Coffee Kickstart My Blog

Apologies to Nikki, Tom, Vince and Mick for the javanated post title.

Holy shit is it thick out! I could slice the air and serve it with a side salad as a warm luncheon entrée. And when your play area is not air-conditioned, well…

Leigh is NOT a sweaty sex fan. At. All. On more than one occasion the nearby post-romp towel to be becomes a during-romp head cover to prevent the drip drip drip of a fuck fuck fucking Scot from rain rain raining all over her. Its amusing at the least. Sometimes I just quickly shift into the mindset of taking advantage of the kidnap victim, or actually press down on the towel’s edges to snug it against her face, but not gasping for air, tight. Or, since she has checked out visually (ironically she loves to be blindfolded) so will I by closing my eyes and….

What? Oh nononononono! No. And one more thing…..No!

I do not fantasize about being with someone else. E-v-e-r. Have no desire to be with another. And, truth be told, I can’t. It’s not an issue of Leigh being jealous (although I love the fact she is über possessive of her guy). No, its me. I literally can not fantasize about being with another woman. It’s something that, even given my admittedly very vivid and quick on the draw imagination, is just not within my abilities.

It probably has something to do with the fact that (I may lose Peekers™ over this admission) I have extreme difficulty reading fiction. Unless it happened, or I can believe that it did happen, it just holds no appeal to me. I’d much rather read a well researched biography or historical account.

The fact that a majority of my Peekers™ are not just avid, voracious readers of fiction (primarily erotic) but also writers of the same is not lost on me. And I am trying my hand at a piece of erotic fiction for ePub. So Tell Me should be ready for download by the beginning of October. So far I like how it is going. A lot more dialogue in it than I typically write. Plus it is a (SPOILER ALERT) femdom of myself! *gasp*

Yup, I get Topped. Severely. The last I left Scot, he had been chained to an antique couch by a sex therapist who, how shall I say this, has a most unusual method for treating her clients. A very hands on approach, as well as other body orifices.

And, in typical Scot teasing fashion, its taken me almost 5,000 words before anything kinky happened. I honestly have no idea how long the end story will be.

I must admit I am a bit concerned that this topic/genre may alienate a large number of Peekers™ expecting more of what they have come (heh) to know and love about TDND™. Not sure how it is going to be received. Guess we’ll find out in October.

But yes, I literally can not fantasize about fucking anyone but Leigh, or think of any other woman in a sexual manner. Just can’t. My brain does not work that way.

The past weekend has been an interesting one on the blog. Not by design, but I ended up writing about and championing safewords quite a bit. The last two posts focus on it. And please, if you or anyone you know are using online forums to search for Dominants to play with, I beg (seriously) you to read and share The Unsafe Word with as many people as you wish. And the most recent interview question deals with safewords as well.

Already on my second cup of java, so:

– For the Peekers™ who will be meeting Sirs for the first time in the very near future, I am both thrilled and concerned. Yes, I care. I hope you find what you seek, that it is an amazing safe, sane and consensual experience, and that you enjoy the journey into yourself. Just please be safe, OK?

– I am in the process of being interviewed for the first time! This is most exciting and extremely humbling. You will all be privy to the sordid details when they come (heh) out.

– If you Follow me on Twitter and have a locked account, that’s cool. I totally respect that. However, I am not going to Follow you back unless I find you interesting and active online. So you need to talk to me, or else just be content to hide in 140 character shadows.

– If your Twitter account has 1,000+ Followers and you Follow 1,000+ people, but you only have 17 or less Tweets…I am not Following you. Sorry.

– Leigh and I broke the flogger out the other evening. I’m not 100% confidant in my abilities yet to really use it on her as we both would like. To that end I’ve been practicing (yes, Doms practice) on the pillows in the bedroom. Suffice to say a number of the pillows have been in subspace for weeks now. But in they are filled with down feathers I think their drop will be a light one.

They are getting more leather than the slaves at

This past evening we just enjoyed playing with it for the sake of playing. Leigh had its leathery talons danced, teased, drug, flicked and stroked all over her naked form. Squirm City. Lots of laughter, sighing, cooing, humorous sounds. “GAAAAHHHH!!!!” is not a sound typically associated with flogging.

After a while I did use it in the manner it is most often thought of, albeit extremely lightly. I dare say I went no harder than a 2, but Leigh did enjoy having that sensation all over. This is a big step for her in that prior it was her ass or nothing. So for her to relish the light sting and thud against her back, torso, breasts, etc. was a big step. After we finished she, under the covers, allowed me to really let it fly. We’ll just say that an 8 in effort through a comforter was fun for both.

I like using it. A lot. So hopefully all of you will get to read about our journey with the tails soon.

– As for this week, I have tried for two days to write Act X of Breaking Leigh. It’s a vital Act, the one in which the hair brush finally gets used and possibly the one in which the tears flow. It needs to be perfect. And my mind has not been there. Hopefully early this week it will happen. I know many of you have read along for an eternity now waiting for this, so I want my efforts to be worthy of your efforts. Chain Of Rules will see another Act, and the scorching story that is Seek And Go Hyde (this is, I feel, the hottest I’ve written yet) will also be added to. We got more awards, which means more Scot trivia (head on table…thud). Another poem more than likely (I like writing these for Leigh) and if I finally can get my fucking ass to Dom Depot for some clandestine photos, an installment of BDSM On A Budget. I also have new stories to start! (we keep having amazing scenes…sorry!)

Damn, over 1200 words! Guess coffee did kickstart my blog!

– Scot

10 responses to “Coffee Kickstart My Blog

  1. You don’t like fiction. Interesting. It’s not a turn off, it actually makes me want to try that much harder to make you enjoy it. One of the reasons I very rarely use names in my stories is so anyone can put themselves in the story.

    You have just become a challenge I’m determined to conquer

  2. Okay, I’m a writer of erotica but I DO get the only wanting to read true stories. i think it’s contextual. If I’m on blogs, i want to read true stuff– I don’t love reading people’s short stories on their blogs. I know, it’s weird. But if I’m curled up on my bed ready for a good story, well it’s gotta be fiction because at that point I want a whole, complete story with plot points, a climax and a HEA ending…

  3. Yeah I had a good laugh at the pillow thing too…clever!

    As for fiction/non-fiction…I want my blog to be non-fiction…trouble is I’m leading a relatively dull life these days and don’t want to bore you all so I’ve gone digging into my archives for fantasy posts..they still show my desires…and a couple are non-fiction. Sigh. My vicarious living continues through all these blogs like yours of people living amazing lives.

    Here’s hoping for some non-fiction writing on DD real soon 😉

  4. Rather looking forward to October now! No fiction, is ever totally bereft of experience or plausibility. You write from experience (even if its not directly you, something of the sexual experience even just the sensation will be) and you write the scene, you set it up, you make if believable because it comes alive in our minds eye. Erotica is only ever too fictional when there is too much emphasis on every other detail, and not enough on the sex, the relationship and the dirt. I’m sure, it’ll be a roaring success. I’ll look forward to giving it a (re)view.

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