You spend months and countless hours building up a following of kinky, perverted minions, write scintillating tales of forbidden acts of bondage and domination, all for what?

To have your dog sabotage your efforts by posting when you leave the fucking laptop blogged in.

JD’s frantic, tail wagging, tell all, wet nose typed (holy shit was the keyboard a nose printed mess of goo) guerrilla ambush post The Dog Next Door was not just well received by Peeker™ Nation, but get this:

It was mentioned as a featured humorous story in the latest issue of The Lighter Side Of Life Part 2!


Congrats JD, oh look….SQUIRREL!!


– Scot

6 responses to “JD Is Famous! SQUIRREL!

  1. Congratulations, Scot 😉

    BTW, up is one of my favorite movies … I always thought my dog was exactly like that one since every time he sees a squirrel he goes nuts!

    Much love .. 40oz

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