Monday Coffee Kickstart

No, I did not forget about Peeker™ Nation yesterday.

If you noticed that there was not the 10th (tenth!) installment of an Interview With A Submission Vampire , you were correct. If you didn’t notice, I guess I’m being presumptuous that it would matter.

My apologies to all. WordPress was being a, well, I’ll be polite and say it was having technical difficulties. I tried all evening to Publish IWASV but to no avail. Frustrated is a mild way of putting it.

The only upside to all of this is that I have two blog posts in the bank. I’m not even sure that as I caffeinate this morning what I am musing about will be able to be Published. Oh well.

Summer is basically 2/3s over. For some that is a reason to frown. Personally I cannot wait until it is.

Oh sure, I enjoy the greenery and the amazing produce at farmer’s markets, but truth be told Autumn is where it’s at for me. There is nothing about it I don’t like. The crisp bite of air punctuated by the sun’s warm rays, football helmets cracking in the dog days of its heat, the leaves becoming an Impressionistic masterpiece of warm earth tones, the warming one’s outer and inner self by the crackle of a hard wood fire while enjoying a beer that’s slighty maltier and higher in ABV.

And my favorite – time to break out the sweatshirts.

I love Autumn.

Buy we sill have four weeks of summer to enjoy. And that’s cool. Actually as we enter August it’s typically anything put cool. Like this cup of coffee I’m enjoying.

Now that I’m starting to javanate, some musings that have no rhyme, reason or character, but they do have characters.

– Last week I am fairly certain I met a Domme Next Door. This young lady set my KINKDAR off like a pinball machine. She was with, based on the way they were interacting, who I assume was her boyfriend. He was dressed in a faded T-shirt, worn jeans, sneakers, a bit scruffy. She, on the other hand, was impeccable. An understated crisp white blouse, snug above the knee black knit skirt, white hose and gloss black pumps. The transparent back to the blouse left nothing to the imagination as her choice of a black lace brassiere was blatant. Her hair was jet black, just below ear length, clean and subtly styled.

But it was the way they interacted, how she dripped confidence. She practically left a puddle of control where she was standing. That’s what made my KINKDAR go to DEFCON 5. There was no mistake who the Alpha was. And before anyone thinks that I simply chanced across a girl from the office out with her guy, it was mid afternoon Saturday when I saw them. The way she was dressed was without question a personal choice.

I am all but 100% convinced that her guy knows what it is like to say “Yes Mistress”, or perhaps beg her permission to do something. It’s likely he knows the feeling of being physically restrained while saying all of the above as well. And he knows pain. Lots.

It made me recall how, about a month ago, I chanced across another young woman in the employment of a large supermarket who was wearing a spiked black leather collar at work.

My KINKDAR was silent. Not a ping. Nada. Wanna be pretender wearing the uniform of those she was trying to be, yet failing. She was about as kinky as a piece of dry wheat toast.

– The topic of flogging actually came up (heh) as a work place item of discussion. Shit you not. I just listened, nodded, laughed, then walked away, smiling to myself. Evilly.

– Peeker™ Nation is now officially 400 strong. Leigh and I thank all of you perverted minions.

JD now has an agent and a PR Department. The Cat Next Door is pissed.

– Assuming WordPress allows me to fucking Publish we also received two blog awards last week, one of them twice! I can confidently say it will be the most, um, unique trophy on the shelf. And yes, that means more Scot trivia….sigh.

– Saturday Leigh texted me to the extent of “I think a need a good spanking. So I can just let go for a while.” If I can do the resultant evening justice you will all have a new story to read soon. It was fucking beautiful, if an intense spanking, fucking and forced orgasm scene (with bondage!) can be described as such. The emotions shared were brutally eloquent in their radiance and beauty.

– Along those lines Breaking Leigh should finally come to tears this week. The longest story in the blog’s history will reach a zenith…then continue. Chain Of Rules will find my hands places other than Leigh’s outstretched arms. Seek And Go Hyde will actually get hotter, which if you read Act II is saying something. BDSM On A Budget will happen….grr. More poetry for Leigh, likely inspired by the scene I alluded to early, and if I finish it a review of a BDSM book I’m rereading.

And with that I need more java.

– Scot

4 responses to “Monday Coffee Kickstart

  1. Huge fan of autumn.

    NOT a huge fan of kids playing dress-up in spiked black collars.

    So the pussy is pissed, eh? Glad to hear JD has an agent. 😉

  2. Oh that woman sounds sexy. I wonder if I set that Kinkdar off and maybe sometimes it can intimidating? People tend to mistake me for Domme…

    So much to look forward to from you this week…..goodie 🙂

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