The Greatest Coffee Excuse Is 6AM Monday

Actually, I can think of at least 37 better ones:

  • 5:30 AM Monday
  • Cake
  • Someone else is buying
  • There is extra coffee? Well let’s resolve that crisis now!
  • Did I say cake?
  • Driving home after a brutal work day
  • Driving to work before a brutal work day
  • Having cake at work while someone else is buying
  • Any day that ends in the letter Y
  • Y? Cause its coffee, that’s why!

You get the idea.

A personal aside – it’s truly something when, in essence, complete strangers (if nothing else Peeker Nation™ is strange) contact you to inquire as to your well-being when one has not been online as often. My own personal safety check-in crew.

Yes, I am fine. Thank you for being concerned. My non-blogging life is extremely busy right now plus I am trying to come to grips (not like Leigh’s feathery fingers, unfortunately) with the reality of the apparent success of the blog.

Never did I think that so many would take so quickly so passionately to my humble musings and stories. It’s not even been a third of a year yet, at some point today, we will receive our 20,000th page view. Damn! Peeker Nation™ will probably reach 500 strong by the end of the month.

I was not ready for all of this. Leigh and I are both humbled at the response. We thank you all.

But with all of this comes additional responsibility. Those who Follow you also likely blog and blog well. As in to the point of Following back. And Twitter? Wow.

So right now, while life works me over otherwise, I am trying to find balance between here (us) and here (online). I’ve read in many blogs how the words become not so much a burden on real lives but most certainly a factor. The need to provide content, and good content at that, and the time it takes to do such.

The words on the screen become an entity that cannot be escaped, or at least that’s how they describe it. The blog and social media start to address how 24/7 plays out. And that is not healthy. Ironically that in itself can become fascinating blog fodder (there is an odd word grouping) but I digress.

I will make no secret that Leigh comes first. Heh. And often. She is my…well, she is my. If that needs further explanation I’d afraid I cannot help you.

She is my. Period. So we are working together to help keep priorities straight while embracing new ones into the fold.

Cliff Notes to this point:

  • I’m busy as shit.
  • I am in lust with my wife.
  • She is my.
  • I love coffee.

So TDND™ will be going through some growing pains (Insert Homer Simpson voice “Mmmmmmmm…..pain”). But that is good.

Let me get a second mug of java, then free muse (Insert elevator muzak version of “The Girl From Ipanema”).

– It’s come (heh) to my attention that there is an annual Top 100 Sex Bloggers List as well as award. It’s also come (again?) to light that a requirement is that a blog must be one year old. That hasn’t stopped a number of people from either nominating us or at least mentioning us as a “one to watch.” I don’t even know where to begin. Thank you. I don’t know if they have a “Nookie Of The Year” for a new comer (heh).

– Along those same lines you do not have to be a year old to be considered Best Bondage Blog by the Bondage Awards, which we were stunningly nominated for. Those nominations are still open. If you feel so inclined to vote for us that would be cool.

– I will never campaign for awards or recognition. Ever. If others choose us, I will certainly bring this to light. But you’ll never see daily Tweets or weekly blog posts to this effect. That is not what we are about. We are about SSC D/s, BDSM, coffee, cake and bondage. Oh my.

– A Twitter Follower thought my reference to Chinese MSG was a kinky BDSM term.

– The other day, in the span of less than an hour, I gave three compassionate hugs to people I have no blood or legal relationship to. One desperately needed a hug, another asked if they could share one and the third I gave as a so long. Of these three, one was to a complete stranger I had known for all of ten minutes. Welcome to the way I see the world.

– I do not care how hot, humid and hazy it is, nor that its mid August. Octoberfest beers are out. It is now officially autumn.

– Is it just me or do a lot of Dominant blogs speak of, but aren’t actually?

– The fallout from last week’s Letter To The Frustrated Submissive Wife’s Husband continues. I know of many Peekers™ who had their others read it. Some were successful, others not. Some spoke of rope now in the bedroom with 🙂 while others grew more frustrated. But there was communication.

– Speaking of communication, Leigh and I had an amazing hour long conversation last night. Lately we have not been in sync as we were as well as to our satisfactions. So we talked. And talked. We both agree and acknowledge that very often this evolves via a cyclical process, a kind of “which came first (stop it..) the chicken or the egg?” Was it something I did or am doing , and was that just an evolution of something she did or is doing as a result of something I did or am doing…or not doing. You get the idea.

But we both know, agree and are working to resolve it. We communicated about a lack of communication. Told you it was cyclical. You may be hearing more about this. I know you will be hearing about a most delicious week I have planned for Leigh. It started last night. How did it go? Well, if the manhole cover sized wet spot and repeated screams of “ITS YOUR CUNT!” are any indication I’d say it went well.

Yeah for communication! We communicated all over each other!

– Last week on the blog was heavy on the musings. So in the interest of balance, aside from hearing about what I just described, I am going to try to add at least one Act each to Breaking LeighChain Of RulesSeek And Go Hyde  and The Butterfly Chains. I owe Leigh a poem, might be two. I’ll stop teasing about BDSM On A Budget until I can get some fucking photos. And there may be a short story called “Unscene”. Read into the title what you will.

And a last excuse better than 6AM Monday for more coffee? My mug is empty.

– Scot


14 responses to “The Greatest Coffee Excuse Is 6AM Monday

  1. Fuck coffee! This woke my ass up pronto. Seriously alert. Words will always hit me harder than caffeine. Thanks Scott!


  2. Speaking about how blogging affects real life is important. I know y’all have been growing quickly and I know how much you put into it (you’re a prolific poster). I’ve blogged for 4 years now in different places and what I’ve found to be most helpful is to invest in a core community at a rate you can easily maintain and give yourself a break for the rest. You simply can’t be everything to all your followers. Over time you’ll feel more able and that’s a good opportunity to open the gates. But I’m more reclusive than most, so take that with a grain of salt.

    Re: Top 100 Bloggers List, it’s a wonderful way to find new blogs for readers and bloggers alike and it’s always nice to get a scratch behind the ear. It’s the only time I’ll admit to wanting one 😉

    • Thank you for sharing this. I know you commented on this yourself. That and the resultant Comments conversation was extremely insightful.

      I’ve drawn a line at a blog and Twitter. That’s it. Nothing else. And x100 on investing in a core community (aka Peeker™ Nation). If people want to peek through the keyhole, they are invited to. If they themselves are interesting (like yourself 🙂 ) I will follow their journey as well.

      I cannot even fathom being mentioned on a list like that.

  3. There is no excuse needed for coffee. Ever. No time of day, no feeling, nothing. Coffee is a divine right, and we honor the gods when we treat it with proper reverence. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

    As one among those who have so nominated you — and note, the rules as Rori lays them out states that exceptions may be made for the “one year old blog” rule if it contains exceptional material — I wholeheartedly believe that you have one of the better corners of the internet. You write from the heart, but infused with a fantastic combination of wit, insight, and humility. You deserve every single one of the accolades, followers, and page views. Many heartfelt congratulations.

    I admire and respect your ability to step back, not be overwhelmed by the Presence Of The Blog and take care of proper priorities. Leigh is Your. Plain and simple. That shines through in your every description of her, and I firmly believe that is one of the things that draws in so many Peekers. I tip my hat to you sir.

    And now, I am off for more coffee. Work has just begun, and the night is long.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  4. I often wonder how you find the balance to post so much and be so disciplined in doing it. I have way more free time than you do but still find myself needing to step back from posting. I don’t want to feel like everyone needs to know every boring detail…well that and my life really is boring right now lol.

    I second the whole post above from Mr. AP…especially about how you have your priorities right where they should be. I admire (no secret there) how much you and Leigh collaborate on every important detail of your relationship, right down to how much time you should be spending here with us…and I for one am happy with whatever time you elect to carve out for your Peekers.

    On a side note..I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I went to Dom (I mean Home) Depot with my mom the other day. I will never be able to look at that place the same again 😉

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