Dark softness invading my thoughts

through my fingertip dance of

skin like midnight velvet surrounding

the chance to touch feel caress

you stoke from the raw 

embers of our last dance in

the moon’s kiss a ghost

upon your alabaster flesh I

fucking worship the ritual of how

when clothes hit hardwood

before breasts breathe in the

night air around us grows thick

with lust sigh squirm giggle

laugh with my cock in

your fingers stroke me

I must be inside you

slick wet hot oh fuck

so slowly as




gasping deeper sighing

further straining against my

need to choke your speechless

depths filled tonight you will

be mine once more

my love for you grows

hotter harder rigid 

hands gripping silken

thighs wider than my

eyes at the climatic scene of

my role of a beggar’s fool for

love when I am but one

stroke from release from

you arch to receive in on you

I spurt thick hot desire

whose lava embers will forge 

tomorrow night

– Scot (a feeble attempt to capture how making love slowly to Leigh last night came to be)


10 responses to “Embers

      • Thanks for sharing your very personal experience between you and your wife and soulmate. It seems as if you are one with eachother and under eachothers skin always and forever. I also find it easier to express even more of what I am feeling with my Owner and best friend through words. Bringing them to life is also a gift and I look forward to pleasing and serving him. Thanks for the release as I am in training and cant alsways control what is happening to my body at this time. Again, bravo and thanks to you both for sharing.

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