Monday Musings Over Java

Good morning all…

Leigh and I spent a wonderful late morning/early afternoon at the shore yesterday (yes, we can access salt water with some effort). I’d forgotten how that spray of salt tastes on your lips, how good a simple turkey Waldorf salad club (with fresh rosemary, just picked lettuce, walnuts, grapes and diced aged sharp Cheddar) can taste when you wrap it around the sound of surf crashing, children playing, gulls being pains in the ass, lying on a beach towel, a ball cap drooped over my face to obscure the direct sunlight and the world at large, etc.

We both desperately needed this multi-hour vacation. I loved helping her with lotioning the hard to reach areas. Yes, we behaved ourselves.

There was one almost R rated scene. A woman in a bikini about 50 feet from us was tanning her back. I was perpendicular to the water, she parallel to it. All of us were right at the top of the beach (where the greenery starts). As I turned my head to my right I immediately was greeted with the sight of her tanning the inside of her thighs. Widely. With her top undone.

In those few seconds I probably gained more knowledge of her than the vast majority of anyone who knows her. I turned away, laughing. Leigh looked up, over, smiled, sighed, made an “uh huh” comment” and returned to her zone out.

No, I did not spend the remainder of our time with my head ogling another’s woman’s spread legs. Not my style, nor am I that interested. Why look longingly at a hamburger when I have all the filet mignon I can eat lying next to me on the beach and in our bed?

Some other random thoughts as I caffeinate:

– It’s interesting to comment on people’s blogs with simple, non-obscene thoughts…and the blog owner just decides to not publish the comment. Not that I asked for personal contact information, made threats, was rude, promoted a business, etc. They just don’t want to deal with the question or comment. It’s their blog, so it’s their right to do so. But it just seems odd that blogs that share the most raunchy, adult themed subject matter practice personal censorship over simple comments.

– Yes, I keep track of what I say where.

– Hot enough for everyone?

– Oh! Thought I would share some of the search engine terms/phrases that have resulted in blog visits. I could not make these up if I tried:

“bdsm country” – Perhaps this is when you tie your girl to your broken down pick-up truck while the dog sleeps in the bed as you examine her for ticks

“sex. boor. dokm” – Kinky sex with one’s face buried in the pillow?

“a pair of ‘liquid satin’ panties” – I admit I like this phrase. Perhaps she poured herself in or out of them?

“dom black orgasm squirt” – I’m guess I’m that big…heh

“peek at girl next door” – This is just naughty. Love it.

“tumblr see thru panties” – Is this when you look at a girl’s underwear through the large glass door of the laundromat dryer?

“break her fucking spirit” – Quote Leigh – *hysterical laughter* “Oh that will NEVER happen!!!!”

“girl next door dominants” – As much as I am game, this is not Leigh’s forte…damnit

“vagina earring mindfuck” – You guys are kinky, sick, perverted Peekers™. I like that.

“peek through the keyhole” – Peek early, peek often!

“letters to a submissive” – Do I have to read them on Tuesdays with Morrie?

“hollow ben wa balls” – After the amazing oiled hand job (with story!) Leigh gave me last night that resulted in a Splat! all over the underside of my chin, as well as straining the rotator cuffs in my right shoulder (think about that) I can relate to this…

“aroma leigh porn star” – Its official. I am sleeping with an internet porn star. Google said so. And she smells good as well.

“poetry about spanking” – This one made me smile.

“wife has an aha moment regarding bdsm” – She has actually had about 400 of these since we started…..wait

And my favorite one ….*drumroll*

“belly button squeal” – One of Leigh’s “I will say red immediately” hard limits, sadly. Damnit again.

And, full of sadness that I will never get to fulfill that last one, I need more coffee.

– Scot

5 responses to “Monday Musings Over Java

  1. What a great way to kick off Monday morning…thanks Scot! And will you be writing about that under chin splat you mentioned? *smile*

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