Love Via Surrender

Pretty cool post title, huh? You can almost feel the paperback in your hands, can’t you? I may actually write a more formal post with the same title some day.

But for now it’s entirely truthful and accurate. For, once again (and the SIXTH time overall) someone thinks we have A Lovely Blog.

One Lovely Blog Award

I admit – I love this. Not the fuchsia JPEG, per se, but what it represents. A blogging peer (and given the theme/nature of TDND™ usually a fellow kinkster) thinks enough of our humble attempt to break D/s and BDSM stereotypes (as well as possibly arousing our Peekers™ with tawdry stories) to nominate us. It’s always humbling and appreciated.

This one comes courtesy of Conina over at Exploring surrender. Quote – “I’ve only just discovered Scot’s blog, but it’s fantastic.”

I’m blushing. Seriously.

I had an opportunity to explore her blog. Most definitely one to peruse if you are so inclined. And the blogs we are nominated alongside include a few written by male Dominants!

This is also, to my knowledge, the first time we have been nominated by a non-Wordpress blogger, which is kinda cool in itself.

The Dom Next Door™ is not even three months old yet (preciously naughty lil’ boy, aren’t I?) and we have six of these. I cannot convey again how humbling this is, and that I do truly appreciate it.

I should have this memorized by now:

The One Lovely Blog Rules of Acceptance

– Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
– Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself. (headdesk…LOL)
– Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire.
– Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know and link back to them

In that we did this not even a week ago I am going to break format about nominating others. This is primarily a public acknowledgment of Conina’s kindness. But I will, AGAIN, share seven more pieces of Scot Trivia™:

– I can recite about any piece of dialogue from Animal House

– While any seafood is awesome, scallops are the ones that make me stop, close my eyes and….yeah

– I’ve sat on the floor, legs wide, placed a penny on the floor in front of me…and picked it up with my forehead

– In college I won a campus-wide contest for The Loudest Hawaiian Shirt

– If you have some Fantome beer from Belgium (or any Belgian ales) you are my new best friend

– I know the feeling of hearing music you grew up on being played on classic rock stations *sigh*

– Non-fiction is, by a landslide, favored over fiction.

Thank you again Conina!

– Scot


11 responses to “Love Via Surrender

  1. My eyebrows disappeared into my hairline at the fact that you picked a penny up with your forehead. Now that’s interesting.

  2. But of course…and…now I have the image of you sitting up spread eagled retrieving a penny with your forehead. So..thanks for that lol

  3. I was actually delighted the link love was making the rounds so I could highlight your blog for the folks who read mine. You’re very welcome.

    For sex writing I favor non-fiction too. But I have no such preferences about other books. A good sci-fi or fantasy tale or alternate history for me, please.

    That classic rock station thing is a bummer, indeed.

    • I tried numerous times to thank you on your blog, but Blogger was having none of it, even with my doing so with my WordPress account.

      Thank you so very much. I am seriously humbled and appreciative. I’m looking forward to reading some other male Dominant blogs!

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