For Gillian

This was the picture I submitted (no, not that way) to our dear friend for the Guess The Blogger that, as we know, won’t be played. So for her I share it with all of you. I like how it came out:

Guess Who?

Yes, my hand and yes, some of the actual chromed stainless steel chain I use with Leigh. I have that in a wide variety of pre-cut lengths for various….reasons.

– Scot 


A Day Late & A Dollar Short But Its Too Cool To Not Share

Gillian Colbert has a round of Guess The Blogger going on her blog right now. Some of the images are *whew*

I wanted to play (when don’t I want to play?) but was very tardy in getting Miss Colbert my entry. Totally my fault. But I still think it turned out pretty cool so I wanted to share it with you all. Leigh took the picture, I did the ‘Shop to it. I tried to capture the feeling of what transpires between she & I when those candles are lit in our bedroom:

Self Portrait

No submissives were not hurt during the filming of this image…

– Scot