A Peek Back 9-8

200 posts.

Hard to believe that, as of last night, we reached this milestone so quickly. Still hasn’t sunk in. It does not seem like just over four months ago that I came to Leigh with a crazy idea and a single blog post introducing myself. If memory serves me I believe our first day we had 8 views. We went over 30,000 total earlier this week.

So in honor of this momentous occasion I am sleeping in Saturday. The words you read right now are, with the assistance of a celebratory 24oz Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, being keystroked Friday evening.

Its been an amazing ride so far. And its only going to get better. Thank you all.

If you’re a first time Peeker™, welcome!  You are invited to peek through the keyhole. We strongly encourage you to view all of the established Pages, which can be viewed by selecting any of the tabs at the top of this page.

The Archives are an inclusive, running version of every post of note on this blog. If you have not read any or all of the stories, random musings, poetry, etc linked from The Archives by all means please grab a seat, perhaps a drink (the 24oz Pale Ale may need to wait until later in the day) sit back and enjoy.

So saluté!  It’s time to Peek Back!

Interview With A Submission Vampire Vol.1 No.15 – Longtime Peeker™ Ms. D wanted to know if moments like Breaking Leigh were life altering.

A Coffee, Cricket And A Dom Walk Into A Monday – A very laid back, touching Labor Day induced Monday musing.

The Butterfly Chains Act IV – In short, I fuck Leigh fast and hard. One of the most well received Acts of any story I’ve written. Peekers™ went gonzo over this one.

I Had No Idea – My stunned reaction to the above, plus an announcement about a new blog feature. It involves me coming.

The Looking Glass Act II – A very special memory begins, complete with soundtrack. This one is personal on many levels.

Butterfly Chains Are Making Noise – The aforementioned Act IV that everyone freaked out over got republished!

Seek And Go Hyde Act VI – The final Act in this story. Hyde takes over. It gets intense, a bit wild…and very messy.

WII Is WII – Has nothing to do with video games and everything to do with defining WIITWD. Curious? Read on.

Chain Of Rules Act VII – After two Acts of nipple abuse, it’s time to add spanking to Leigh’s chained misfortune…or is that fortune?

Pretty – A poem because sometimes you just want to fuck the pretty girl you wake up to.

For My Leigh – For the 200th post on The Dom Next Door™ I wanted to do something special. I did.

Just tiptoe on the way out…..ZZZZZZZZZZ.

– Scot

The Looking Glass Act II

(Note – If you wish, you can listen to the same song that Leigh & I did while the following occurred. Just open the link in a new window)

To read The Looking Glass Act I

“So when the sun goes down
And those nights grow colder,
I will be there
Looking over your shoulder. “

– The Deeper The Love, Whitesnake

I couldn’t help but hear David Coverdale’s voice as I looked over Leigh’s shoulder. The sun had gone done, and the nights had grown colder. And there I was behind her.

Our eyes gazed into one another’s through the mirror’s reflection, a precursor of what the next fifteen or so minutes held for us. My face, only partially visible, floated above her left shoulder. There was a macabre quality to the way the candle illuminated my features with drama, some areas almost void. My right arm draped across her chest, the left around her stomach. Candlelight makes my forearms damn impressive, if I say so myself. It looked like a muscular snake had coiled around her nude form.

Leigh, on the other hand, looked like a goddess.

If you have read any of the stories I’ve shared, you know that candles are de facto to our play. The sputter and hiss of wicks singing anew are often the first part of the ritual, usually followed by the bedroom door being shut. Leigh and candlelight go together like peanut butter and jelly. They were made for one another, the sum greater than their parts. She glows under their flickering gaze. The blank canvas that is her alabaster skin becomes a masterpiece of erotic theater. Hues of pale tangerine and warm cream hint at its texture. Aside from the pale blue of the first light of day, she never looks sexier than she does when awash in candlelight.

Having a candle not even arm’s length from where we stood made her skin torturous. I wanted to devour her. The mmmmmmmmmmm of the vibrator’s RPMs would more than sufficiently do the same. In time.

“You,” I said trailing a kiss down her nape, “look incredible.” More dry bites, my eyes on hers in the mirror, my hands on each breast in the reflection. To feel her nipples harden under my touch, but see her whole body’s reaction to the same, was exquisite.

“So,” scraping my teeth across her arched neck, “fucking,” taking the opportunity to use my tongue on the same, ” beautiful.”

“Look at yourself” I exclaimed. It wasn’t an order, nor begging. It was shared excitement at the vision in the mirror, and I wanted to share it.

She looked into my eyes, not the reflection as a whole. The vibrator constantly hummed while a soulful melody filled the room.

“Not at me,” I said, “at you. Us. Look at how fucking beautiful you are.”

Her eyes left mine and joined her own in the mirror. She finally saw herself. Us. It.

Standing with legs slightly spread, her hand moved in slow, steady circles, each one a lap of her clit with the mini-vibe. Again and again the mmmmmmm faded slightly, each echo another tease. From behind, thick forearms enveloped her torso, their hands kneading each breast.

Leigh’s face was angelic in its slow surrender to her own manipulations. The music haunting us from across the room seemed all too perfect. Delicate, drawn out, the repetitious melody grew in intensity as the minutes passed. Her eyes closed as she sank back into my chest, each breath an escape. It was more prayer than seduction.

I really hope you chose to listen to the audio option provided to you. Perhaps you’ll get a small taste, a fleeting glimpse, a faint echo of what I was privy to as the first moans escaped her throat. If you chose not to, that’s your right and I respect it. I think you’re a fool, but at least a respected one.

The gestalt of the scene enveloped me in a hypnotic spell. Just as Leigh seduced her body with her hand, I succumbed to her siren’s song. Not one of lyrics or verse, but rather of spells and hints.

Leigh exhaled in drawn out sighs, indicating she was becoming aroused. It wouldn’t be long until they were replaced with moans or purring.

My eyes played leap frog. Mirror. Over her shoulder. My hands. Back to the mirror. Her breasts. My hands on them. Back on her face. Now at her face. Down to her hand on her clit. Then her arm using the oak dresser as support.

“Be careful,” I said, while moving the candle mere inches from where she gripped the dresser’s edge, “we don’t need to be explaining the kinky burn pattern to the EMTs when they arrive.”

She laughed, drawing some much needed levity.

“Yeah, it would be difficult to explain how I got burnt there…and there…and there” she replied, all the while the mmmmmmmmm of the mini-vibe kept perfect time.

Now it was my turn to laugh. We both smiled at each other’s reflection. Our eyes met.

Her moan brought us both back to the matter at hand. Literally.

I trailed my fingers down the length of her left arm, with which she held the dresser. Goosebumps leapt from her skin, their shadows easily discernible in the candle’s glow. As my fingertips danced across the thin flesh of her inner forearm she purred loudly. The vibe purred louder as well.

A nipple grew rigid between my fingers. My lips greeted her offered throat. We danced as lovers, not moving a single step, yet completely in time to the rhythm of the moment, a vibrator steadily agitating her clitoris. By her own hand. At that moment neither of us could imagine the lengths to which we were going to need to go to get to where she needed to be.

We were about to find out just how far that was.

A Peek Back 9-1

You guys amaze me.

In the span of a week not only did the blog crush the previous single day views record but also, with month’s end, saw the one for views in a month toasted by 40%. And it’s very likely that by sundown Sunday (great, now I’m writing folk rock) the views in a single week benchmark will fall as well.

At some point this upcoming week we’ll surpass 30,000 views. It wasn’t even last month that 20,000 was crossed.

You’ll have to forgive me for all of this, but it really does make me feel very humble.

It’s cool to see that people are getting it (stop giggling). And by that I mean our purpose – to demystify the stereotypical D/s and BDSM persona and help people embrace their inner Dominant and/or submissive. With coffee.

We truly appreciate all the love, energy, honesty and general pervertedness you share with us. Things we have shared have directly impacted the lives of others for the better. Perverts, er, people we only know via bits and bytes (probably some nibbles on their end but I digress). That makes all the time, effort and coffee poured into the stories, musings, etc. worth it. To know that, out there in the dark, a couple whose sexually embers had grown dim and cold are now inferno hot. Or that someone who took a chance and listened to that voice whispering inside them. You know, the one that drives you crazy with thoughts of BDSM and D/s? Now they are the ones writing tales that inspire others.

Or questions asked either in simple curiosity or outright concern, the answers providing some assistance in their decisions. All of which, to a T (or should that be a D/s?) impacts every other aspect of their lives and for the better.

So thank you. Seriously. A 21 cake salute will be consumed in your honor. Well, not really, but any excuse for cake is a good one.

If you’re a first time Peeker™, welcome!  You are invited to peek through the keyhole. We strongly encourage you to view all of the established Pages, which can be viewed by selecting any of the tabs at the top of this page.

The Archives are an inclusive, running version of every post of note on this blog. If you have not read any or all of the stories, random musings, poetry, etc linked from The Archives by all means please grab a seat, perhaps a drink (we’re big on coffee as you will find out) sit back and enjoy.

Before I get all teary eyed and want a group hug while singing Cumbaya, its time to Peek Back:

Interview With A Submission Vampire Vol.1 No.14 – In which I answer an extremely personal question that gets asked. A lot.

A New Monday, Same Ol’ Java – Sometimes I amaze myself how cognizant I can be so early on a Monday while mainlining dark roast.

Seek And Go Hyde Act V – Things get very intense and sadistic. This Act really pushed some Peekers™ comfort level. Read at your discretion.

The Words Of Power – A BDSM musing inspired by the reaction to the above.

Soundtrack To The Looking Glass – The beautiful, ironically titled song that accompanied the magic of the moment in time that became The Looking Glass.

The Looking Glass – Possibly the most personal scene Leigh and I have shared. Not what most think of as such. You’ll see.

Our Secret – My poetic response to that which was The Looking Glass. Figured out yet that this was something special?

Chain Of Rules Act VI – Leigh’s helpless nipples continue to be a source of pleasure. And pain. Lots.

Someone Shared Our Secret – When a professional Domme/Switch thinks your erotic poem is good enough to republish, that is a compliment.

The Dom Next Door Unchained – Gina West – Peeker™ & erotic author Regina West shares what she and her husband shared as a result of reading TDND™. See? You too can play along at home!

Once again, a sincere thank you to all.

– Scot

Someone Shared Our Secret

And it wasn’t me.


Since we are talking about secrets, I do not make it one that of all I write my poetry is the most special to me. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the stories or the musings, but the poems are about, for and meant for an audience of one.

My Leigh.

So when others appreciate my very neophyte (I am extremely new to any form of writing) prose it heartens me. And if they deem it worthy to feature it in their own digital publishing? Well, that is humbling.

I know, I know, I know. I use the “h’ word a lot. But it’s true.

So when I found out that Athame Morrigan thought that my poem Our Secret was good enough to be featured in the latest issue of her ePaper The Switch Daily I was extremely H Word™.

So imagine how I felt when I discovered that she is also a professional Domme AND Switch! That’s right. She gets paid to play.

I’m very glad I tidied up around the blog before going to bed last night and didn’t leave any unwashed posts in the sink. Whew, that was close!

Thank you Miss Athame.

– Scot

Our Secret

Rather than vainly fumble at

the obviousness of it all

seemed so dreamlike to be

in the shadows watching

your arousal feeding my

thirst for the moment when

the words flow from your

mouth like a waterfall pouring

your secret

no longer kept

my secret

shared with the floor and

the night flowed down

your legs rigid eyes wide mouth

hungry for more and

the puddle a testament to

how fucking beautiful you

really are you know

that I love you

pour into my eyes through

the looking glass the

silent witness to

our secret

– Scot (recalling what it was like to embrace Leigh from behind while she masturbated to our reflection in a candlelit mirror)

The Looking Glass

(Note – If you wish, you can listen to the same song that Leigh & I did while the following occurred. Just open the link in a new window)

“I have an idea.”

And with that simple statement by Leigh so began one of the most amazing sexual experiences of my life.

Odds are that the majority of you will find the following downright vanilla, to which I will think no less of your thinking “Really Scot? This was a Top 10 moment?”

It was.

But allow me to let you decide for yourself as I dim the houselights, raise the curtain and close the bedroom door.

The scene began in a darkened bedroom, illuminated only by a few select candles, two sets of burning eyes and one heartbeat. Our heroine, Leigh, was in the midst of a challenge proposed to her by her husband and Sir, Scot. Her objective? To masturbate to orgasm in front of him once a night for seven consecutive evenings.

At first she was a bit apprehensive. For all her sexual prowess and adventures Leigh, like so many other women, does not see herself the same way I do. She is always quick to notice flaws. A bulge here, a not as dramatic curve as she wishes there. And regardless of how excited at the sight of her nude form I become, no matter how often I profess to her in no uncertain terms that no woman has ever been more beautiful, in spite of all that we have shared romantically and sexually, she still all too often sees the half empty Leigh instead of the one full with my erection.

So I came up with a challenge to her. Not only would it be fun as hell but, hopefully, it would allow her to witness first hand (bad masturbation joke) how magnificent she really is by sharing with me and for me the one aspect of her sexuality that is her most private – her own satisfaction. Literally.

We fuck and role play and use cuffs and collars with chains. I can spank her exposed ass to a cherry red, abuse her nipples to the point of hysteria, even flog her into subspace. Anal sex, ejaculating in her mouth, half a hundred squirting orgasms in a single evening? Done all that.

But when a woman masturbates just for you, that’s fucking special. It’s the sexual equivalent of meeting her parents. Its as personal as it gets.

Not only is she baring her flesh but herself. There’s a difference. Big fucking difference. She is sharing with you something that, most likely, was her first way of exploring her sexuality. She probably discovered that women get wet when aroused while masturbating. And its a safe bet that this was how she discovered the ability to orgasm. Its extremely private and intensely personal.

Sure, many women grow the confidence and security in themselves, their sexuality and their abilities to not just share this secret from teen years gone, but use and employ it in their partnered sexual lives. No better way to make sure that everyone has fun than to bring your own.

But at its most basic it is still hers. Which is why I thought it would be a special way to share something erotic with Leigh. She would be forced to be at her most naked. No chains, no cuffs, no spanking, and so on. Just her and her sexuality.

The first evening she propped herself up on her side of the bed as I lay across the bottom of it. With Papa Smurf™ (aka a mini-vibe) as her preferred method of arousal she spread her legs wide and, over the course of about ten minutes, teased herself to the brink of asking me my favorite question:

“May I please come, Sir?”

The almost two minute long orgasm that racked her body rigid with lust was exquisite. The primal fucking session that followed produced a second one for her as well as my own.

And a side note for all you fellows – you can learn a LOT about your lady by watching her get herself off. Which hand? Where? How? Clockwise? Back and forth? Insertions? Speed or lack thereof? Direct contact or not? Did her torso tighten? What sounds did she make, and when? Her breathing patterns? You’ll save yourself a lot of time, grief and both of your’s frustration if you ask her to do this for you.

And for the ladies? Ditto on your guy. Just sayin’.

But back to our challenge. The second evening Leigh had me sit in the Pingback Chair™ in the sunroom while her naked form draped over our large recliner. A single candle she brought from the bedroom flickered on a nearby plant stand, just allowing me to make out the faintest outlines of her face as it contorted under Papa Smurf’s buzzing of her clit. Now I got to savor more of the non-physical. The sounds she made when becoming aroused, how her mouth contorted, the way her breathing changed. And once again she begged to come. Once again she spasmed for well over a minute. And yes, once again we fucked like wild animals afterward. That chair is big enough for two to lie across we found out. And her rug burns from finishing violently on the floor weren’t too severe.

How wild did it get? I left my socks on (no rookie to toe top rug burn here) and spun one around 180 degrees! As in the bottom was on the top of my foot!

The third evening she got creative and, while astride me, used Papa Smurf to make herself come with me inside her. I think the head of my cock was somewhere around her larynx from how deep I was. I know she was having trouble breathing during it all.

Which brought us to her saying “I have an idea” on the fourth night. And with that she stood up, got out of bed, moved a candle to the dresser in the adjoining open frame closet and stood in front of the 3/4 length mirror hanging inside it.

“Come stand behind me” she whispered as her pajamas hit the floor, leaving her in all her nude splendor.

Still fully dressed I complied. The view over her shoulder was exquisite. My arms coiled around her, hugging her tight. Our eyes met  in the mirror.

The click of the vibrator in her hand coming to life told me what her idea was.

The Looking Glass Act II

I Inspired A Coffee Nooner


Did that excite you? Make you extremities tingle, eyes widen, mouth water? Hot, velvety, lush, mysterious and dark, yet can also be blonde and sweet? It’s practically a religion at TDND™ World Headquarters. The ritual of it all is almost a scene in itself.


The thrill of a quickie stolen from the sadistic grasp of reality and time. Telling the real word to fuck off while you get your fuck on. Primal, raw, sweaty, animalistic. Leigh and I will carpe nooner on occasion this way, when I just take her and fuck her raw to quench my greedy perverted thirst.

What I if I said you could have your coffee and nooner too? Better yet, you can have them at the same time?

Peeker™/romance author Miya Kressin and I adore java. We joked about our daily flirtations with the magically elixir the other day on Twitter. I mentioned how jealous Leigh gets when java and I have a “coffee nooner.”


That in turn inspired Miya to get a 2nd cup, put fingers to keyboard and have a coffee nooner of her own via the crafting of a very naughty short featuring a loving husband and father, a selfless wife and mother, two lattes, a dress and some stolen quality time.

Curious? You damn well should be.

Trust me, you’ll never drink a latte the same way ever again if you read “Coffee Nooner.”

And to think I inspired it with an innocent comment to a romance writer over the internet over coffee. Anytime I can be associated with hot coffee and scalding sex it is a compliment beyond mortal words to my caffeinated ears.

Thank you Miya for your gift of words. I thoroughly enjoyed reading that…over a hot cup of coffee.

Now I want a latte. Perhaps Leigh will join me?

– Scot

Monday’s Java Tastes The Best

Good morning all you kinky bastards.

Coffee really does taste better on Monday mornings. Maybe its the wear of the weekend slamming head on into the reality of 6am Monday. Who knows? But it takes on more meaning when you really need it.

What a week. What a fucking week. I don’t even know where to begin. The not even one week old weekly views record was destroyed by a 50% increase in views.

And that is enough of numbers from me, at least for the time being. Do I like seeing views increase? Hell yeah. But I’d rather have active, curious, interesting Peekers™. And what a bunch of kinky, perverted, twisted voyeurs you all are.

I do not want, nor will I allow, this blog to ever, EVER become all about the page views. I appreciate them, I try to be active to create worthy content, I make attempts to write twice a day during the week, but it will not become one of those cookie-cutter blogs that blurs the lines between Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. to create meh content solely to make page views spike. I even chose to not write last Saturday in that my brain resembled poorly cooked oatmeal after a long day at work. And rather than word vomit a thousand or so meh cold verbal lumps into a story, I just said “Fuck it!” and went off to bed.

With Leigh. I chose wisely. You’ll be reading about that evening soon.

I know I do not get to everyone’s blogs as often as I would like. WordPress Reader is simply retched. When I get the chance to add everyone’s blogs I will migrate to Google Reader. That should help me in my efforts to support everyone else’s efforts.

On those efforts a humble suggestion: regardless of how interesting the topic or how well written it may be, if your 1000+ word blog post has only three or so paragraphs I am not going to read it. Sorry if that pisses you off, but 600 word paragraphs? Really?

On that note:

– The reaction via the comments to Can Submission Be Dominated was nothing short of amazing. Including my replies we’re over fifty comments on this single post. And what Comments! Eloquent, well crafted, multi-100 word replies abound. So many thoughts from a variety of views. I honestly feel the Comments are now more important than the post! Please, if you have not done so yet, check this post out and make sure to see how amazing Peeker Nation™ is.

– Leigh opened the bedroom door yesterday during our Selfish Sunday™. How? Well, we’ll just say that the families of tourists not twenty feet on either flank of us had any idea I was slowly tweeking the nipple of Leigh’s exposed breast. My gentle over the snug tank top ministrations were rewarded with an unveiling, lovely sighs, moans and the exquisite knowledge that not only was Leigh embracing on the sly exhibitionism but clandestine public carnal knowledge as well.

I respected her hard limit about this up to the point she exposed herself. But with this step future adventures will be taken, not just offered. She’s already thinking about increasing her skirt and dress wardrobe for ease of access. Game on…

– A Peeker™ asked me to CP (crit partner) a potential BDSM blog post. I’ve never been a CP in this manner before (I have read Leigh’s efforts per her request). To be thought of enough to be asked to do so was very humbling.

– I am trying very hard (heh) to keep the Acts of the various stories flowing.

– Its official. I have the writing bug. It starts to gnaw at me. Quote Leigh – “Welcome to my world!”

– Also the worst kept secret is out. Yes, there are plans for writing THE book. It will happen. It will not be fiction. It will make you laugh hard while also desiring to read it one-handed. Think Keillor meets de Sade.

– I will have my first piece of erotic fiction So Tell Me available as a self published eShort by October. There. I said it. Now I have to finish it.

– Leigh’s ass is frustrating both of us. I beat on it for an hour this past Saturday and the next morning all she had as a souvenir were some mild surface abrasions. And I mean BEAT. She likes seeing the bruises and welts, as do I. What to do, what to do…

– If you live near a farmer’s market or the like and are not supporting them, shame on you. Go. Buy only what you will eat that night. Your health, wallet and especially taste buds are welcome.

– Remember my Dominating Soccer Mom & her teenie? Did the same thing again to the manager of an indie book store. Quote as I handed her the same five words (“The Siren” by Tiffany Reisz) “This is the book that other series wishes it was.”

– I was unaware of the comments being left by those who have voted for us as Best Bondage Blog over at bondageawards.com. Leigh mentioned that I should read what others were saying. I did.


I know I say it a lot, but I was humbled to the core. The Comments were touching. Thank you all for sharing such sentiments and for taking the time to vote (it’s not too late to do so if you haven’t).

As for the blog:

This week I WILL make it to Dom Depot to take the photos needed for the next BDSM On A Budget installment. You will all get to meet The Chains™ (as featured in Chain Of Rules) and their friends, as well as my easy tutorial on inexpensive bondage with expensive looking and performing results. That story and Breaking Leigh will continue to be updated (can you believe we’ll be on Act X soon?) I’m learning more about Hyde and will comment on such (and hopefully some new stories in which He showed up last week. Twice).

There may also be the first book review on TDND™ as I am rereading a BDSM one that has given me, with the gift of hindsight, some eye opening affirmations. Another Peeker™ may be Unchained (it is in process). I owe Leigh a poem. And I may even comment about a certain book series that has everyone in an uproar.

And with that I need more coffee. It’s Monday, ya know.

– Scot

Leigh On Spanking

I am not one for memes. You know, like that 30 Days Of Kink you read on about everyone’s blog eventually. It just does not appeal to me. Nothing against those who routinely use these to accentuate their blogs. I will read them if they are on a blog I follow. But all in all just not my cup of blog.

That said, I chanced across a spanking one. You may have read it on other blogs, or even taken it yourself.

Upon showing it to Leigh, she said she was game.

Game on, then. (Her answers in italics)

Spacer Bar

  1. Would you rather be spanked outside in a cold woodshed or inside by a cozy fire? Cozy fire.
  2. Would you rather be spanked in public or private? Private.
  3. Would you rather fantasize about spanking or actually be spanked? Actually be spanked.
  4. Would you rather be spanked for humiliation or for your spanker’s pleasure? Spanker’s pleasure. Humiliation would be a deal breaker for me.
  5. Would you rather be spanked by hand or hairbrush? Hand.
  6. Would you rather be spanked by belt or cane? Neither. I hate belts and have no desire to have a cane used on me.
  7. Would you rather be spanked by ping-pong paddle or riding crop? Paddle.
  8. Would you rather be restrained or unrestrained during a spanking? Unrestrained, but being restrained could be a fun change!
  9. Would you rather be spanked until you cried or until you are aroused? Aroused, but sometimes being spanked until I cry is something I need too. It all depends on the mood.
  10. Would you rather have just a red bottom or welts/bruises? Bruises and welts.
  11. Would you rather be spanked for the naughty things you have done or just because you enjoy the experience? Because I enjoy it. I would not want to be spanked for real punishment at all.
  12. Would you rather be spanked with panties up or panties down? Panties down around my knees.
  13. Would you rather be spanked somewhat clothed or entirely naked? Somewhat clothed, skirt lifted or pants pulled down just enough.
  14. Would you rather be spanked OTK or bent over a table/chair? Bent over something.
  15. Would you rather your spanker have physical contact with you? Yes, most definitely.
  16. Would you prefer to be spanked in the woods with a tree branch, bent over the hood of a car, or in a school with a ruler bent over the desk of your teacher/principal? Bent over the hood of a car sounds fun!
  17. Would you rather be a brat to your spanker to deserve a spanking or simply ask your spanker for a spanking because you know you needed it? Just because I need it.
  18. Have you received a spanking in the last week? Yes.
  19. Would you rather be spanked for the physical pleasure or the emotional release? Both!
  20. Would you rather tell your best friends that you enjoy to be spanked or keep it a secret? Keep it a secret.
  21. Would you rather spanking be a lifestyle choice or just something you dabble in? Really neither. We engage in spanking because its something we both enjoy, but it’s not really a lifestyle choice because it’s not a cause/effect type of relationship. We are not choosing to be a specific way for the rest of our life, we are simply doing something we like with no labels.
  22. Would you rather your lover be a vanilla or a spankoholic too? Spankaholic brings to mind someone who has a need that they can’t control. I’d like to have my lover somewhere solidly in the middle of the scale where they crave it but not to the point of uncontrollableness.
  23. Would you rather be spanked by a stranger or by someone who knew you well? Only by my significant other.
  24. Would you rather be spanked by a despotic, mean person or by a compassionate, benevolent person? Someone who is compassionate.
  25. Would you rather be talked to while you are spanked or no talking at all? No talking, it pulls me out of my head.
  26. Would you rather get one swat at a time with pauses to let the sting set in or a continuous tanning to build up the fire? Continuous spanking with small breaks between.
  27. Would you rather be forced into a spanking or willingly submit into a spanking? Willingly submit.
  28. Would you rather have a safe word or be pushed beyond your preconceived limits? Always have a safe word but have never used it.
  29. Would you rather your spanker know your spanking history or is ignorance bliss? Since my husband is also my only spanker, he knows my exact history.
  30. Would you rather be spanked by multiple people at one time or just by one person at a time? Only one person.
  31. Would you rather be spanked once a day or once every few months? Maybe once a week. I can’t imagine every day, and once every few months would be too little.
  32. Would you rather your spanker be deeply in tune or be totally unaffected to your experiences as a spankee? Totally in tune.
  33. Would you rather a closer physical relationship or a closer emotional relationship with your spanker? Both, but the emotional connection makes the physical one even better.
  34. Would you rather your spanker ice your bottom down after a spanking or send you to the corner to display his/her accomplishment? I wouldn’t want either. The physical connection afterwards is so much more important to me, plus I hate ice!
  35. Would you rather your spanker be the person you wish to live the rest of your life with (i.e. marriage) or the person you can call on when your tushy tickles? My spanker is my husband, so we already live together.
  36. Would you rather spanking be part of love-making or not a part of love-making? Part of lovemaking.
  37. Would you rather your spanker have total control over you when you are being spanked or do you still want to have some control while you are being spanked? Having a safe word implies that I still have some control while being spanked.
  38. Would you rather be humiliated or respected during a spanking? Respected. I have no desire to be humiliated at all.
  39. Would you rather spanking become part of a bigger BDSM alternative lifestyle or spanking just be spanking for spanking sake? I like spanking for the sake of spanking.
  40. Would you rather be filmed during a spanking to share your exhibitionist naughtiness or are you too modest to show your bum to the world? No camera or filming! 
  41. Would you rather your spanking be gentle and gradual or painful and abrupt? Gentle and gradual. I like working up to the hard ones.
  42. Would you rather be defiant or fearful going into a spanking? Neither. Those words again imply some kind of punishment or humiliation, which is not what it’s about for me.
  43. Would you rather be spanked exclusively in your own bedroom or anywhere else other than your own bedroom? Usually in the bedroom, but other rooms in the privacy of our home as well.
  44. Would you rather be spanked exclusively on your bottom or would other places be interesting too? Mostly the bottom, but we have played a little with clit and nipple spanking too.
  45. Would you rather that spanking be a surprise or something that you have to look forward to? I want to know about it beforehand.
  46. Would you rather that spanking be a part of role-playing kinkiness or a response to events that have happened in reality? If I had to choose, I would say role-playing.
  47. Would you rather be spanked by a male or female? By my husband only.
  48. Would you rather be cuddled or scolded after a spanking? Cuddled. I don’t why someone would want to be put down after a really intense release like that. 

– Leigh

Postscript – If anyone wants to use this, please feel free to copy it and remove Leigh’s answers in italics.

We Interrupt Writing Breaking Leigh Act VI

…in that 151 words in, Leigh walked into the living room with nothing on but bedroom eyes and one of the all-time greatest pieces of lingerie in any woman’s arsenal…

.. a white, long sleeve, button down dress shirt of her guy.

The other 850ish words will have to wait. Sorry!

Actually not fucking sorry at all, but just trying to make you all feel like I am.


– Scot