A Peek Back 9-1

You guys amaze me.

In the span of a week not only did the blog crush the previous single day views record but also, with month’s end, saw the one for views in a month toasted by 40%. And it’s very likely that by sundown Sunday (great, now I’m writing folk rock) the views in a single week benchmark will fall as well.

At some point this upcoming week we’ll surpass 30,000 views. It wasn’t even last month that 20,000 was crossed.

You’ll have to forgive me for all of this, but it really does make me feel very humble.

It’s cool to see that people are getting it (stop giggling). And by that I mean our purpose – to demystify the stereotypical D/s and BDSM persona and help people embrace their inner Dominant and/or submissive. With coffee.

We truly appreciate all the love, energy, honesty and general pervertedness you share with us. Things we have shared have directly impacted the lives of others for the better. Perverts, er, people we only know via bits and bytes (probably some nibbles on their end but I digress). That makes all the time, effort and coffee poured into the stories, musings, etc. worth it. To know that, out there in the dark, a couple whose sexually embers had grown dim and cold are now inferno hot. Or that someone who took a chance and listened to that voice whispering inside them. You know, the one that drives you crazy with thoughts of BDSM and D/s? Now they are the ones writing tales that inspire others.

Or questions asked either in simple curiosity or outright concern, the answers providing some assistance in their decisions. All of which, to a T (or should that be a D/s?) impacts every other aspect of their lives and for the better.

So thank you. Seriously. A 21 cake salute will be consumed in your honor. Well, not really, but any excuse for cake is a good one.

If you’re a first time Peeker™, welcome!  You are invited to peek through the keyhole. We strongly encourage you to view all of the established Pages, which can be viewed by selecting any of the tabs at the top of this page.

The Archives are an inclusive, running version of every post of note on this blog. If you have not read any or all of the stories, random musings, poetry, etc linked from The Archives by all means please grab a seat, perhaps a drink (we’re big on coffee as you will find out) sit back and enjoy.

Before I get all teary eyed and want a group hug while singing Cumbaya, its time to Peek Back:

Interview With A Submission Vampire Vol.1 No.14 – In which I answer an extremely personal question that gets asked. A lot.

A New Monday, Same Ol’ Java – Sometimes I amaze myself how cognizant I can be so early on a Monday while mainlining dark roast.

Seek And Go Hyde Act V – Things get very intense and sadistic. This Act really pushed some Peekers™ comfort level. Read at your discretion.

The Words Of Power – A BDSM musing inspired by the reaction to the above.

Soundtrack To The Looking Glass – The beautiful, ironically titled song that accompanied the magic of the moment in time that became The Looking Glass.

The Looking Glass – Possibly the most personal scene Leigh and I have shared. Not what most think of as such. You’ll see.

Our Secret – My poetic response to that which was The Looking Glass. Figured out yet that this was something special?

Chain Of Rules Act VI – Leigh’s helpless nipples continue to be a source of pleasure. And pain. Lots.

Someone Shared Our Secret – When a professional Domme/Switch thinks your erotic poem is good enough to republish, that is a compliment.

The Dom Next Door Unchained – Gina West – Peeker™ & erotic author Regina West shares what she and her husband shared as a result of reading TDND™. See? You too can play along at home!

Once again, a sincere thank you to all.

– Scot


19 responses to “A Peek Back 9-1

  1. Sir and I love reading this blog. He is not even a “blog reading” kind of Guy, but reading this has been an open door for us to talk about and explore some things that we might have been much more tentative about did we not have an “objective third party” to help U/us 🙂

  2. I’m not surprised at this success because your blog is totally addicting and I can why so many people are reading it! Your honesty and openness give people a real insight into the life style..especially for me who has never practised any sort of bdsm..but know that what you talk about is something I want.. its achievable! plus the way you talk about and describe the sex is certainly a bonus ha 😛

    congrats on so many views..well deserved!

  3. I’m not surprised in the slightest. I love your blog. It is one of the few that I star for my Sir to read (something he asked me to do). Many an adventure have started after reading a post. Thanks for your dedication to “Peeker Nation” and for your sharing your linguistic prowess among other things 😉

  4. Part of my initial connection with my Sir was that we both read your blog and knew that some day, we wanted something similar…we don’t know if we’ll get that far, but it’s definitely a mutual interest…there have been times where one of us starts the conversation with, “Did you read what Scot had to say about ____?” You do something powerful and real here…it impacts people.

  5. Scot, from my first reading of your work I was hooked, and I’ve made no secret of pushing to my small group of followers that you’re One To Follow. Your rising success is a testament to your prowess in both your writing and the accessibility of your blog. Let’s face it, somebody searching for BDSM content is more likely to find The Dom Next Door than a blog with no BDSM-related title. You’re a smart, savvy, authentic author. Peeker Nation is lucky to have you.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

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