Interview With A Submission Vampire Vol.1 No.7

With this week’s question we are finally caught up! Thanks to all of you who submitted (heh) to us. With that said, if you have a question for myself, Leigh (who seems to get the lion’s share of the inquires…go figure) or both of us, don’t be shy…email us.

Now, to tease you (something I’m good at), if your question is chosen and you have the means to display it, you and your blog will receive one of these as a “Thank You”:

Interview With A Submission Vampire Award

Now for this week’s Interview:

I’ve made no secret of Leigh’s gift to not just orgasm like a broken faucet but also multiple times. While not every time we close the bedroom door, when the mood is right she is capable of having 50 or more orgasms in an evening. I don’t actually keep a running tally, but rather have an approximate idea based on how often she rolls one right into another, how many times she asks permission to come, how cramped up certain parts of me get, the size of the dam break-esque wet spot, etc.

So with that said (and I imagine the peeked interest of many of you right now) I offer this week’s question, courtesy of longtime blog Peeker™ Gina, who wrote to Leigh:

Dear Lucky Lady Leigh,

Nearly 300 orgasms in 30 days?  Wow!  Has it always been that easy for you to orgasm, or did that come along when you brought BDSM into the bedroom?  I admit I’m envious.

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First, let me say that I think Scot tends to exaggerate a little. 300 might be a bit of a stretch. 😉 

Second, the orgasms that he is referring to are the kind that come, heehee, from the inside. I’ve always been able to orgasm with clit stimulation, but those are pretty much a one and done type of thing. When I met Scot, he told me he had magic fingers and then tried to show me just how magical they were. Apparently I was immune to his particular brand of sorcery because it did nothing but hurt. Over the years, we discovered that when he was inside and in a particular position, the orgasm was really different. And wet. It built differently and no matter how much I squeezed, I would gush everywhere. So we experimented and discovered that when he moved his fingers inside me the same way, there was a spot closer to the outside that was the sweet spot for me (yes, its named G). Combine that stimulation with the buzzy, and oh holy hell hold on Nelly we had liftoff. 

The thing about the combo ones is that it’s not a once and done happening. After the first one, they get longer, harder and more intense. I pretty much can’t stop them. I can feel it building and it peaks, then immediately starts to climb higher, then peaks, then higher, etc. It goes on until I can’t take it any more and beg Scot to stop. He doesn’t of course, and makes me orgasm many more times while I hold on for dear life. 

I don’t think that the BDSM was the reason it happened, but I do think that it sort of helped. It wasn’t until I stopped trying to control my reaction (I mean hello, it totally feels like you’re going to pee all over your partner!) that I was able to squirt like I do now. It still feels weird, and seeing the huge wet spot after we’re done does embarrass me sometimes, but the grin on Scot’s face, no matter how many times he’s standing at the washer naked at 1AM washing the sheets, makes it all worth it.

– Leigh

7 responses to “Interview With A Submission Vampire Vol.1 No.7

  1. Awww, I’m a long-time peeker!! I rather like that distinction. Thanks for this answer, and I’m glad to hear this was something you guys had to figure out over time. Then, maybe, it stands to reason that through experimentation, anyone can experience this. I would love to be begging for the orgasms to stop.

    • Yeah, your eye has been pressed up against the keyhole for a while now…heh.

      I agree with you. I do think its possible for every woman to experience these. I will add that there is the physical aspect of them (which most could do solo) and there is the aspect of a firm hand and firmer voice bringing these about. The voice/forced aspect adds a whole new level of intensity.

  2. Ok, here’s where I’ll show my inexperience a little…I’m so glad to know it’s normal that those kind of orgasms feel like you’re about to pee…because that’s when I stop (out of pure fear that I will PEE on my partner)…now I know I probably just stopped a heart-wrenching, soaker of an orgasm…note to self: don’t do that anymore!

    Thanks, Leigh, for added enlightenment!

  3. Leigh, I know exactly what you’re talking about!! The Neighbor and I just put two and two together that what he’s been doing to me all these months is making me orgasm, but from inside, so it’s a totally different sensation. My arms and chest might go numb, but there’s always a sense of a wave and intense pleasure.

    And yes, there’s no controlling the gush. I’ve tried and tried and it’s useless. I call my clitoral orgasms the Big Ones, the g-spot ones, Baby Ones, though, really, they’re no less exhausting somehow. Just a lot messier.

    I’m so glad to see there’s someone else out there like me! I always felt like I was broken since I couldn’t have Big Os constantly.

    Oh, and fingers plus vibe pretty much reduce me to nothing, too.

    Thanks for sharing!!

    • We call Leigh’s massive ones Grand Mal Orgasms in that she basically has a seizure. She needs to be upright in some fashion, be it kneeling, standing or per one evening secured tightly to a chair.

      When the 2nd finger slides in its only a matter a time before she turns into Miss Manners 🙂

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