Archives Redux

I realized, while doing the  Look Back post every Saturday, that the links collected in The Archives did not have have descriptions. Just a bunch of post titles under sub-genre/headers.

That does not help you, the Peeker™, as far as selecting something to read. It was like a kinky box of chocolates. You knew you were getting something sweet and kinky, perhaps nutty (Leigh just spontaneously nodded vigorously at that last one…smart ass), but didn’t know exactly what flavor of kink.

“Ohh, a spanking meltaway! (heh) Not what I was expecting, but still very good. Has a lingering bite to it, like ginger. Hmmmm, is that a flogging creme? You really have to whip the fillings to make them moist. Which ones have the “toy” surprises in them?”

So to help you get the chocolate you want (sorry, no “vanilla” creams) I’ve provided each post link with a brief description. Hopefully this helps you choose wisely.

Have as many as you wish, but don’t bother trying to find any of the double chocolate creams (no, not THAT). I memorized that swirl pattern ages ago and already cherry (I can’t stop) picked all of them out of the box.

– Scot

Postscript: I really can do that, by the way.


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