Monday Jiving With Java

Good morning perverts…

Leigh and I spent a lazy hour, post alarm clock radio, just sharing a cozy. Yes, very often these awkward, stretching, stiff (go ahead and interpret that as you will) slow motion 60 minute interludes will lead to morning sex, which I adore. But sometimes its just nice to open my eyes and either see an angel’s sleeping face or, if she is facing the opposite way, the exposed shoulder where her wings are.

The first rays of morning are Leigh’s friend. I celebrated this in the Morning Hues poem I wrote for her. It’s nice to have an orchestra of song birds from the nearby trees provide a soundtrack to our fumblings, be they cute and snuggly or heated and raw.

Sometimes we won’t turn the alarm clock radio off. We’ve snuggled and fucked to some funky ass music as a result.

I love her shoulder.

That sounds like a crazy fetish at first glance, but it’s exactly that – a glance – that makes me feel that way. Be it the curve of it bending morning sunlight as I spoon her, or when she is driving us (not a submission thing, she just prefers to not let me drive…don’t ask) wherever. I look over at this face that could have made Pre-Raphaelite artists fight to the death for the honor of her modeling for them…

…and I always gasp. Often a little, mouse squeak of a gasp, but one nevertheless. I have to touch her. So my left arm will slowly reach out and caress the back of her head, stroke her neck, thumb massaging that jut at the base of her skull behind her ear.

And, depending on the shirt or her state of dress, my fingertips snake inside the neckline and pay homage to collar bones and shoulders. Its like the safe driving equivalent of 2nd base.

Her smile, often a wistful, relaxing one, always elicits the same from me in reply.

No more than 5 minutes top my left hand just lets her know, in a very PG manner, how I feel. Most times I end up, including these 5am spooning marathons, simply massaging her scalp.

Purr is an understatement as to her reaction.

Damn, this is some pretty good coffee this morning, huh?

Leigh, when you read this at work, I will smile somewhere as you do recalling the simple, non-pornographic ways my hands enjoy you.

Now for some rambling:

– A heartfelt “Thank You” to Peeker™ Nation for making last week the 2nd most viewed in our brief history! This also included a new single day views record, which for this reason Leigh thanks you all.

– Some people seem to confuse blogging with texting, or Twitter to be more accurate. Litanies of blog posts under 100 words (FAR under 100 words)….really?

– The Twitter account is slowly picking up. If you are not Following me there and are on Twitter, please stop by. It’s basically me unplugged (no, not an anal toy reference) and much more laid back, like these Monday coffee klatches.

– I do not blindly Follow back on Twitter. If you look like you are interesting to talk with or are active, more than likely I will. If your  TL consists of massive self-promotion, reposting someone else’s Tumblr images, etc. you are welcome to Follow me, but don’t expect the same in return.

– There is a new Twitter Follower who only posts in French. I have no fucking idea what she is saying. I do not care. It’s French.

– I now know how Gomez Adams must have felt about Morticia’s “Oui! Oui! Oui!”

– I follow three cats on Twitter. Sadly they are often more interesting than many of their human peers.

– I’m glad to see such renewed and continued interest in the story about Breaking Leigh. Your comments really humble me. Seriously. I have never written before, and this blog is my neophyte attempt at such. I’m truly stunned to read some of the complimentary things said about this.

– This will either excite or depress you, but I can practically guarantee that the Roman numeral X will appear in the Breaking Leigh saga. Yes, it’s going to take me at least 10,000 words plus to describe spanking Leigh to tears.

– A peek this week: SDS will wrap up, BDSM On A Budget will go to the home improvement store, Breaking Leigh will continue to build hotter and hotter (as will the temperature of Leigh’s slowly exposed ass cheeks) and a simple musing about everything I know about picking raspberries I learned abusing Leigh’s nipples.

And with that, I need another cup of java.

– Scot


11 responses to “Monday Jiving With Java

  1. Well for me I’m reading on Tuesday…but no matter. First of all…at the risk of being overly zealous in my worship of you and your wife…I have to reiterate that one of the reasons I adore your writing so much is that… is a constant love letter to your wife and that is the sexiest thing on the planet. I have nothing but respect for both of you so don’t think I’m out of line…but wow the things you write about her and the fact that she is so PRESENT here…in all of this…it is just amazing to be allowed to “peek” into the most intimate and heartfelt (and VERY WELL WRITTEN) moments of your lives. I cannot thank you both enough.

    I also admire you well organized you seem to be with your blog….following a format, giving us glimpses of things to come (heh)… well done. You should be a published author for sure…the memoirs you write here about you and Leigh would be a best seller no question. Ok, I’ll stop gushing now. Speaking of gushing…sadly its been awhile for me…. but that’s another topic. Have a great day!

      • we are all a bit in love with you and your Leigh…..I see that already from the first “Unchained” post…..there is always love on these pages and that’s what makes the blog so wonderful to enjoy…..

  2. Sorry the first sentence of the second paragraph…duh… see what happens when you gush all over your typing?

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