entirety of my painful erection and my hips. Holding that position I just pulsed my cock in her depths, much to her arousal and approval based on the way she was gasping and struggling for air.

Sometimes the best plans are the ones derived spur of the moment. This is what I wanted. Her total acceptance of me, and I mean all of me.

Now it was time to pin the butterfly’s wings.

BDSM On A Budget – The Chains™

Admit it, you watch “those” videos.

You know, the ones that are done professionally by pay-for-view sites. Famous bondage and/or adult actresses being restrained in a dungeon setting that all but the most serious or financially independent devotee of BDSM can afford, or at least hide.

Shackles everywhere. Pulleys capable of suspending livestock abound. Enough rope to outfit a four masted schooner. Leather cuffs and collars, steel spreader bars with all the connections. Cages. Fucking machines. Tables and racks right out of the Spanish Inquisition.

Their business is kink, and business is good. Especially after the success of a certain neutral hued book series.

I will bet that most couple’s virgin explorations of bondage began with something innocent, like a scarf or belt. Which in turn will lead to either experimenting with rope or that pink nylon bondage set from Adam & Eve, which will in the future be best known as the reason they get naughty catalogs in discreet envelopes every month.

Rope is sexy. It’s timeless, the classic. But unless you are already skilled in knot tying there is going to be a learning curve, as well as the specter of those fumblings in the dark with knots pulled taut or made too tight. Ligature marks are cool as fuck, but cutting off circulation and nerve damage aren’t, not to mention the tick tick ticking of the mood clock when either occurs.

I admit that I am trying to learn rope bondage, and for all the above you will not be reading about it here until I am confidant in not just my abilities but also grasp of the intricacies of what to tie where and why.

That is why I use this:

The Chains

If you want to know exactly what that is:

Chain Description

That is the shelf tag from a Home Depot (otherwise known in kink circles as Dom Depot) for what has been referred to on this blog as simply The Chains™. Like how shiny they are? Me too. And see that price? A whopping $1.67 a foot.

And they will cut it to length for you. Free. “You Can Do It. We Can Help.” Heh.

Is any of this sinking in yet? Are you grinning? I hope so.

Now before we go any further, what I am about to share with you as far as being able to enjoy professional quality bondage at a bargain basement price right in the privy of your own bedroom will require some serious leather bondage cuffs and a collar. You will not regret this investment. Don’t skimp on these. Your submissive deserves the best, it will give both of you countless hours of enjoyment and its safe. Plus its just fucking hot.

So back to Dom Depot. Armed with the aforementioned SKU/shelf talker information get as many lengths of pre-cut chain as you wish. As of this moment The Chains™ at TDND™ World Headquarters consist of:

  • Four 1′ lengths (great for  hog tying, ankle/ankle, wrist/wrist, or to connect to a collar)
  • Two 2′ lengths (a couple more of these are going to happen soon)
  • One 3′ length (I could use a few more of this length also)

Plus ten of these double ended, bolt action snap hooks (two came with the bondage cuffs):

Stainless Steel Fasteners

If you have ever owned a dog you know exactly what these are and how to use them. And make sure they are stainless steel so they match your chain lengths.

Everything I described above in the quantities indicated didn’t even come to $35 (excluding the cuffs and collar). Think about that when perusing the web or that naughty, indiscreetly mailed catalog for bondage toys.

For this post we will assume the majority of play is going to happen in bed. Future posts will discuss taking your new chain bondage skills elsewhere.

Just like the good folks at Dom Depot will do all the length work for you gratis, your mattress manufacturer also was nice enough to provide, at no additional cost, the perfect way to secure your submissive to the bed. Remember when you moved that mattress in and you had to carry it up a flight of stairs by those four handles securely attached a few feet from each corner?

Grinning again, aren’t you?

Follow these simple steps and you will have a bondage set-up that will look and sound (this is one area chain kicks rope’s ass) like those videos you watch when you should be working.

  • Per the information on the cuffs and collars link above, outfit your submissive with leather wrist and ankle bondage cuffs as well as a three ring leather bondage collar.
  • Take one each of the snap hooks and attach to each of the handles on your mattress.
  • Attach one of the same to each ankle and wrist cuff

Now let your imagination wander. The possibilities are almost endless as to how, where and with what you can render your submissive immobile. And you don’t even need to use all the chains! Snap hooking a wrist cuff to its corresponding ankle cuff requires all of two snap hooks that can clicked into place in seconds.

This is the hidden beauty of using chain over rope. It’s effortless to change set-ups and quickly. No fumbling with knots, or untying to retie. No skill set to acquire or master. It can be shortened or lengthened by a link with speed and ease as well.

I will often, at the end of a scene when its my turn to satisfy my physical needs, snap hook each of Leigh’s wrists to her ankles, then  chain those to the rings on her collar. Aside from being rendered spread eagle and helpless she can also relax in that all her limbs are now free of weight bearing.

Or connect each ankle with a 2′ length, then push it higher…and higher. I can even use my chest to pull her wider this way as I fuck her obscenely open cunt at my whim.

If you feel so inclined, some convenient eye hooks screwed into the rear of a headboard, or a bed frame leg, could provide countless more opportunities.

Your imagination is your limit as far as what you can do quickly, easily, in seconds and with a look, feel and sound that you see on those videos you really shouldn’t be watching at work. Positioning, access, ease of or rigidity or movement. And when it’s all over some unclicking and it all stores neatly and compactly onto itself. We use an old pillowcase and everything I mentioned fits in it with ease.

Chain bondage. We’re hooked on it.

– Scot

We Interrupt Writing Seek And Go Hyde Act IV

…in that just into the title and tagging, Leigh mentioned a hot shower, the need to get really cleaned up, and that The Magic Oil™ was going to make an appearance.

Methinks that sounds like a recipe for one of her eye lid blood vessel bursting I look like a raccoon afterwards hand jobs.

So Act IV will have to wait until tomorrow AM. Sorry!

Actually I’m not fucking sorry at all. Work with me people.


– Scot

A Peek Back 8-18

I promised, after last’s weeks tangent on safe words, this week would be story intensive. So far I feel that I have honored my word.

Counting poetry, which is special to me in that it’s about one person and one person only (my Leigh), there are five new pieces of erotica to read. And, before midnight Sunday, there will be at least two more.

That would be, since I was in school the day they covered sevens, seven stories and poems in seven days. Its been a challenge to keystroke that much and have the confidence in them to click Publish. But I have enjoyed it, and from the page views so have you. There is a very good chance we could set a single week views record.

Very soon, likely in the next week or so, you will be all privy to some flogging stories, or at least one. Our initial foray into flog play went very well. Leigh was quite floaty, and I was rather proud of my neophyte efforts with the leathers. She has given this avenue the green light, so it’s very likely that as the days grow shorter our flogging stories will grow longer (heh).

I fucking love using it on her. Not gonna lie. But there is so much to learn and consider when using one. Practice, practice, practice. Plus Leigh has had a most unique challenge this week. You’ll read more about that as well.

If you’re a first time Peeker™ Leigh and I welcome you to your virginal peek through the keyhole. I strongly encourage you to view all of the established Pages, which can be viewed by selecting any of the tabs at the top of this page.

The Archives are an inclusive, running version of every post of note on this blog. If you have not read any or all of the stories, random musings, poetry, etc linked from The Archives by all means please grab a seat, perhaps a cup of coffee (we’re big on coffee) sit back and enjoy.

Speaking of coffee, read this week’s Peek Back as I get some more:

Interview With A Submission Vampire Vol.1 No.12 – In leu of a Peeker™ question I accepted another blogging award. This means ten more pieces of Scot Trivia…sigh.

The Greatest Coffee Excuse Is 6 AM Monday – Considering I was barely awake this week’s assortment of random musings was pretty good.

Drip Drop – An erotic poem inspired by the candlelit vision that was Leigh’s chained, spread eagle pose.

Scenesounds – While we haven’t added music to scenes, this is why and also some we might when we do.

The Butterfly Chains Act II – My sadistic plans took an unexpected turn when Leigh’s erotic beauty cast a spell.

An Erotic World Champion Poet – My poem Drip Drop was featured in a cleverly named ePub. I’m totally claiming this.

Breaking Leigh Act XI – The final act in the longest story on the blog, and a very special one to me personally.

Breaking Leigh – Epilogue – The postscript to the above. What happened later that night plus some thoughts on the story.

My Alabaster Doll – Another piece of erotic poetry, this time regarding the flogging of Leigh’s beautifully displayed breasts.

One last thing, a confession if you will. I’m actually typing this Friday evening. Oh, I didn’t lie about getting more coffee. I am. Just not as I prepare to finalize this so I can sleep in with my doll.

Am I sorry to have possibly told a creative truth earlier?


– Scot