We’re Pink Leather Unicorn Awesome! Twice!

And proud of it!

It’s official – The Dom Next Door™ is, according to the lovely and enchanting Alice of the Story Of Alice, a META Awesomest Blog!

The META Awesomest Blog

Per Alice the award is “the silliest picture in existence.” Truer words may have never been blogged.

Alice’s blog is a beautifully painted world filled with lovely musings, all featuring a cast of very interesting characters. She and I had a most interesting discussion one time about her Chris and the fact that he may indeed be an angel among us. And please do yourself a favor and click the link provided above to her blog. Her acceptance page for this most unique award is probably the most innocently erotic and beautiful award page I’ve read. And yes, the rest of her blog reads like that as well.

But wait, there’s more!

What are the odds of receiving not just one muscular, pink leather clad, purple feather mohawked unicorn award but TWO muscular, pink leather clad, purple feather mohawked unicorn awards within a 24 hour period? Because right on Alice’s heels (that’s a nice visual) Lo and HH at MySexLifeWithLola did just that as well as nominated us for the Beautiful Blogger Award!

Beautiful Blogger Award III

Per their own equally beautiful blog Lola is a “feminist, lover, exhibitionist, nymphomaniac woman.” HH writes about what its like to be the guy to a feminist, lover, exhibitionist, nymphomaniac woman. And does so very well. In an open, eclectic format their adventures, thoughts, musings, stories, imagery and poems make for a very naughty blog curry full of spice. Check them out if you get the chance.

We love to receive these. It’s a compliment from one’s blogging peers, peers that we think of highly. To disregard such a lovely gesture I feel is rude. So we humbly accept both awards.

But with each comes rules. First the ones for the Beautiful Blogger:

The Rules

1. Include the award logo somewhere in your blog. (See the Trophy Shelf for all our awards and links to the acceptance pages)
2. Answer 10 questions you have about yourself (More Scot Trivia…sigh)
3. Nominate 10 to 12 blogs you enjoy. Or you pick the number. (I’ll pick the number)
4. Pay the love forward: Provide your nominee’s link in your post and comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been included and invited to participate.
5. Pay the love back with gratitude and a link to the blogger(s) who nominated you.

Spacer Bar

OK, so ten more answers to questions about The Dom Next Door™:

– The most expensive bottle of wine I’ve been privy to taste was a Penfold’s Shiraz Cab with a value of just under $300. And yes, it was that fucking good. I licked my lips for thirty minutes after.
– I’ve eaten cheese steaks at both Pat’s and Geno’s within minutes of each other. Just waked across the street from Geno’s to Pat’s and stood where Rocky Balboa did. My verdict? By a whisker Pat’s is better. I realize I may lose Peekers™ as a result of that admission.
– I’ve yelled “OPIE!!!!” across the street at a waving Ron Howard.
– As a result of sports injuries I have disfigured digits, on a hand and foot each. Not saying which digit(s), how many or which hand or foot.
– If you haven’t figured it out by now I’m primarily a cat person, although JD is fucking awesome.
– A family member helped build the Superdome in Louisiana, but not in Louisiana.
– Bagpipes and drums fucking fire me up.
– My whole life I have received compliments from women about my hair. Leigh loves how soft it is.
– Among my most cherished possessions are the hand written recipes of ancestors I both knew and only know via photos.
– I once drove 257 miles one way to see a high school football game. My friend’s team won.
– Cold does not bother me nearly as much as it does most people.
– By anyone’s standards I have some very, very dark secrets. And we’ll leave it at that.

Now for the META Awesome Blogger Award. Alice said I could do what I want…heh. That is very dangerous.

I think what I will do is that I’ll nominate the following blogs as both Awesome AND Beautiful, but with a catch:

If you are mentioned below, in order to accept this combo award you MUST share as part of your acceptance which story on The Dom Next Door is your favorite and why. I’m always curious to see what appeals to others and the reason(s) it does. So, with that caveat, my nominations:

Blogs I Think Are Awesome AND Beautiful

LIfe Under A Firm Hand – Mrs. Soft Bottom’s gorgeous blog about her and Mr. Firm Hand’s journey as a married couple into D/s.

Exploring Surrender – Conina lovingly writes and shares about her and her husband’s journey into BDSM and D/s.

You Linger Like A Haunting Refrain – Fatal, our very first Peeker™, has a scorching blog. Asbestos screen suggested.

Deviant Diaries – Ms. D. What can I say? Someday a lucky Dom will be able to call her His. Make sure you’re in line to follow along when it happens.

Of Glass And Paper – The keyboard on Sisyphus47’s computer is lucky. The words that flow…damn.

A Dissolute Life – Possibly the rawest blog I follow. Hyacinth is brutally honest. The blog equivalent of how a ripped off bandage feels. And she has some toe curling sexual escapades.

Undue Creativity – CC, one of our most ardent Peekers™, also write a helluva blog. She’ll see her name on a spine of a book in the naughty section someday. You can get a peek at the heat in between those covers to be now. Do it.

Love Sex and Marriage – LSAM writes a brutally frank, scorchingly erotic and musingly interesting blog about what its like to be married and a submissive to her hubby M.

Vanity Card Archives – Aside from being a great teacher, Agatha-Luise is also a very talented writer and equally naughty at heart.

Vagina Antics – In short, Heather Cole and Nikki Blue are two of the funniest, wittiest, sexiest, raunchiest, drinkingest vagina owners blogging anywhere.

A Sexual Being – Like hot? Kayla Lord’s blog is that with a touch of sweetness.

DD and D/s – Bella blogs about what its like embracing, well, DD and D/s. Salacious commentary, and they also share the warts with the kisses and spanks.

Mew Tube – Kyle is the James Brown of naughty WordPress blogs. His likes, comments and blogging put us all to shame. A wildly eclectic naughty stew of random kinkiness.

Turning Off The Red Light – Miss Red is a former lady of the evening trying to start over. Her journey is raw, sexy and fascinating.

Deviant Wench – Another married, kinky, submissive feminist (her words) sharing her D/s and BDSM journey. Another blog that requires fireproof screens for viewing. Another blog you should check out.

We’re All Mad Inhere – QuantumPhysica is a real life “Girl Interrupted”. I adore this blog. She is fascinating, brilliant, admittedly psychotic and also very naughty.

Temperature’s Rising – It is very possible Mrs. Fever and I are somehow related in that we are so much alike. Smartass extraordinaire, kinkster par excellence. A year from now she’ll have 1000+ Followers. Get in line, trust me.

Creative Noodling – Marian can write. Hot. Paints beautifully crafted scenes via brushstrokes of words. Tell her Glenn said “Hi.”

PostGlow – The new kink on the block. Suqui’s blog is another female submissive driven one, but she drives fast and hard. I’m glad I chanced across her.

I could have kept going. Hopefully we’ll been deemed worthy of more kudos, which will give me the opportunity to add to this list.

Thank you again Alice, Lo & HH!

– Scot and Leigh

27 responses to “We’re Pink Leather Unicorn Awesome! Twice!

  1. Congrats on your award. This is the oddest one I’ve seen do far. Your words were very kind! Considering some of the things I’ve read on this blog, I’m so flattered it’s unreal. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Scot…humbly…truly…thank you…esp coming from you that is a huge compliment. True, the pic is um…disturbing…but I guess that suits all us deviants just fine. I’ll get to work on my acceptance and follow your rules soon…..xoxo

  3. Congratulations AND thank you…as always I am completely humbled at even being mentioned…I’ve got some scorchers to get out of my head, but in a day or two, I will absolutely officially accept my award…

  4. Beer Scot and Leigh,

    If I could just virtually high-five you both! Congratulations and thank you again Scot and Leigh! (Currently writing my acceptance post on my page).

    Ughhhh! Such a shame I only know and talk to a few people like you here in WordPress (blaming my privacy settings and my stupidity when it comes to WordPress teachnology). The links and descriptions you posted make me want to be friends will all of them! (Ms. Congeniality here!) Will surely check all of them!

    By the way, thank you for continuously reading my dumb, naughty and sometimes smart escapades (although I am now running as a private blog). It means a lot to me.


    Your vodka,

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