Hyde Gets Wild

Of course he does. That’s why he’s Hyde.

It’s not like you’ll ever read a TDND™ blog title called “Hyde Gets Lifetime Movies & Chamomile Tea While Shopping For Dust Ruffles.”

What? You’ve not sure you’ve met him? Oh trust me, you’d remember meeting Hyde. Leigh remembers. And if he is anything he is wild. And perverted. And sadistic. And you get the idea.

He makes an impression, but he won’t double dip chips. He has some standards.

And apparently he got wild enough in Seek And Go Hyde Act IV to be deemed worthy by @erocovers to be a Feature Adult Story  in the latest issue of the Wild Nights Erotic News ePaper.

I am always humbled (and even a little surprised) to have my neophyte writing efforts chosen for republication in erotic literature collectives. Must be doing something right, I guess.

Now if you excuse me Mr. Swollen (heh) Ego that is Hyde wants a screen capture to show his “friends” on the inside.

What? You’ve not met his friends? Just wait. You will.

I have no choice.

– Scot


4 responses to “Hyde Gets Wild

    • Thank you. It was eerie that, while writing Act IV, I swear I could feel that heat in my eyes that usually accompanies his appearance. But no Leigh. No fucking. But definitely his story. Odd sensation.

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