The Monday Morning After With Coffee

I Dominated a woman and her prepubescent daughter in public yesterday.

No, nononono….not like THAT. Geeze…

Allow me to paint the scene:

Leigh and I, as we do on Sundays, were in the midst of being selfish with each other. Plans to go to a park vaporized in the thick swelter of early morning. Already in need of a shower and it wasn’t even 9AM, we changed venues and drove to our nearest Barnes & Noble. It’s a bit of a stretch for us, living as rural as we do, but it’s also a favorite way to spend selfish time. We get to indulge our own interests, we’ll hit the in-store Starbucks for coffee and something sweet, talk, laugh, people watch, etc.

Plus its fucking air-conditioned.

As I am prone to do I was perusing the various racks for something to catch my eye. Of course a certain and much maligned BDSM three book series was being prominently displayed. Featured in this display were the three books as a set.

Did you know there is not just an audio version of these but also a LARGE PRINT one as well? I guess its true about the “stop that or you’ll go blind” legend. Who knew?

Que the entrance of Soccer Mom and her pre-teen daughter. I watched as she exclaimed “Oh! Here is that series I want! And its bundled as a set at 10% off! It’s only $47!”

She grabbed one of the shrink wrapped sets as her daughter wandered off to The Hunger Games display to the right next to it.

Needless to say I found all of this incredibly amusing. I do have to give her credit for being so open about her desire for books of this nature in front of her junior high aged daughter. But still, “those” books?

It was then I hatched a plan. I wish you all could have seen the Grinch smile that coursed across my face like fissures in ice.

As Soccer Mom and her Soccer Teenie headed to the check-out, I headed for the Customer Service kiosk. Arriving there, I politely asked the attendant for pen and paper.

I wrote five words on it.

Then I proceeded to check-out. Soccer Mom and I were going to do a public scene. She just didn’t know she was the star…yet.

So imagine you are said Soccer Mom, standing in the check-out line with your Soccer Teenie daughter, cradling these books like a newborn. Suddenly a large, muscular male walks up to you. He’s wearing a snug, form-fitting black graphic T-shirt, faded boot cut jeans, has ear piercings and is easily a head taller than you. Sunglasses ride atop his tightly cropped hair.

He then extends his arm to offer you a slip of paper.

Your eyes meet.

Very mild tension crackles. Nothing bad or ill meant, just some delightful static.

A simple and courteous “Excuse me, but then you finish those, you’ll enjoy this” escapes his lips as you take the paper from him. He walks away as you stare down at the handwritten note:

“The Siren” by Tiffany Reisz

So hopefully someday in the future, when she is gushing (heh) about The Siren to the rest of her Soccer Mommies she’ll have a most interesting story to share about this BDSM book was brought to her attention, yet will have no fucking idea that she had a direct interaction with The Dom Next Door™.

The conversation Leigh and I shared for about half an hour over coffee afterwards was awesome.

So I did my good Dom deed of the day. It was most fun. And now that the java is kicking in, some random musings:

– Out of everyone in the Starbucks Cafe yesterday, only one person was without their face in a screen of some sort. Sad in a way.

– The aforementioned story, when shared on Twitter, blew my Timeline up. Followers skyrocketed. As did blog views. Yesterday was the highest single viewed day in the blog’s brief life. By a fucking landslide. Destroyed the old record by over 60%! Damn! Thank you all.

– And last week? Annihilated the weekly views record. Again by a huge margin. Again, thank you.

– We now have over 300 total Peekers™.

– Oh! And I found out The Dom Next Door is up for nomination as Best Bondage Blog by! Are you fucking kidding me? Cool! I am asking Peeker™ Nation to rise up and let their screams, begs, whimpers and moans be heard! Vote early, vote often!

– All of the above has humbled and stunned Leigh and I. This week I am going to make a very concerted effort to fill the blog with stories. Lots of them. All true. Many times I get home from work late. Trying to write 1000+ good words is tough. But with all this perverted love flowing (heh) it makes me want to work that much harder (huge heh…literally) to satisfy all you perverted minions. And I know you like the stories. Breaking Leigh will be added to. New bondage stories. New spanking ones. A visit to the home improvement store for the BDSM On A Budget series. I’ve had some random musings on BDSM simmering for a while now. More than likely Leigh will get a naughty poem. And Hyde made an appearance last week, albeit in a strange way, even for him. You’ll see.

And I was declared a BILF. Yup. Another award. I’m still blushing about this.

Again, I thank all of you for what was arguably the best week in the blog’s history. You humble me. I will do my best to earn and retain your perverted attention and respect.

And with that, my cup is empty. Time for another.

– Scot


21 responses to “The Monday Morning After With Coffee

  1. I love you.
    But – Holy Crap!! – I read it wrong the first time and thought the daughter got The Series That Shall Not Be Named and the mother got The Hunger Games!

    • LOL…thanks! Sorry for the confusion. I bet that said daughter will likely sneak peeks at the books. Perhaps a future she or She to someone will be born as a result. Who knows?

  2. That’s super awesome. So glad to see that your blog is doing so well. I’ve only been following for a few days but even I can see that it is well deserved. 🙂

  3. Reading this story again, I’m reminded of how awesome you are (not that I forgot).

    Also, the first two lines had me giggling for a couple minutes.

    Also, congrats to you both for all the good stuff going on! Your writing and material is brilliant.

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