Butterfly Chains Are Making Noise

And waves as well.

I admit that the words flowed differently when I wrote Act IV of The Butterfly Chains, directly due to having finished On Writing by Stephen King not hours prior to starting it. They came from a different creative place, and to be blunt I wasn’t sure it was a good one. It was certainly not where I had been for the previous 190some blog entries.

To paraphrase Haley James Osmet in The Sixth Sense, “I see dead words.”

So I edited quite a bit for me. Often I’ll try to add words. Now I looked to remove the ones that were dead wood. Then did that some more.

It was with trepidation that I clicked “Publish.” It is with pride that I announce that, aside from being so well received by Peekerâ„¢ Nation as well as a host of others, it was chosen by R. Brennan as a Feature Adult Story in the latest issue of the Book Nook News ePaper.

A date with some fictional characters looms in the immediate future for me. Things like this give me some badly needed confidence opening that door.

Thank you R. Brennan!

– Scot

6 responses to “Butterfly Chains Are Making Noise

  1. I think you could write anything and everyone would love it! Your a brilliant writer but your subject matter doesnt hurt! Seems writing comes natural to you, as natural as spanking perhaps :p

  2. i went to Book Nook News, Scot, but need to know specifically where i can find Your story. i love reading everything You write!

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