Oktoberfest Thirty Begets Coffee Monday Morning

Autumn is here.

I do not care that it’s the middle of August, or that the leaves of the trees are still green and lush, or that the thermometer still gets up into the higher double digits. To me, its autumn. Know why?

The Oktoberfest beers are out.

I am a beer drinker, and I don’t mean that swill posing as beer called Bud or Miller Or Coors. Real beer. Microbrewed beer. Imported beer from countries that have been brewing beer longer than the United States have been united, or even states. And while I love a good, crisp Pale Ale or a frosty Lager, without question my favorite time of the calendar year to indulge my hopped barley lust is when the weather turns colder.

That’s when the beers get maltier, thicker, less hoppy, richer and usually slightly higher in ABV% to help ward off the chill. And, of course, breweries get a head (beer head, not THAT head) start on the upcoming seasonal like department stores start putting up Christmas displays around Halloween.

I am not complaining. For the past two years a friend who owns a favorite dining spot has bought me (its good to be the Dom) my first Oktoberfest of the season. And with that first caramel hued, malted sip starts Autumn in my book.

That book’s edges are a bit fuzzy this Monday. In volunteering to help a friend with a charity event I had access to a freshly tapped keg of a micro brewed Oktoberfest. On the house. I made sure to tip the barkeep for every pint, but aside from that I celebrated Autumn last night.

A lot.

I did not, nor will I, get stupid on booze. That’s idiotic, asinine and just plain dangerous. Knowing when to say “when” is key, as is backing off as the hour of your departure approaches. I make damn sure I am plenty cognizant to drive, and if I doubt myself will not hesitate to call Leigh, ask a friend or even get a cab.

And of course it goes without saying “NEVER Drink And Dom.” Ever. If some liquid libation sounds good I will talk with Leigh about what the evening, specifically if I call red (as in a hearty one from the rolling hills of Italy) and say there will be no playing this evening. Or making sure that if I do that I stopped hours in advance, and even then having no issue making a “Not tonight” call.

Yes, I’m on my second cup of coffee. Why do you ask?

In that you all likely had no idea you’d be signing up for a twelve step program when you chose to read this Monday’s java ramblings, allow me to step down off my pulpit and commence with the musings:

– Officially over 500 strong. That is how many Peekers™ there are now. A point of pride is that, unlike so many bloggers, about 40% of that number are fellow bloggers and/or email subscribers and not the accumulated totals of all their various social networking sites like Twitter. Leigh and I are humbled.

– Last week saw a new record for views in a seven day span with almost 3,100 views. Fucking stunned. Thank you.

– I came (heh) one story short of reaching a self set goal of updating every active story on the blog, and the only reason that happened is that I made a previous commitment to help a friend. Who in turn had a keg of an Autumn seasonal beer. But still I wrote my fucking fingertips off last week in regards to story Acts as well as poetry. I hope everyone enjoyed them.

– The response to the final acts of the Breaking Leigh story was overwhelming. I touched on this somewhat in the Epilogue that followed. Thank you all for sharing very personal insights, perspectives and feelings in regards to the various issues surrounding the resolution and ending.

– I wrote, in literary terms, a novella with Breaking Leigh. Just over 12,000 words, excluded the Epilogue. Damn.

– We have started flogger play. Leigh likes it. I love it. This is going to be a lot of fun.

–  This week will see more Acts for Chain Of RulesSeek And Go Hyde (the only one to not get updated last week and will be this evening) and The Butterfly Chains. Leigh’s poem collection will grow. In that I took a week or so off, more than likely a random musing on some aspect of WIITWD. And I am making a fucking vow to get some fucking pictures at fucking Dom Depot to post the BDSM On A Budget episode about The Chains™ this fucking week!

Besides, it will give me an excuse to grab a 12 pack of some Oktoberfests.

– Scot


9 responses to “Oktoberfest Thirty Begets Coffee Monday Morning

  1. It’s a rare thing for me to drink beer. I like my drinks cold, Cold, COLD and you can’t exactly poor brew over ice. Blech.

    That said, there are a few beers I like. And I will ONLY drink beer from a bottle.

    Belgian Skinny Dip is my favorite summer beer. And yes, the only reason I tried it the first time was because of the name. 😛

  2. I think you like your beer the way I like my Absinthe; high-quality with robust, complex flavors.

    Your continued sky-rocketing success is no surprise to me, my good man. You’re one of the best I’ve read, and your story series clearly strike major chords. You are well deserving indeed.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  3. Having just finished a case of autumnal ale myself, I am now wishing for the follow-up flog…alas, no such luck!

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