For My Leigh

This marks the 200th post on The Dom Next Door™.

I have been thinking all week as to what I wanted to do with this. And aside from thanking all the Peekers™ for the love you have shown Leigh and I, and if its alright with everyone… I think I’ll ask my doll to dance.

This is us.

– Scot

7 responses to “For My Leigh

  1. WOW – congratulations!!! 200 is huge – and so many wonderful, thoughtful, wise, lustfilled,erotic, and just plain fucking HOT words make those posts.
    BTW – loved the line
    “you speak to me of passion, you said never to settle for nothing less”
    Right there, that – PASSION is one of the things what makes WIITWD so amazing.

  2. Music and Dancing can always win her heart. Music carries memories forever just like your heart, never stop dancing both of you. I write stories while listening to certain songs and they are for my best friend and owner. Its amazing how a person can inspire you to say and write things that you never new you had in your heart and soul and the words just flow sometimes especially with music. Congrats on the 200 post, again thanks to you both for sharing.

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